Bank Bundle - Habbo
By Puhekupla_Staff at 26-10-2020 19:09:24
NEW: Bank Bundle
Banks - useful for storing wealth. In Habbo AND in real life. Comes with an exclusive badge! Room made by Frission (COM)

BAB01 (badge)
Bank Bundle

199 credits
90 credits + 90 diamonds

Includes the following items:

Code: exe_glassdvdr
Name: Executive Divider

Code: xmas_c15_poinsettia
Name: Christmas Poinsettia

Code: computer_flatscreen
Name: Desktop Computer

Code: pstack
Name: Scratch pad

Code: safe_silo*2
Name: Black Safe Minibar

Code: es_build2
Name: Skyscraper 2

Code: ktchn_inspctr
Name: Kitchen Inspector

Code: es_build1
Name: Skyscraper 1

Code: army_c15_contable
Name: Conference Table

Code: army_c15_contable2
Name: Conference Table Corner

Code: CF_10_coin_gold
Name: Gold Coin (Worth 10 Credits)

Code: exe_s_table
Name: Glass Table

Code: xmas11_luxsofa2
Name: Red Chesterfield Sofa

Code: es_fnc_1
Name: City Street Barrier

Code: xmas11_luxfloor1
Name: Parquet

Code: exe_seccam
Name: Security Camera

Code: xmas11_luxfloor2
Name: Polished Stone Floor

Code: prison_dvdr2
Name: Prison Wall

Code: exe_c15_telephone
Name: Desk Phone

Code: exe_map
Name: World Map

Code: tokyo_c18_magazinerack
Name: Tokyo Magazine Rack

Code: desk_junk
Name: Desk Junk

Code: paris_c15_crn
Name: Chateau Pillar

Code: army_c15_officetent
Name: Office Cubicle

Code: army_c15_wall
Name: Conference Walls

Code: js_bouncer
Name: Bouncer

Code: prison_dvdr1
Name: Prison Bars

Code: hween_c18_olddocs2
Name: Discarded Computer Readouts

Code: waasa_chair
Name: Computer Chair

Code: jetset_moneypatch
Name: Cash Patch

Code: paris_c15_awning
Name: Tricolore Awning

Code: rope_divider
Name: Rope Divider

Code: easter_c18_chair
Name: Conservatory Chair

Code: CF_1_coin_bronze
Name: Bronze Coin

Code: suncity_c19_glasswall
Name: Sunlight City Wall

Code: CF_20_moneybag
Name: Sack of Coins

Code: xmas_c17_man
Name: Carol Singing Man

Code: es_fnc_2
Name: City Street Divider

Code: exe_c15_wall
Name: Executive Skyline

Code: prison_gate
Name: Prison Gate

Code: waasa_rug5
Name: Gray Waasa Rug

Code: easter_c18_patternfloor
Name: Conservatory Floor

Code: lodge_c15_floor
Name: Lodge Floor

Code: exe_c15_desktidy
Name: Desk Tidy

Code: es_build3
Name: Skyscraper 3

Code: roombg_city1
Name: Skyscraper City

Code: hween_c18_complexmchn2
Name: Snooping Device

Code: exe_plant
Name: Office Plant

Code: easter_c18_table
Name: Conservatory Coffee Table

NUEVO: Lote Banco
NOVO: Pack Banco Central
UUTUUS: Pankki-huonepaketti
NOUVEAU : Pack Banque
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Banca
NIEUW: Bank Bundel
NEU: Bank Bündel
YENÄ°: Banka Oda Paketi


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