Habbo 20: Returning Room Bundles!
Full version of Sweet Home Bundles
The full version of this bundle contains three exclusive badges and SIX exclusive items! (2x House Keys, 2x Tiny Hamsters and 2x Diamond Heart Necklaces.)

Sweet Home Bundle 1:
115 credits + 100 diamonds

House Keys (exclusive item)

HTW09 (badge)
Sweet Home Bundle 1

Sweet Home Bundle 2:
280 credits + 200 diamonds

House Keys (exclusive item)

Tiny Hamster (exclusive item)

HTW09 - HTW10 (badges)
Sweet Home Bundle 1 - Sweet Home Bundle 2

Sweet Home Bundle 3:
445 credits + 300 diamonds

House Keys (exclusive item)

Tiny Hamster (exclusive item)

Diamond Heart Necklace (exclusive item)

HTW09 - HTW10 - HTW11 (badges)
Sweet Home Bundle 1 / Sweet Home Bundle 2 / Sweet Home Bundle 3

Versión completa de los lotes Dulce Hogar
Pack Lar Doce Lar versão completa
Oma koti kullan kallis-täysi huonepaketti
Version complète des Packs Sweet Home
Versione Completa dell'Affare Stanza Dolce Casa
Volledige versie van de Oost West Thuis Best Bundels
Die komplette Version der Sweet Home Bündel
Tatlı Ev Oda Paketinin full versiyonu

Habbo 20 Rare Prize Balloon
NEW: Rose Gold Balloons!
These balloons can contain quite a few different items. There's even a chance they will contain a Trimmed Rose Gold Balloon! Check the Catalogue for the probabilities of getting each item.

Price not confirmed yet

CODE: habbo20_c20_crackable
NAME: Rose Gold Balloon

NEW: Trimmed Rose Gold Balloons!
These balloons contain one of 16 different rose gold-coloured classic rares! Check the Catalogue for the probabilities of getting each item.

Price not confirmed yet

CODE: habbo20_r20_crackable
NAME: Trimmed Rose Gold Balloon

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_barrier
NAME: Rose Gold Road Barrier

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_beehive_bulb
NAME: Rose Gold Amber Lamp

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_dragonlamp
NAME: Rose Gold Dragon Lamp

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_elephant_statue
NAME: Rose Gold Elephant

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_fan
NAME: Rose Gold Powered Fan

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_fountain
NAME: Rose Gold Fountain

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_icecream
NAME: Rose Gold Ice Cream Maker

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_marquee
NAME: Rose Gold Marquee

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_parasol
NAME: Rose Gold Parasol

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_pillar
NAME: Doric Rose Gold Pillar

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_pillow
NAME: Rose Gold Pillow

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_scifidoor
NAME: Rose Gold Spaceship Door

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_scifiport
NAME: Rose Gold Laser Portal

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_scifirocket
NAME: Rose Gold Smoke Machine

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_wooden_screen
NAME: Rose Gold Oriental Screen

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_sleepingbag
NAME: Rose Gold Sleeping Bag

Harmony Garden Bundle - Habbo
NEW: Harmony Garden Bundle
We first released the Zen Garden Bundle back in late 2018 and it proved to be extremely popular. So much so that we decided to revamp it entirely!

CODE: zengarden_c20_moss
NAME: Harmony Garden Moss

CODE: zengarden_c20_bamboo
NAME: Harmony Garden Bamboo

CODE: zengarden_c20_divider
NAME: Harmony Garden Divider

CODE: zengarden_c20_door
NAME: Harmony Garden Door

CODE: zengarden_c20_glasspond
NAME: Harmony Garden Pond

CODE: zengarden_c20_goldenmobile
NAME: Shining Garden Mobile

CODE: zengarden_c20_light
NAME: Garden Floor Light

CODE: zengarden_c20_peacedog
NAME: Harmony Garden Dog Statue

CODE: zengarden_c20_pebbles
NAME: Harmony Garden Pebbles

CODE: zengarden_c20_plankfloor
NAME: Harmony Garden Planks

CODE: zengarden_c20_roof
NAME: Harmony Garden Roof

CODE: zengarden_c20_roofcorner
NAME: Harmony Garden Roof Corner

CODE: zengarden_c20_rootplant
NAME: Harmony Garden Bonsai

CODE: zengarden_c20_spikeyplant
NAME: Harmony Garden Plant

CODE: zengarden_c20_stonebench
NAME: Harmony Garden Bench

CODE: zengarden_c20_stonetable
NAME: Harmony Garden Table

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Gothic Dessert Cafe Bundle / Sunset Cafe Bundle - Habbo
NEW: Gothic Dessert Cafe Bundle
This bundle is for all Habbos, whether you're a goth, a dessert enthusiast or just a simple furni collector. 100% built with new, exclusive items!

PREVIEW: Gothic Dessert Cafe Bundle

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_armchair
NAME: Gothic Cafe Armchair

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_bookcase
NAME: Gothic Cafe Bookcase

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_coffeetable
NAME: Gothic Coffee Table

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_counter
NAME: Gothic Cafe Counter

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_creamrolls
NAME: Gothic Cafe Cake

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_donut
NAME: Gothic Cafe Doughnuts

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_floor
NAME: Gothic Cafe Floor

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_glass
NAME: Gothic Cafe Cake Display

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_icetea
NAME: Gothic Cafe Iced Tea

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_mochicake
NAME: Gothic Mochi Cake

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_rosepainting
NAME: Gothic Cafe Rose Painting

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_rug
NAME: Gothic Cafe Rug

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_shelf
NAME: Gothic Cafe Cake Shelf

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_sofa
NAME: Gothic Cafe Sofa

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_table
NAME: gothiccafe_c20_table name

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_teaplant
NAME: gothiccafe_c20_teaplant name

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_vase
NAME: gothiccafe_c20_vase name

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_wall
NAME: gothiccafe_c20_wall name

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_windoor
NAME: gothiccafe_c20_windoor name

NEW: Sunset Cafe Bundle
The old Sunset Cafe public room was voted the overall favourite in a Twitter poll we ran earlier this year. So, we converted it into an ownable bit of Habbo History. Enjoy!

PREVIEW: Sunset Cafe Bundle

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_bar
NAME: Sunset Cafe Bar

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_barcorner
NAME: Sunset Cafe Corner

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_bench
NAME: Sunset Cafe Bench

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_benchcornerconcave
NAME: Sunset Cafe Bench Corner

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_coffeemachine
NAME: Sunset Cafe Coffee Machine

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_drinks
NAME: Beach Bar Mocktail

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_duck
NAME: Sunset Cafe Duck

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_floor
NAME: Sunset Cafe Floor

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_lightupfloor
NAME: Sunset Cafe Floor Light

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_logdecor
NAME: Sunset Cafe Palm Logs

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_logsteppingstones
NAME: Sunset Cafe

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_plant
NAME: Sunset Cafe Palm Tree

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_shallow
NAME: Warm Seawater

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_swordfish
NAME: Hanging Swordfish

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_table
NAME: Sunset Cafe Table

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_wall
NAME: Sunset Cafe View

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_wallcorner
NAME: Sunset Cafe Wall Corner

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