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Music Da'Beach Bundle
Great music. The beach. Friends. One of life's greatest combinations! Exclusive badge included

Boho Street Market Bundle
All manner of trinkets, baubles and gadgets are on offer at the Boho Street Market. Also included is an exclusive badge!

badge_name_MFT01=Music Da'Beach Bundle
badge_name_MFT02=Boho Street Market Bundle


badge_name_MFT08=RARE Rainbow Curls
badge_name_MFT09=RARE Lady Gaia
badge_name_MFT11=RARE Gem-Studded Owl
badge_name_MFT10=RARE Rainbow Shades

RARE Rainbow Shades


badge_name_MFT13=Collectible Skull 1
badge_name_MFT14=Collectible Skull 2
badge_name_MFT15=Collectible Skull 3
badge_name_MFT16=Collectible Skull 4
badge_name_MFT17=Collectible Skull 5
badge_name_MFT18=Collectible Skull 6
badge_name_MFT19=Skulls Mega Collector


badge_name_MFT12=Grace the Alpaca LTD
featured.offer.fest19ltd.title=Grace the Alpaca LTD


featured.offer.fest19cloth.title=Bohemian Festival Clothing
featured.offer.fest19collect.title=Collectible Skull Masks
featured.offer.fest19new.title=Bohemian Festival

BACK: Healthy Canteen Bundle
Healthy Canteen Bundle
Ever wanted to own a Veggie Fiend? Now is your chance: get one EXCLUSIVELY when you buy this bundle!


badge_name_MFT03=Healthy Canteen Bundle

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BACK: Runway Bundles (June 2019)

Runway Bundle 1
Photocall bundle. Exclusive badge included!

Runway Bundle 2
Photocall and Catwalk bundle parts with two accompanying badges. Exclusive furni: Paparazzi Camera!

Paparazzi Camera

Runway Bundle 3
Photocall, Catwalk and Backstage bundle parts with three accompanying badges. Exclusive furni: Paparazzi Camera and Brain Jar

Paparazzi Camera - Brain Jar

Runway Bundle 4
Photocall, Catwalk, Backstage and VIP Party bundle parts, with ALL FOUR accompanying badges. Exclusive furni: 2 x Paparazzi Camera, 2 x Brain Jar AND 2 x Head Bandage

Paparazzi Camera - Brain Jar - Head Bandage

badge_name_MFT04=Runway Bundle 1
badge_name_MFT05=Runway Bundle 2
badge_name_MFT06=Runway Bundle 3
badge_name_MFT07=Runway Bundle 4

featured.offer.bundle119.title=Runway Bundles
Summer's Deal (Bohemian Festival)
targeted.offer.jun19_tko_gr1.title=Summer's Deal
targeted.offer.jun19_tko_gr1.desc=Save 20% on an EXCLUSIVE Bohemian Dog, 70 bronze coins, a Tied Up Top, a Denim Shorts, a Rockstar Headband, a badge and a month of HC!

Tied Up Top

Denim Shorts

Rockstar Headband

MFT20 (badge)
2019 Summer Deal

targeted.offer.jun19_tko_gr2.title=Summer's Deal
targeted.offer.jun19_tko_gr2.desc=Save 20% on 2x EXCLUSIVE Bohemian Dogs, 80 bronze coins, a Set of Drums, a Long Messy Curls, a Rockstar Headband, a badge and 3 months of HC!

Set of Drums

Long Messy Curls

Rockstar Headband

MFT20 (badge)
2019 Summer Deal

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