2020 New Rare Prizes - Habbo

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Clay Seal

Ruby Seal

Obsidian Seal

Citrine Seal

Amethyst Seal

Jasper Seal

Emerald Seal

Tanzanite Seal

Aquamarine Seal

Rhodochrosite Seal

Sapphire Seal

Jade Seal

Pearl Seal

Turquoise Seal
FEBRUARY 2020: Valentines Day - Habbo
Valentines Deals - Click here for more info
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Valentines Day Furni - Click here for more info

landing.view.val20choco.body=We're extremely happy to present the brand new, 100% exclusive Chocolatier Shop Bundle! Comes with exclusive badge.
landing.view.val20choco.button=See the bundle
landing.view.val20choco.header=NEW: Chocolatier Shop Bundle!

V2001 (badge)
Chocolatier Shop Bundle

NUEVO: Lote Chocolatería
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Cioccolateria !
NIEUW: Chocolatier Winkel Bundel!
NEU: Chocolaterie Bündel!
YENİ: Çikolata Dükkanı Oda Paketi!

landing.view.val20tattoo.body=Tattoos and vests: the perfect combination. This furni is rare and will never be released again!
landing.view.val20tattoo.button=See the rare
landing.view.val20tattoo.header=RARE Macho Tattoo!


V2005 (badge)
Rare Macho Tattoo

RARO Tatuaje Tribales
Tatuaggio da Macho RARO!
ZELDZAME Macho Tattoo!
RARE Macho Tattoo!
NADİRE Maço Dövmesi

landing.view.val20pigtail.body=One iconic hairstyle, available NOW. Get one while you can!
landing.view.val20pigtail.button=See the rare
landing.view.val20pigtail.header=RARE Bicolour Pigtails!


V2006 (badge)
Rare Bicolour Pigtails

RARO: Coletas Bicolor
Codini Bicolore RARI
ZELDZAME Tweekleurige Staarten!
RARE Zweifarbige Zöpfe!
NADİRE Çift Renkli İki Yandan Saç

landing.view.val20chair.body=Float away, beyond the clouds. This furni is rare and will never be released again!
landing.view.val20chair.button=See the rare
landing.view.val20chair.header=RARE Floating Chair!


V2007 (badge)
Rare Floating Chair

RARO Silla Flotante
Sedia Fluttuante RARA!
ZELDZAME Zwevende Stoel!
RARE Schwebender Stuhl!
NADİRE Uçan Sandalye

landing.view.val20ornate.body=One gorgeously ornate addition to a room of your choice. Get one while you can!
landing.view.val20ornate.button=See the rare
landing.view.val20ornate.header=RARE Ornate Wardrobe!


V2008 (badge)
Rare Ornate Wardrobe

RARO Armario Rococó
Armadio Barocco RARO!
ZELDZAME Goudversierde Kast!
RARE Verzierter Kleiderschrank!
NADİRE Süslü Dolap
Happy Chinese New Year 2020! (Official Games) - Habbo
Happy Chinese New Year 2020!

We're ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year with a maze full of fun obstacles. Each room will be dedicated to a different animal from the Chinese horoscope. Complete each game and make sure you find the room dedicated to the Year of the Rat in order to collect the brand new badge we have prepared for you.

Chinese New Year Maze!

Your adventure starts here.

GAME 1: How to play:
- Move past the ox statues and make sure you don't stand too close to them or you'll have to start again.
- Once you've made it to the other side, take one of the teleports to continue.

GAME 2: How to play:
- In order to reach the teleports you'll need to use the one way doors and step on the correct tiles.
- Your mission will be to figure out which tiles are safe to step on in order to move forward.

GAME 3: How to play:
- Chose a dragon and compete against other Habbos to see who reaches the green tile first.
- Good luck with the quicksand it won't make things easy for you!

GAME 4: How to play:
- Walk fast over the rollers and try to find the best route to reach the blue tile.
- Step on the blue tile and take one of the teleports to go to the next room.

GAME 5: How to play:
- Walk across the long grass and past the moving rabbits until you reach the grass patch.
- Move carefully through the grass patch and walk only when the rabbit statue is not looking at you.
- Once you have reached the color tiles, you'll need to figure out which ones are safe to walk on.
- Take the teleport to continue.

GAME 6: How to play:
- Move across the room sitting on the black pod chairs.
- Good luck finding the correct route to the teleports!

GAME 7: How to play:
- Make your way to the teleports by sitting on the moving USVA chairs.
- Be careful to not step on the floor or you'll have to start again.

GAME 8: How to play:
- Find the levers that have been hidden around the room.
- Each lever will take you a step close to the teleports.

GAME 9: How to play:
- Move the box to the the pressure plate while you avoid the statues and the chickens placed around the room.
- Once you have placed the box on the plate, enter the glass door to take the next teleports.

GAME 10: How to play:
- To continue the maze you'll have to find the correct teleport that will take you to the next game.
- We promise you the right teleport is somewhere in there!

GAME 11: How to play:
- You're close to reaching the last room, but before you make it there you'll need to walk across the rollers and enter the rotating one way doors.
- Make sure to move carefully over the rollers to not fall off them or you will have to start all over again. Good luck!

The Year Of The Rat

You've made it through all the obstacles and now you are ready to celebrate the year of the Rat with a brand new badge. Pull the lever to collect it!

SWH13 (badge)
Happy Chinese New Year 2020!

SWH14 (badge)
I'm halfway through the Year of the Rat maze!

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