August 2019: Official Habbo Twitter Giveaway (Sunlight City)

SLC12 (exclusive badge)
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5 new furni found (Not tradeable)


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August 2019: The Invasion of Sunlight City (Official Games)
The Invasion of Sunlight City

The invasion has begun!

Solar Gremlins have decided to destroy everything they see and they have started with a place every Habbo loves: the coffee shop.
Help fix the coffee shop before the tension expands. Step on every piece of trash you see, but watch out for the gremlins! They won't give up that easily, so you better keep an eye out for the doors. Trashbot Jr. can help you get rid of them, by stepping on the tiles each time a gremlin gets too close.
As soon as you're done, a chair will appear. Sit there to get your well deserved coffee!

Things are taking a turn for the worse, gremlins are taking over the city and setting parts of it on fire. Help extinguish the fire before it's too late!

How to play:
- Step on the flames to put the fire out. There are four Reprocessed Water placed around to help you extinguish the fire inside the buildings.
- Make sure the gremlins don't catch you or you will lose.
- As soon as the fire is gone step on the pressure plate to get your badge.
- Last but not least, watch out for the timer!

Somehow Solar Gremlins have made it inside the power plant and have left the city in the dark. Sneak into the power plant when lights are off to fix the broken wires.

Help Kenneth fix the broken wires by using the arrow tiles. Once the three wires have been fixed, guide Kenneth back to the lever to bring electricity back to Sunlight City!
Make sure to be fast you only have one minute to complete the task!

Solar Gremlins seem to be aware of how important the Bronze Rose Lamp and Sunlight City Biosphere are to our city and have to decided to take one of these precious furnis with them. Help put the Bronze Lamp in a safe place before they take it too!

You're in a mission to get the Sunlight City Biosphere back. Your first stop will be Valentina's shop, but to get there you first need to find the five secret levers that have been hidden in the room.

Gremlins have moved the teleport so that no one can make it to the other side. Click on the levers in order to reach it. But be careful! You can't step on the tiles when they turn red or let the gremlins catch you. You only have 30 seconds!

Is now your turn to get back at them! Every 15 seconds levers will appear in the room, if you are quick enough to click on them you will get a magic helmet for 8 seconds that will protect you against gremlins.
Catch every gremlin in the room while you have the helmet on. As soon as you caught them, enter the glassdoor to be one step closer to getting the Biosphere back.

Water is the one weakness all gremlins have. Protect the City Hall for one minute by stepping on the color tiles to push gremlins into the water.
A counter will show you how many times they have reached the building, if two gremlins make it to the red tiles you'll have to start again.


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