Correction - Cow Breeds -UPDATE

landing.view.easter17petcow.body=We're extremely pleased and proud to present the new cow pet! Get one of 16 different breeds from the Cow Pet box.
Old code

landing.view.easter17petcow.body=We're extremely pleased and proud to present the new cow pet! Get one of 20 different breeds from the Cow Pet box.
New code

UPDATE - 12/03

ayrshire - brit white - friesian holstein - highland
exotic - belted - jersey - hereford
dexter - guernsey - hungarian - texas longhorn
amdevon - ausbaz - normande - kyytto
arctic - devil - fantasy - crossbred

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New codes - The Combi Stove (crafting) -UPDATE
crafting.btn.notowner=You can only bake using your own Combi Stove. to the Combi Stove! Select existing recipes to craft on the left, or get creative and find secret recipes.
crafting.status.success=Success! You baked %product%.
crafting.title=The Combi Stove


+ + =

+ =

+ + =

+ + =

+ + + =

+ + =

+ + + =

+ + + + + + + + + =

+ + + =

+ =

+ + =

+ + + + =

+ =
Recipes - Thanks to HabboReport

The Farm Campaign - New codes -UPDATE
landing.view.easter17bunny.body=Which bunny breed have you ALWAYS wanted? Hold that thought. Now visit the Catalogue - they're ALL there until 11/04!
landing.view.easter17bunny.button=Get a Bunny Pet
landing.view.easter17bunny.header=Pick up a Bunny Pet!

landing.view.easter17chick.body=This Easter, we bring you avian cuteness on demand. Chick, or pigeon? Pigeon... or chick? Why not both?
landing.view.easter17chick.button=See the Chicks
landing.view.easter17chick.header=Chick and Pigeons Available!

landing.view.easter17chicken.body=Wear this hen hat for too long and it might lay an egg! (It won't). This item is rare and only EVER available until 17/04.
landing.view.easter17chicken.button=See the Rare
landing.view.easter17chicken.header=New RARE Hen Hat!


Hen Hat
You egg head.

landing.view.easter17cloth.body=Two new country hair styles and a special cook's apron have been placed permanently in the Catalogue. Get cooking!
landing.view.easter17cloth.button=See the new clothing!
landing.view.easter17cloth.header=NEW: Farmer Clothing!


Farmer Bun - Smells like wet dog. / Crown Braids - Country-style vibes. / Cook's Apron - "Property of W.W."

landing.view.easter17coop.body=This bundle contains CHICKENS! Feed them, raise them, or FRY them. Fully made with new Great Farm Bake furni!
landing.view.easter17coop.button=See the bundle
landing.view.easter17coop.header=NEW: Chicken Coop Bundle

landing.view.easter17cow.body=A rare beanie, perfect for frosty mornings picking berries, or freezing night trips to feed the chickens. Until 24/04.
landing.view.easter17cow.button=See the Rare
landing.view.easter17cow.header=New RARE Cow Beanie!


Cow Beanie
Dairy warmth.

landing.view.easter17cutout.body=Lovingly crafted by farmers, for Habbos - this is the perfect picture taking opportunity! Available until 10/04.
landing.view.easter17cutout.button=See the Rare
landing.view.easter17cutout.header=RARE Farmer Photo Stand!


Farmer Photo Stand
Say cheese!

landing.view.easter17farm.body=Containing a generous handful of the brand new Great Farm Bake furni, this bundle will transport you to rural tranquility!
landing.view.easter17farm.button=See the bundle
landing.view.easter17farm.header=Great Farm Bake Bundle

landing.view.easter17floral.body=Deep within Habbo is a small, hidden cabin, surrounded by magical flowers and plants. Until 30/04, YOU can own it.
landing.view.easter17floral.button=See the bundle
landing.view.easter17floral.header=Floral Farm Bundle

landing.view.easter17goldencow.body=What Habbo farmyard is complete without a special GOLD cow breed? Available for a limited time, get one today!
landing.view.easter17goldencow.button=See the Gold Cow Pet!
landing.view.easter17goldencow.header=Grab a GOLD Cow Pet

Color of the golden cow


landing.view.easter17harvest.body=Fashioned from super high-quality bronze, this limited edition statue brings good luck to farmers all year round.
landing.view.easter17harvest.button=Check out the LTD
landing.view.easter17harvest.header=Goddess of Harvest LTD!


Goddess of Harvest
She's got ALL the fruit.

landing.view.easter17horse.body=Feeling weird? Or have you just always wanted to own a Crazy Mare Face? Here's the PERFECT item.
landing.view.easter17horse.button=See the Rare
landing.view.easter17horse.header=RARE Crazy Mare Face!


Crazy Mare Face
This one's weird.

landing.view.easter17kitchen.body=Combi Stove: check. Jam: check. Now just bring some chocolate and flour, and you're set. It's time to COOK! (Habbo-made)
landing.view.easter17kitchen.button=See the bundle
landing.view.easter17kitchen.header=NEW: Farmer's Kitchen Bundle

landing.view.easter17lepre.body=This Easter, the energetic Irish mischief-maker that everyone absolutely LOVES is back. Get yours today!
landing.view.easter17lepre.button=See the little guy!
landing.view.easter17lepre.header=The Leprechaun is back!

landing.view.easter17new.body=This year, Easter is a time to slow down, taste the sweet country air, plant seeds and bake cakes! Furni available until 30/04.
landing.view.easter17new.button=See the furni
landing.view.easter17new.header=NEW: Great Farm Bake Furni!

Look here - 58 new furni found

landing.view.easter17obbah.body=These mischievous little guys are BACK in Habbo, fresh from the deep and infamous jungles of WobbahLand!
landing.view.easter17obbah.button=Get an Obbah Wobbah
landing.view.easter17obbah.header=Obbah Wobbah Pets Available!

landing.view.easter17old.body=From today: classic Easter furni along with the famous Candyland, Lagomorph + Flower Power lines are BACK in the Catalogue.
landing.view.easter17old.button=See the furni
landing.view.easter17old.header=BACK: Classic Easter Furni!

landing.view.easter17petcow.body=We're extremely pleased and proud to present the new cow pet! Get one of 16 different breeds from the Cow Pet box.
landing.view.easter17petcow.button=See the Cow Pet!
landing.view.easter17petcow.header=NEW Cow Pet has arrived!


badge_desc_GFB12=Awarded to winners of one of the Great Farm Bake retweet competitions
badge_name_GFB12=Great Farm Bake ReTweeter

Great Farm Bake ReTweeter
Awarded to winners of one of the Great Farm Bake retweet competitions

badge_name_GFB13=Strawberry Cake Baker
badge_desc_GFB13=For baking a Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake Baker
For baking a Strawberry Cake


badge_desc_GFB14=For baking a Carrot Cake
badge_name_GFB14=Carrot Cake Baker

Carrot Cake Baker
For baking a Carrot Cake


badge_desc_GFB15=For baking a Blackberry Tart
badge_name_GFB15=Blackberry Tart Baker

Blackberry Tart Baker
For baking a Blackberry Tart


badge_desc_GFB16=For baking some Raspberry Cupcakes
badge_name_GFB16=Raspberry Cupcake Baker

Raspberry Cupcake Baker
For baking some Raspberry Cupcakes


badge_desc_GFB17=For making a Fruit Salad
badge_name_GFB17=Fruit Salad Maker

Fruit Salad Maker
For making a Fruit Salad


badge_desc_GFB18=For making a Pastry Basket
badge_name_GFB18=Pastry Baker

Pastry Baker
For making a Pastry Basket


badge_desc_GFB19=For baking some Chocolate Cupcakes
badge_name_GFB19=Chocolate Cupcake Baker

Chocolate Cupcake Baker
For baking some Chocolate Cupcakes


badge_desc_GFB20=For baking a Chocolate Tart
badge_name_GFB20=Chocolate Tart Baker

Chocolate Tart Baker
For baking a Chocolate Tart


badge_desc_GFB21=For making a Cake Platter
badge_name_GFB21=Cake Platter Maker

Cake Platter Maker
For making a Cake Platter


badge_desc_GFB22=For making a Luxury Chocolate Bunny
badge_name_GFB22=Chocolate Bunny Maker

Chocolate Bunny Maker
For making a Luxury Chocolate Bunny







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The Farm - New Achievements

ACH_Chef1 - ACH_Chef10

ACH_Farmer1 - ACH_Farmer10

= = =

badge_name_ACH_Chef1=Chef Achievement Level 1
badge_name_ACH_Chef2=Chef Achievement Level 2
badge_name_ACH_Chef3=Chef Achievement Level 3
badge_name_ACH_Chef4=Chef Achievement Level 4
badge_name_ACH_Chef5=Chef Achievement Level 5
badge_name_ACH_Chef6=Che fAchievement Level 6
badge_name_ACH_Chef7=Che fAchievement Level 7
badge_name_ACH_Chef8=Chef Achievement Level 8
badge_name_ACH_Chef9=Chef Achievement Level 9
badge_name_ACH_Chef10=Chef Achievement Level 10

badge_desc_ACH_Chef1=Achievement path for crafting 1 recipe
badge_desc_ACH_Chef2=Achievement path for crafting 5 recipe
badge_desc_ACH_Chef3=Achievement path for crafting 10 recipe
badge_desc_ACH_Chef4=Achievement path for crafting 20 recipe
badge_desc_ACH_Chef5=Achievement path for crafting 40 recipe
badge_desc_ACH_Chef6=Achievement path for crafting 60 recipe
badge_desc_ACH_Chef7=Achievement path for crafting 80 recipe
badge_desc_ACH_Chef8=Achievement path for crafting 100 recipe
badge_desc_ACH_Chef9=Achievement path for crafting 120 recipe
badge_desc_ACH_Chef10=Achievement path for crafting 140 recipe

badge_name_ACH_Farmer1=Farmer Achievement Level 1
badge_name_ACH_Farmer2=Farmer Achievement Level 2
badge_name_ACH_Farmer3=Farmer Achievement Level 3
badge_name_ACH_Farmer4=Farmer Achievement Level 4
badge_name_ACH_Farmer5=Farmer Achievement Level 5
badge_name_ACH_Farmer6=Farmer Achievement Level 6
badge_name_ACH_Farmer7=Farmer Achievement Level 7
badge_name_ACH_Farmer8=Farmer Achievement Level 8
badge_name_ACH_Farmer9=Farmer Achievement Level 9
badge_name_ACH_Farmer10=Farmer Achievement Level 10

badge_desc_ACH_Farmer1=Achievement path for growing 1 crop
badge_desc_ACH_Farmer2=Achievement path for growing 5 crops
badge_desc_ACH_Farmer3=Achievement path for growing 10 crops
badge_desc_ACH_Farmer4=Achievement path for growing 20 crops
badge_desc_ACH_Farmer5=Achievement path for growing 40 crops
badge_desc_ACH_Farmer6=Achievement path for growing 60 crops
badge_desc_ACH_Farmer7=Achievement path for growing 80 crops
badge_desc_ACH_Farmer8=Achievement path for growing 10 crops
badge_desc_ACH_Farmer9=Achievement path for growing 120 crops
badge_desc_ACH_Farmer10=Achievement path for growing 140 crops

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