Chiselled Ice Seal - Habbo


Code: rare_prize20_xmas
Name: Chiselled Ice Seal

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PREVIEW: Magic Forest Bundle - Habbo
NEW: Magic Forest Bundle
Make your winter vacation extra special by hopping into a magical forest adventure unlike any other! Room made by Jenneben (NL)

NUEVO: Lote Bosque Mágico
NOVO: Pack Floresta Encantada
UUTUUS: Taikametsä-huonepaketti
Nouveau : Pack Forêt Magique
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Foresta Magica
NIEUW: Toverbos Bundel
NEU: Zauberwald Bündel
YENÄ°: Büyülü Orman Paketi
New hand item found! - Habbo


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Lamps Offer 1 - 2
Two offers that will be coming to Habbo this month of November!

Lamps Offer 1
Click here to see a list of all the items included in this deal

LMP01 (badge)
Lamps Offer 1

Price: 139 credits + 139 diamonds

Includes the following items:

Code: gothiccandelabra
Name: Gothic Candelabra

Code: xmas_c18_groundlight
Name: Buried Uplighters

Code: xmas13_light
Name: Christmas Tree Light

Code: fest_c19_lamp
Name: Bohemian Forest Lamp

Code: bolly_lamp
Name: Chandelier

Code: bolly_monkey_lamp
Name: Monkey Lamp

Code: lc_medusa1
Name: Large Jellyfish Lamp

Code: party_lantern
Name: Party Lantern

Code: ktchn_light
Name: Kitchen Light

Code: usva_lamp
Name: Pink USVA Lamp

Code: attic15_oillamp
Name: Oil Lamp

Code: gothic_c15_chandelier
Name: Gothic Chandelier

Code: jp_ceiling_lamp
Name: Japanese Sky Lantern

Code: usva3_lamp
Name: Green USVA Lamp

Code: lamp_armas
Name: Table Lamp

Code: usva4_lamble
Name: Red USVA Table Lamp

Code: anna_lamp*2
Name: Pink Anna Lamp

Code: ktchn_c15_lamp_g
Name: Green Kitchen Lamp

Code: attic15_lamp
Name: Broken Lamp

Code: country_lantern
Name: Country Lantern

Code: exe_artlamp
Name: Art Lamp

Code: anna_lamp*1
Name: Yellow Anna Lamp

Code: anna_lamp*4
Name: Blue Anna Lamp

Code: js_chandelier
Name: Chandelier

Code: xmas08_lantern
Name: Icy Lantern

Code: SF_lamp
Name: Spaceship Lamp

Code: exe_light
Name: Light

Code: usva5_lamp
Name: Blue USVA Lamp

Code: xmas_c18_iciclelight
Name: Icicle Lights

Code: exe_cubelight
Name: Cubelight

Code: val15_lantern
Name: Japanese Bonbori Lantern

Code: uni_c15_lamp
Name: Uni Lamp

Code: org_lampblk
Name: org_lampblk

Code: rom_lamp
Name: Romantique Lamp

Code: lamp_basic
Name: Pura lamp

Code: rainyday_c19_lamp
Name: Cosy Lamp

Code: bubble_lamp1
Name: Pura Bubble Lamp

Code: party_tube_bubble
Name: Bubble Lamp

Code: china_lantern
Name: Sky Lantern

Code: rainbow_c19_lights
Name: Rainbow Ceiling Light

Code: usva2_lamble
Name: Yellow USVA Table Lamp

Code: olympics_c16_light
Name: Ceiling Light

Code: bling_c15_chandalier
Name: Bling Chandelier

Code: jp_lantern
Name: Japanese Lantern

Code: cubie_lamp_p
Name: Purple Deco Spot Lamp

Lamps Offer 2
Click here to see a list of all the items included in this deal

LMP02 (badge)
Lamps Offer 2

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