69 new furni found - Habbo

Code: antibully_machine
Name: antibully_machine name

Code: clothing_r20_bearset
Name: Winter Bear Accessories

Code: clothing_r20_teddybpack
Name: Bear Backpack

Code: clothing_unicornrainbow
Name: Unicorn Hat 2.0

Code: plushie_c20_bluebear1
Name: Blue Scarf Bear

Code: plushie_c20_bluebear2
Name: Blue Bow Bear

Code: plushie_c20_bluebear3
Name: Blue Flower Crown Bear

Code: plushie_c20_bluebear
Name: Blue Bear

Code: plushie_c20_bluebunny1
Name: Blue Scarf Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_bluebunny2
Name: Blue Bow Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_bluebunny3
Name: Blue Flower Crown Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_bluebunny
Name: Blue Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_bluelion1
Name: Blue Scarf Lion

Code: plushie_c20_bluelion2
Name: Blue Bow Lion

Code: plushie_c20_bluelion3
Name: Blue Flower Crown Lion

Code: plushie_c20_bluelion
Name: Blue Lion Plushie

Code: plushie_c20_bow
Name: Plushie Bow

Code: plushie_c20_brownbear1
Name: Brown Scarf Bear

Code: plushie_c20_brownbear2
Name: Brown Bow Bear

Code: plushie_c20_brownbear3
Name: Brown Flower Crown Bear

Code: plushie_c20_brownbear
Name: Brown Bear

Code: plushie_c20_brownbunny1
Name: Brown Scarf Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_brownbunny2
Name: Brown Bow Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_brownbunny3
Name: Brown Flower Crown Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_brownbunny
Name: Brown Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_brownlion1
Name: Brown Scarf Lion

Code: plushie_c20_brownlion2
Name: Brown Bow Lion

Code: plushie_c20_brownlion3
Name: Brown Flower Crown Lion

Code: plushie_c20_brownlion
Name: Brown Lion Plushie

Code: plushie_c20_crackableB
Name: Plushie Box (non-crackable)

Code: plushie_c20_crackable
Name: Plushie Crafting Box

Code: plushie_c20_dyeblue
Name: Blue Dye

Code: plushie_c20_dyeneutral
Name: Brown Dye

Code: plushie_c20_dyepink
Name: Pink Dye

Code: plushie_c20_dyerainbow
Name: Rainbow Dye

Code: plushie_c20_fabric1
Name: Rough Fabric

Code: plushie_c20_fabric2
Name: Light Fabric

Code: plushie_c20_fabric3
Name: Dark Fabric

Code: plushie_c20_flowercrown
Name: Plushie Flower Crown

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbear1
Name: Pink Scarf Bear

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbear2
Name: Pink Bow Bear

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbear3
Name: Pink Flower Crown Bear

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbear
Name: Pink Bear

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbunny1
Name: Pink Scarf Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbunny2
Name: Pink Bow Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbunny3
Name: Pink Flower Crown Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbunny
Name: Pink Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_pinklion1
Name: Pink Scarf Lion

Code: plushie_c20_pinklion2
Name: Pink Bow Lion

Code: plushie_c20_pinklion3
Name: Pink Flower Crown Lion

Code: plushie_c20_pinklion
Name: Pink Lion Plushie

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbear1
Name: Rainbow Scarf Bear

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbear2
Name: Rainbow Bow Bear

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbear3
Name: Rainbow Flower Crown Bear

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbear
Name: Rainbow Bear

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbunny1
Name: Rainbow Scarf Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbunny2
Name: Rainbow Bow Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbunny3
Name: Rainbow Flower Crown Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbunny
Name: Rainbow Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowlion1
Name: Rainbow Scarf Lion

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowlion2
Name: Rainbow Bow Lion

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowlion3
Name: Rainbow Flower Crown Lion

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowlion
Name: Rainbow Lion Plushie

Code: plushie_c20_fluffmachine
Name: Plushie Crafting Table

Code: plushie_c20_scarf
Name: Plushie Scarf

Code: plushie_c20_stuffing
Name: Plushie Stuffing

Code: plushie_r20_hammock
Name: Cosy Hammock

Code: plushie_r20_picnictree
Name: Ancient Oak Table

Code: rare_colourable_parasol*5
Name: rare_colourable_parasol_5 name

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OCTOBER 2020: Classic Rares!

Habbo .BR

Habbo .DE

Habbo .ES

Habbo .FI

Habbo .FR

Habbo .IT

Habbo .NL

Habbo .TR

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Sobbing Fountain LTD! - Habbo
Sobbing Fountain LTD!
What could they be sobbing about? Probably everything.

HSE13 (badge)
Sobbing Fountain LTD!

Code: hween_ltd20_tearfountain
Name: Sobbing Fountain

Name: Sobbing Fountain
Hotel: Habbo .COM

Name: Fuente sollozante
Hotel: Habbo .ES

Name: Fonte Chorona
Hotel: Habbo .BR

Name: Vollottava suihkulähde
Hotel: Habbo .FI

Name: Fontaine Sanglotante
Hotel: Habbo .FR

Name: Fontana Singhiozzante
Hotel: Habbo .IT

Name: Snikkende Fontein
Hotel: Habbo .NL

Name: Schluchzende Fontäne
Hotel: Habbo .DE

Name: Ağlayan Çeşme
Hotel: Habbo .TR

Christmas 2020 Furni - Habbo
Habbo Christmas 2020 Campaign:
"For our Christmas event in December, we'll take you on a magical adventure in the woods. This year we opted for an enchanted forest style theme (loosely based on Sulake's Norse origins). In December, we hope we all feel a true Scandinavian winter with a pinch of magic in the air."


Code: clothing_braidedwavyhair

Code: clothing_kilt

Code: clothing_kilttop


Code: xmas_c20_crafter

Code: xmas_c20_earthguy

Code: xmas_c20_fireguy

Code: xmas_c20_flowerguy

Code: xmas_c20_rockguy

Code: xmas_c20_runerock

Code: xmas_c20_runerockblue

Code: xmas_c20_runerockgreen

Code: xmas_c20_runerockpurple

Code: xmas_c20_runerockred

Code: xmas_c20_runerockyellow

Code: xmas_c20_smallrunestones

Code: xmas_c20_snowguy


Code: clothing_r20_dragonflywings

Code: clothing_r20_inuit

Code: xmas_r20_magicsword

Hand item

Code: xmas_r20_icefountain



Code: xmas_c20_beadgame

Code: xmas_c20_bigstump

Code: xmas_c20_bridge

Code: xmas_c20_forestbg

Code: xmas_c20_frostedfungi

Code: xmas_c20_frostytree

Code: xmas_c20_frozenstream

Code: xmas_c20_frozenwaterfall

Code: xmas_c20_nutcracker

Code: xmas_c20_pebblepeeps

Code: xmas_c20_runetele

Code: xmas_c20_shrine

Code: xmas_c20_smallstump

Code: xmas_c20_snowbush

Code: xmas_c20_snowdrops

Code: xmas_c20_stage

Code: xmas_c20_stonearch

Code: xmas_c20_stonecauldron

Code: xmas_c20_treestump

Code: xmas_c20_woodenbird

Code: xmas_c20_woodendog

Code: xmas_c20_woodenplane

Code: xmas_c20_woodentrain

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