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By Puhekupla_Staff at 07-10-2020 12:41:24
Here's what coming to Habbo in November!

NEW: Bank Bundle
Banks - useful for storing wealth. In Habbo AND in real life. Comes with an exclusive badge!

BAB01 (badge)
Bank Bundle

199 credits
90 credits + 90 diamonds

NUEVO: Lote Banco
NOVO: Pack Banco Central
UUTUUS: Pankki-huonepaketti
NOUVEAU : Pack Banque
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Banca
NIEUW: Bank Bundel
NEU: Bank Bündel
YENİ: Banka Oda Paketi

NEW: Pharmacy Bundle
Because what hospital is complete without a pharmacy? Exclusive badge included!

BAB02 (badge)
Pharmacy Bundle

199 credits
90 credits + 90 diamonds

NUEVO: Lote Farmacia
NOVO: Pack Farmácia Hospitalar
UUTUUS: Apteekki-huonepaketti
NOUVEAU : Pack Pharmacie
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Farmacia
NIEUW: Apotheek Bundel
NEU: Apotheken Bündel
YENİ: Eczane Oda Pekti

RARE Winter Bear Accessories!
Perfect for wrapping up warm this winter! (Includes a hat, chest and jacket slot item.) Rare and never to be sold again!

BAB05 (badge)
Rare Winter Bear Accessories

Code: clothing_r20_bearset
Name: Winter Bear Accessories

¡RARO Accesorios de Invierno para Oso!
RARO Acessórios Ursinho!
HARVINAISET Talviset nalleasusteet!
RARE Accessoires Ours d'hiver !
Accessori Orso Invernali RARI!
Zeldzame Winter Beer Accessoires!
RARE Winterbär Accessoires!
NADİRE Kış Ayısı Aksesuarları!

RARE Bear Backpack!
A backpack that vibrates with positive, wintery energy. Exclusive badge included, get one while you can!

BAB06 (badge)
Rare Bear Backpack

Code: clothing_r20_teddybpack
Name: Bear Backpack

¡RARO Mochila Oso!
RARO Mochila Ursinho!
RARE Sac-à-dos Ours !
Zaino Orso RARO!
Zeldzame Beer Rugzak!
RARE Bär Rucksack!
NADİRE Ayıcık Sırt Çantası!

RARE Cosy Hammock!
For relaxing outside in the winter. While wearing a coat, of course. Rare and never to be sold again!

BAB07 (badge)
Rare Cosy Hammock

Code: plushie_r20_hammock
Name: Cosy Hammock

¡RARO Hamaca acogedora!
RARO Rede Relax!
HARVINAINEN Lokoisa riippumatto!
RARE Hamac Cosy !
Amaca Accogliente RARA!
Zeldzame Gezellige Hangmat!
RARE Kuschelige Hängematte!
NADİRE Rahat Hamak!

RARE Ancient Oak Table!
Perfect for those bright, frosty afternoons spent with family and friends. Exclusive badge included, get one while you can!

BAB08 (badge)
Rare Ancient Oak Table

Code: plushie_r20_picnictree
Name: Ancient Oak Table

RARO Mesa de Roble Antigua
RARO Mesa na Árvore!
HARVINAINEN Muinainen tammipöytä!
RARE Table Chêne Ancien !
Tavolo di Quercia Antivo RARO!
Zeldzame Antieke Eikentafel!
RARE Alter Eichentisch!
NADİRE Antik Meşe Masa!

RARE Glittering Handbag Credit Furni!
Here's a relevant phrase for you: all that glitters is not gold. (This furni is worth 350 credits. Rare and NEVER to be sold again!)

Code: CF_350_sparklybag
Name: Glittering Handbag

¡RARO Furni de Crédito Bolso Brillante!
RARO Habbo Câmbio Bolsa Brilhante!
HARVINAINEN Kilmateleva käsilaukku-kolesetti!
Magot Sac à main scintillant
Furni di Credito Borsetta Luccicante RARA!
Zeldzame Glinsterende Handtas (Credit Meubi)
RARE Glitzernde Handtasche Talermöbel!
NADİRE Işıltılı El Çantası Kredi Mobisi!

NEW: Plushie Crafting!
Click to get your very own Plushie Crafting Table and for information about how crafting works.

Code: plushie_c20_fluffmachine
Name: Plushie Crafting Table

Code: plushie_c20_bluebear
Name: Blue Bear

Code: plushie_c20_bluebear1
Name: Blue Scarf Bear

Code: plushie_c20_bluebear2
Name: Blue Bow Bear

Code: plushie_c20_bluebear3
Name: Blue Flower Crown Bear

Code: plushie_c20_bluebunny
Name: Blue Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_bluebunny1
Name: Blue Scarf Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_bluebunny2
Name: Blue Bow Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_bluebunny3
Name: Blue Flower Crown Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_bluelion
Name: Blue Lion Plushie

Code: plushie_c20_bluelion1
Name: Blue Scarf Lion

Code: plushie_c20_bluelion2
Name: Blue Bow Lion

Code: plushie_c20_bluelion3
Name: Blue Flower Crown Lion

Code: plushie_c20_brownbear
Name: Brown Bear

Code: plushie_c20_brownbear1
Name: Brown Scarf Bear

Code: plushie_c20_brownbear2
Name: Brown Bow Bear

Code: plushie_c20_brownbear3
Name: Brown Flower Crown Bear

Code: plushie_c20_brownbunny
Name: Brown Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_brownbunny1
Name: Brown Scarf Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_brownbunny2
Name: Brown Bow Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_brownbunny3
Name: Brown Flower Crown Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_brownlion
Name: Brown Lion Plushie

Code: plushie_c20_brownlion1
Name: Brown Scarf Lion

Code: plushie_c20_brownlion2
Name: Brown Bow Lion

Code: plushie_c20_brownlion3
Name: Brown Flower Crown Lion

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbear
Name: Pink Bear

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbear1
Name: Pink Scarf Bear

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbear2
Name: Pink Bow Bear

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbear3
Name: Pink Flower Crown Bear

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbunny
Name: Pink Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbunny1
Name: Pink Scarf Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbunny2
Name: Pink Bow Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbunny3
Name: Pink Flower Crown Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_pinklion
Name: Pink Lion Plushie

Code: plushie_c20_pinklion1
Name: Pink Scarf Lion

Code: plushie_c20_pinklion2
Name: Pink Bow Lion

Code: plushie_c20_pinklion3
Name: Pink Flower Crown Lion

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbear
Name: Rainbow Bear

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbear1
Name: Rainbow Scarf Bear

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbear2
Name: Rainbow Bow Bear

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbear3
Name: Rainbow Flower Crown Bear

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbunny
Name: Rainbow Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbunny1
Name: Rainbow Scarf Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbunny2
Name: Rainbow Bow Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbunny3
Name: Rainbow Flower Crown Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowlion
Name: Rainbow Lion Plushie

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowlion1
Name: Rainbow Scarf Lion

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowlion2
Name: Rainbow Bow Lion

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowlion3
Name: Rainbow Flower Crown Lion

¡NUEVO: Crafteo de peluches!
NOVO: Criações de Pelúcia!
UUTTA: Pehmolelutehtailu!
NOUVEAU : Fabrication de Peluches !
NUOVO: Crafting Peluche!
NIEUW: Knuffels Craften!
NEU: Plüsch-Handwerkeln!
YENİ: Peluş Üretimi!

NEW: Plushie Crafting Boxes!
These boxes contain all the materials you need to craft one plushie and one random accessory. If you're lucky, you might get the special rainbow coloured dye! The Plushie Crafting Table is available from the crafting section of the Catalogue and our recent article details the probabilities of getting each item.

Code: plushie_c20_crackable
Name: Plushie Crafting Box

Code: plushie_c20_dyeblue
Name: Blue Dye

Code: plushie_c20_dyeneutral
Name: Brown Dye

Code: plushie_c20_dyepink
Name: Pink Dye

Code: plushie_c20_dyerainbow
Name: Rainbow Dye

Code: plushie_c20_fabric1
Name: Rough Fabric

Code: plushie_c20_fabric2
Name: Light Fabric

Code: plushie_c20_fabric3
Name: Dark Fabric

Code: plushie_c20_scarf
Name: Plushie Scarf

Code: plushie_c20_stuffing
Name: Plushie Stuffing

Code: plushie_c20_flowercrown
Name: Plushie Flower Crown

Code: plushie_c20_bow
Name: Plushie Bow

¡NUEVO: Cajas de Crafteo Peluche!
NOVO: Cestas Criações de Pelúcia!
UUTTA: Pehmolelutehtailurasiat!
NOUVEAU : Boîtes de Crafting de Peluches !
NUOVO: Scatole del Crafting Peluche!
NIEUW: Knuffel Craftboxen!
NEU: Plüschhandwerksboxen!
YENİ: Peluş Üretim Kutuları!

NEW: Plushie Crafting Packs! (This is for users from .NL and .FR)
All the materials you need to craft the new plushies are found within these packs. Visit the crafting section of the Catalogue to get a Plushie Crafting Table.

Code: plushie_c20_crackableB
Name: Plushie Box (non-crackable)

NEW: Mystery Furni!
Throughout this month, we're releasing several 'mystery' items. They'll be available from the Catalogue for longer than usual, and apart from one (a certain never-released-before parasol) they are NOT considered rare.

Code: rare_colourable_parasol*5
Name: rare_colourable_parasol_5 name

Code: house_sofa
Name: house_sofa name

Code: mysterious_trophy
Name: mysterious_trophy name

Code: poster_duck
Name: poster_duck name

¡NUEVO: Furni Misterioso!
NOVO: Mobis Misteriosos!
UUTTA: Mysteerikamat!
NOUVEAU : Mobi Mystère !
NUOVO: Furni Misteriosi!
NIEUW: Mysterie Meubi!
NEU: Geheimes Möbel!
YENİ: Gizemli Mobi!


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