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By Puhekupla_Staff at 05-11-2020 12:14:11
NEW: Mystery Furni!
Throughout this month, we're releasing several 'mystery' items. They'll be available from the Catalogue for longer than usual, and apart from one (a certain never-released-before parasol) they are NOT considered rare.

BAB10 (badge)

Code: rare_colourable_parasol*5
Name: White Parasol
Price: 25 credits + 25 diamonds

Code: house_sofa
Name: Plain Office Sofa
Price: 4 credits + 10 diamonds

Code: mysterious_trophy
Name: Menacing Eggplant
Price: 7 credits + 10 diamonds

Code: pixelduck_wall
Name: Duck Poster
Price: 4 credits + 10 diamonds

¡NUEVO: Furni Misterioso!
NOVO: Mobis Misteriosos!
UUTTA: Mysteerikamat!
NOUVEAU : Mobi Mystère !
NUOVO: Furni Misteriosi!
NIEUW: Mysterie Meubi!
NEU: Geheimes Möbel!
YENÄ°: Gizemli Mobi!


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