Birthday Wishes
By Lab-Rat at 07-07-2009 06:55:29
It's not often a birthday comes around (once a year for every person) so when it does you got to make it speacial, when I found out that Mark's birthday was this month I couldn't sit back and let it fly by, so I talked to a few people, got my hands messy in Photoshop and decided I was going to give Mark something Puhekupla style.

Today is Mark's birthday and we hope he has a day to remember.

Some other fansites even sent their birthday wishes.

"Mark. Well, today is your day, thank you for creating a fansite that informs us about the main news of the Habbo Hotel, at first. We hope to continue this way forever!"
Happy birthday, from the whole team at iBobba!

"Hi Mark! We want to wish you a great birthday with many presents.. an we hope you'll keep puhekupla online for many more years! "
Happy birthday, from the whole team at Habborator.

And Mark, from us at Puhekupla, we love working with you and hope to do it for a long time to come.

Leave your Birthday wish for Mark below

Edit by Mark:
Thank you all!


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