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Group Chat is here -UPDATE

Wow. It’s here. Group Chat – a feature our talented developers finished in November 2015 and made available to a small group of Habbos for testing – is now LIVE in the .COM hotel!

To use it, all you have to do is open your Friends List. The groups you are a member of will have a chat window listed. You can minimise this list if you only want to see your friends. See the below picture:

- While we iron out some small technical issues, only group administrators will be able to chat inside Group Chats.
- This feature will be rolled out to other hotels in due course - please be patient while we make sure everything is in order first.

UPDATE 18/01/2017
Due to some issues we previously didn't notice, we have decided to turn the group messaging feature off for now. This will be turned off indefinitely while we polish the feature, so we are unable to say when it will return.

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Furnis for Star Lounge Stage Bundle (codes)
classic7_chair "Star Lounge Chair" , "Don't sit down for too long."
classic7_crn "Star Lounge Corner" , "Hide vintage bubblejuice in here."
classic7_djbooth "Star Lounge DJ Booth" , "Vibes."
classic7_drinkcabinet "Star Lounge Cabinet" , "ALL the bubblejuice."
classic7_drinkdispenser "Bubblejuice Dispenser" , "Dispenses the good stuff."
classic7_drinks "Assorted Bubblejuice" , "Flavours for your mind, body and soul."
classic7_dvdr "Star Lounge Divider" , "Separates the stars from the spongers."
classic7_floor "Star Lounge Floor" , "Seriously grippy."
classic7_fridge "Star Lounge Fridge" , "ALL the bubblejuice."
classic7_gate "Star Lounge Gate" , "VIPs only."
classic7_stage "Star Lounge Stage" , "Take to the stage, bring the rage."
classic7_stairs "Star Lounge Stairs" , "High heels friendly."
classic7_starlight "Star Lounge Starlight" , "Twinkle twinkle, little star."
classic7_table "Star Lounge Table" , "Don't scratch the surface."
classic7_tree "Crazy Tree" , "A purple tree. Seriously?"
classic7_wall "Star Lounge Wall" , "Contains bass-proof technology."
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Valentines Day - New codes
landing.view.val17back.body=Keep it zen in Japan, don a masquerade mask, OR just stock up on Valentine's Day furni. Furni is available until 26/02!
landing.view.val17back.button=See the furni
landing.view.val17back.header=BACK: Valentine's furni

landing.view.val17banquet.body=Starving after the wedding? We've got you covered: this bundle contains a TON of food and a load of other party-themed furni.
landing.view.val17banquet.button=See the bundle
landing.view.val17banquet.header=Wedding Banquet Bundle

landing.view.val17dress.body=Here's an outfit for the most memorable of days. NEVER to be sold again, it's also perfect for other special occasions!
landing.view.val17dress.button=See the outfit!
landing.view.val17dress.header=RARE Wedding Outfit!

landing.view.val17furni.body=Now, you can well and truly celebrate Habbo marriage with our wonderful new selection of wedding-style furni! Available until 26/02.
landing.view.val17furni.button=See the furni
landing.view.val17furni.header=NEW Wedding Furni!

landing.view.val17game.body=Indulge in some speed dating and earn up to four brand new badges! Visit the official games section of the navigator to play.
landing.view.val17game.button=Go to the navigator
landing.view.val17game.header=Try the Habbo Matchmaker!

landing.view.val17garden.body=It's BACK - the Cosy Garden bundle, complete with a friendly-looking garden gnome and a pond! Available until 12/02.
landing.view.val17garden.button=See the bundle
landing.view.val17garden.header=BACK: Cosy Garden Bundle!

landing.view.val17icm.body=Here's your one and ONLY chance to pick up this classic and rare Steel Ice Cream Maker! Available until 05/02.
landing.view.val17icm.button=See the rare
landing.view.val17icm.header=Rare Steel Ice Cream Maker!

landing.view.val17old.body=Here's your one and ONLY chance to pick up this classic and rare Pink Oriental Screen! Available until 06/02.
landing.view.val17old.button=See the rare
landing.view.val17old.header=Rare Pink Oriental Screen!

landing.view.val17organ.body=Fine tuned to produce the most heavenly of pitches, this Gold Plated Organ LTD will charm even the toughest Habbos!
landing.view.val17organ.button=See the LTD
landing.view.val17organ.header=Gold Plated Organ LTD

landing.view.val17star.body=Based on the extraordinarily popular Star Lounge public room, this bundle contains 100% ALL NEW furni!
landing.view.val17star.button=See the bundle
landing.view.val17star.header=ALL NEW Star Lounge!

landing.view.val17wedding.body=The Cosy Garden bundle has been revamped in preparation for the biggest day of a Habbo's LIFE - marriage! (Until 12/02)
landing.view.val17wedding.button=See the bundle
landing.view.val17wedding.header=Wedding Ceremony Bundle
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