Pharmacy Bundle - Habbo
NEW: Pharmacy Bundle
Because what hospital is complete without a pharmacy? Exclusive badge included! Room made by CekiciThe (TR)

BAB02 (badge)
Pharmacy Bundle

199 credits
90 credits + 90 diamonds
Release Date: 09/11

Includes the following items:

Code: urban_lamp
Name: Street Lamp

Code: urban_bin
Name: Urban Trash Can

Code: exe_sofa
Name: Three Seat Sofa

Code: hween_c18_labtooltable
Name: Laboratory Instruments

Code: lon_base
Name: Door Block

Code: books_0
Name: Books

Code: usva_shelf
Name: White USVA Block Shelf

Code: hween_c18_spareparts
Name: Spare Parts Shipment

Code: uni_manga
Name: Manga Magazines

Code: hween_c18_labstool
Name: Laboratory Stool

Code: urban_bench
Name: Urban Bench

Code: cine_glass
Name: Glass Divider

Code: hosptl_cab1
Name: Hospital Cabinet

Code: attic15_box
Name: Cardboard Box

Code: olympics_c16_adsboard
Name: Protein Advert

Code: usva5_lamble
Name: Blue USVA Desk Lamp

Code: bathroom_floortile1
Name: Light Grey Bathroom Tile

Code: hween_c18_lablocker
Name: Scientist's Locker

Code: boutique_plant1
Name: Small Shop Plant

Code: exe_seccam
Name: Security Camera

Code: noticeboard
Name: Notice Board

Code: hween_c18_ceilingfan
Name: Ceiling Fan

Code: exe_sensor
Name: Security Sensor

Code: st_uni_poster
Name: Anatomy of a Habbo

Code: army_c15_carpet
Name: Short Blue Carpet

Code: urban_sidewalk
Name: Sidewalk

Code: clothing_labcoat
Name: Laboratory Coat

Code: val12_marble1
Name: White Marble Floor

Code: exe_copier
Name: Copier

Code: sink
Name: Sink

Code: urban_wpost
Name: Fire Hydrant

Code: rainyday_c19_cocoa
Name: Hot Chocolate

Code: hosptl_cab2
Name: Hospital Cabinet Large

Code: hween_c18_labdesk
Name: Laboratory Desk

Code: pwad
Name: Paper Balls

Code: pencils
Name: Pencils

Code: boutique_cashreg
Name: Cash Register

Code: st_uni_testtubes
Name: Test Tube Rack

Code: st_uni_dnamodel
Name: DNA model

Code: tokyo_c18_magazinerack
Name: Tokyo Magazine Rack

Code: olympics_c16_sofa
Name: Curvy Sofa

Code: hween_c18_labcurtains
Name: Ward Curtain

Code: hosptl_defibs
Name: Hospital Defibrillator

Code: exe_c15_desktidy
Name: Desk Tidy

Code: computer_flatscreen
Name: Desktop Computer

Code: roombg_city1
Name: Skyscraper City

Code: desk_junk
Name: Desk Junk

Code: olympics_c16_plantdvdr
Name: Brazilian Houseplant

Code: easter_c20_firstaidkit
Name: First Aid Kit

Code: uni_brotein
Name: Brotein Powder

Code: arabian_tile
Name: Arabian Tile

Code: olympics_c16_light
Name: Ceiling Light

Code: hween_c18_medicineshelf
Name: Medicine Cabinet

Code: santorini_c17_pottedshrub
Name: Santorini Shrubbery

Code: santorini_c17_pottedplants
Name: Santorini Greenery

Code: olympics_c16_sportsbag
Name: Sports Bag

Code: hosptl_skele
Name: Hospital Skeleton

Code: hween_c18_labtilewall
Name: Tiled Laboratory Wall

Code: hween_c18_olddocs2
Name: Discarded Computer Readouts

Code: uni_bookshelf
Name: Dorm Bookshelf

NUEVO: Lote Farmacia
NOVO: Pack Farmácia Hospitalar
UUTUUS: Apteekki-huonepaketti
NOUVEAU : Pack Pharmacie
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Farmacia
NIEUW: Apotheek Bundel
NEU: Apotheken Bündel
YENİ: Eczane Oda Pekti

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PRICES: Mystery Furni! - Habbo
NEW: Mystery Furni!
Throughout this month, we're releasing several 'mystery' items. They'll be available from the Catalogue for longer than usual, and apart from one (a certain never-released-before parasol) they are NOT considered rare.

BAB10 (badge)

Code: rare_colourable_parasol*5
Name: White Parasol
Price: 25 credits + 25 diamonds

Code: house_sofa
Name: Plain Office Sofa
Price: 4 credits + 10 diamonds

Code: mysterious_trophy
Name: Menacing Eggplant
Price: 7 credits + 10 diamonds

Code: pixelduck_wall
Name: Duck Poster
Price: 4 credits + 10 diamonds

¡NUEVO: Furni Misterioso!
NOVO: Mobis Misteriosos!
UUTTA: Mysteerikamat!
NOUVEAU : Mobi Mystère !
NUOVO: Furni Misteriosi!
NIEUW: Mysterie Meubi!
NEU: Geheimes Möbel!
YENİ: Gizemli Mobi!
Spread the love! (Official Games) - Habbo
Official game for this month. Details below!

Spread the love!
Grab a seat and watch the different performances play out.

How to Play:

- Take a ticket to enter the queue.
- When it is your turn to play, pay attention to what's happening on the stage.
- You'll see different situations where you'll need to point out which bot is behaving badly by saying their name. If both are to blame, say "both".
- You need to answer correctly 5 times in order to win.

What to win?

If you succeed, you'll win a "L|VE!" badge and the new furni 'Be Kind' Machine.

BAB13 (badge)

Code: antibully_machine
Name: Be Kind' Machine

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Habbo Xmas 2020: Returning bundles! - Habbo
1. Winter Castle Bundle
It's so cold in this castle, your pixels may freeze to the floor if you don't move around enough. Exclusive badge included! Built by Frission (.COM)

X2003 (badge)
Winter Castle Bundle

Lote Palacio de Invierno
Pack Palácio de Gelo
Talvinen linna-huonepaketti
Château d'Hiver
Affare Stanza Castello d'Inverno
Winterkasteel Bundel
Winterschloss Bündel
Kış Kalesi Oda Paketi

2. Jellybean Jungle Bundle
Not only does this bundle contain an EXCLUSIVE Duck Hat, it also comes with a whole range of weirdly wonderful plants!

Code: clothing_duckhat
Name: Duck Hat

X2004 (badge)
Jellybean Jungle Bundle

Lote Jungla de las Maravillas
Pack Selva de Jujuba
Viidakkoaiheinen karkkipaketti
Pack Jungle de Jellybean
Affare Stanza Giungla di Caramelle Gommose
Jellybean Jungle Bundel
Jellybean Dschungel Bündel
Jellybean Vahşi Orman Oda Paketi

3. Dark Forest Bundle
Dark, frosty spirits roam the woods surrounding the palace. Be careful out there, Habbos. Exclusive badge included!

X2005 (badge)
Dark Forest Bundle

Lote Bosque Encantado
Pack Floresta Negra
Synkkä metsä-huonepaketti
Forêt Sombre
Affare Stanza Foresta Oscura
Donker Bos Bundel
Dunkler Wald Bündel
Karanlık Orman Oda Paketi

4. Witches' Sabbath Bundle
Gather to practice witchcraft and other rites.

X2006 (badge)
Witches' Sabbath Bundle

Lote Aquelarre
Pack Sabbath das Bruxas
Sabbat des Sorcières
Affare Stanza Sabbath delle Streghe
Heksensabbat Bundel
Hexensabbat Bündel
Cadıların Geceyarısı Ayin Paketi

5. Enchanted Forest Bundle
Stuffed FULL of classic Easter furni, the Enchanted Forest bundle is a real steal of a deal. Included are 15 exclusive Lupin Seed packs.

X2007 (badge)
Enchanted Forest Bundle

Lote Bosque Encantado
Pack Floresta Encantada
Lumottu metsä
Forêt Enchantée
Foresta Incantata
Betoverd Bos Bundel
Büyülü Orman Oda Paketi

6. Perilous Jungle Bundle
Sharpen your machete and get your watering can - this bundle contains a HUGE stack of 15 exclusive Dahlia seeds - don't miss it!

X2008 (badge)
Perilous Jungle Bundle

Lote Jungla Peligrosa
Pack Selva Perigosa
Vaarallinen viidakko
Pack Jungle Périlleuse
Affare Stanza Giungla Pericolosa
Gevaarlijke Jungle Bundel
Gefährliches Dschungel Bündel
Tehlikeli Orman Paketi

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