MARCH 2020: Classic Rares
Release date: 27/03

Habbo .ES

NYOR2 (badge)
Almohadón Rosa

Habbo BR/PT

REL02 (badge)
Raro Elefante de Prata

Habbo .TR

REL02 (badge)
Nadire Gümüş Fil

Habbo .FR

REL02 (badge)
Rare Éléphant Argent

Habbo .IT

REL02 (badge)
Raro Elefente d'Argento

Habbo .DE

RMQ04 (badge)
Orangene Markise

Habbo .NL

RDP04 (badge)
Zeldzame Bruine Dorisch Pilaar

Habbo .FI

RDP04 (badge)
Harvinainen ruskea doorilainen pylväs

Easter 2020: Alpine Heights! (Official Games)

Rainbow Egg

ALP11 (badge)
Hiking through the Alpine Heights

ALP12 (badge)
Relic Hunter I - Earth Pony

ALP13 (badge)
Relic Hunter II - Easter Goose

ALP14 (badge)
Relic Hunter III - Jade Guardian

ALP15 (badge)
Relic Hunter IV - Royal Protector

ALP16 (badge)
Relic Hunter V - Master Monument

The Secret of the Alps (Game 1)
Walking by the river you have found two artifacts that look suspiciously similar to the relics you are looking for... Could this be a lucky strike or a sign that the Alp gods are on your side? Time to find out!

How to play:

- Walk carefully over the rocks and find the correct path to cross over each furni.
- You will have to reach the wooden board before the artifact gets there.
- Once you have collected the first artifact, you'll need to enter the camping teepee and move across the camping furnis before the second artifact reaches the wooden boards.
- Hint: Look for the blue circles to help you find the right spot where you need to click.

Looking for the Mystic Tree (Game 2)
You found a secret track, that's suppose to take you yo the Mysitc Tree. The only way to find out is to make it to the other side before the timer ends.

How to play:

- Walk through the one way doors and step only on the green tiles.
- Make sure you avoid all the red tiles or you'll have to start again.
- Watch your step at all times and when you've reach the end pull the lever to take the teleport.

Defend 'til the End! (Game 3)
Rumours fly and everyone in town is now aware that you have one of the relics with you. You're now on a mission of trying to escape from the people that are chasing you, while you find a safe place to hide.

How to play:

- Walk across the arrow tiles and through the one way doors before the bots reach the rock slate.
- When you reach the end of the tiles, sit on the stool to continue.
- Walk inside the cave and pull the lever. Two sets of color tiles will appear in front of you.
- Do your best to remember the order in which each color goes.
- Step on the tiles until you replicate the colors you saw inside the cave.
- You have less than 2 minutes to complete the game and win the badge.

Sneaky Business (Game 4)
It's clear to see that you are not the only one who is looking for the ancient relics. Unfortunately a group of backpackers have found the Jade Guardian before you had a chance to... It may not be the nicest thing to do but you'll have to sneak into their campsite and steal the relic from them in order to complete your quest.

How to play:

- Walk across the tile trail until you reach the ring plate.
- There's a camp guardian in charge of protecting the relic, make sure he doesn't catch you or you'll lose.
- Reaching the ring plate won't be easy, you'll have to find the right pace to move in to avoid having unwanted obstacles blocking your way.
- The green boot on the color tiles will help you find the right speed, just make sure they don't reach the red tiles at each end.
- Last but not least, watch out for the timer.

Keep Calm and Carry on Kayaking (Game 5)
You are close to completing your quest, you've overcomed every obstacle in your way and you know for a fact that a small river and a few goats won't stop you.

How to play:

- Find the three levers that have been hidden around the room in the correct order.
- When you are done use the lever that's on top of the workbench to move towards the three tiles by the river.
- Use the kayak to cross the river but make sure you don't stand too far from it or you'll be teleported back.
- Watch out for the goats and be the first one to step on the tile plate that's in front of the camping teepee to collect the relic and win the badge.
- May the fastest Habbo win!

When in doubt, help out. (Game 6)
It's been days since you found the last relic, and you are starting to wonder if you should just give up... What if the fifth relic dissapared a long time ago and you're just wasting your time?

You're about to go back to your campsite when you see a hurt hike laying on the ground. You decide to give him a hand before you go back.

How to play:

- Use the kayak and say row to reach the hiker and follow his instructions.
- Say fish to help the fisherman out. The first person to collect four fish will get to continue.
- When you have the first aid kit with you, step on the ring plate next to the hiker and say heal
- Take the teleport to move forward.
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