November 2020: Official Games! - Habbo
GAME 1: Plushies Everywhere!

Welcome to the plushie factory!

You've been put in charge of the factory's production line and it's your job to sort through the plushies that get assembled every hour and get rid of any plushie that doesn't mean the standard.

How to play:

- Wait in line until it is your turn to play.
- Use the lever next to the stool to rotate the red roller towards the red tile to remove all the evil looking plushies.
- Make sure you keep rotating the roller to its right position to let the right plushies through.
- You have 2 minutes to finish. Once you're done pull the lever again to collect your prizes.

BAB11 (badge)
Plushies Everywhere!

GAME 2: Avalanche of hugs!

Avalanche of hugs!

Are you fast enough to climb up the mountain of plushies?

How to play:

- Move carefully around the room and climb up the moutain of plushies.
- Avoid getting hit by the plushies or you'll have to start again.
- Make it to the top to claim your prize!

BAB14 (badge)
Avalanche of hugs!

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November 2020: Returning Bundles! - Habbo
Police Force Bundle!
As well as a humongous stack of cool furni, this extra-size police-themed bundle contains 2x EXCLUSIVE Inmate Overalls!

Code: clothing_inmate
Name: Inmate Overalls

199 credits
90 credits + 90 diamonds

BAB04 (badge)
Police Force Bundle

Lote Cuerpo de Policía
Pack Quartel da Polícia!
Force de Police
Affare Stanza Forze dell'Ordine!
Politie Korps Bundel!
Polis Gücü Oda Paketi!

Big Hospital Drama Bundle
Packed full of hard to find and valuable healthcare-related bits and pieces, this hospital bundle is an absolute BARGAIN. Get involved!

Code: hosp_c19_drinksvend
Name: Big Old Drinks Machine

199 credits
90 credits + 90 diamonds

BAB03 (badge)
Big Habbo General Hospital

Lote Gran Hospital General Habbo
Pack Hospital de Transplantes de Pixels
Suuri sairaaladraamapaketti
Pack Drame au Grand Hôpital
Affare Stanza Hospital Drama Grande
Grote Ziekenhuis Dramabundel
Grosses Krankenhaus Theater Bündel
Büyük Hastane Draması Oda Paketi

Nordic Braids (non-tradable) - Habbo

Code: clothing_nt_braidedwavyhair
Name: Nordic Braids (non-tradable)

Habbo Xmas 2020 and New Year 2021 - Habbo
Here's what coming to Habbo in December!

Habbo Christmas 2020:

NEW: Magic Forest Bundle
Make your winter vacation extra special by hopping into a magical forest adventure unlike any other! Room made by Jenneben (NL)

X2001 (badge)
Magic Forest Bundle

NUEVO: Lote Bosque Mágico
NOVO: Pack Floresta Nórdica Encantada
UUTUUS: Taikametsä-huonepaketti
Nouveau : Pack Forêt Magique
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Foresta Magica
NIEUW: Toverbos Bundel
NEU: Zauberwald Bündel
YENİ: Büyülü Orman Paketi

NEW: Winter in Habbo Stonehenge Bundle
We hear that Stonehenge is beautiful in winter. After seeing it with our own pixel eyes, we can confirm that's true! Room made by Pulx (COM)

X2002 (badge)
Winter in Habbo Stonehenge Bundle

NUEVO: Lote Invierno en Habbo Stonehenge
NOVO: Pack Habbo Stonehenge
UUTTA: Habbon talvinen Stonehenge-huonepaketti
NOUVEAU : Pack Hiver à Habbo Stonehenge
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Inverno nella Stonehenge di Habbo
NIEUW: Winter in Habbo Stonehenge Bundel
NEU: Winter im Habbo Stonehenge Bündel
YENİ: Habbo Stonehenge'ta Kış Oda Paketi

NEW: Enchanted Winter Forest Clothing!
Some brave fashion choices await as part of our new collection. Check them out now!

Code: clothing_braidedwavyhair
Name: Nordic Braids

Nordic Braids

Code: clothing_kilt
Name: Tartan Kilt

Tartan Kilt

Code: clothing_kilttop
Name: Tartan Sash

Tartan Sash

Code: clothing_lanternstaff
Name: Back Lantern

Back Lantern

NUEVO: Ropa de Invierno Bosque Encantado
NOVO: Itens de Vestir Floresta Nórdica Encantada!
UUTTA: Lumotun talvimetsän kuteet!
NOUVEAU : Vêtements Forêt d'hiver Enchantée !
NUOVO: Indumenti Foresta Invernale Incantata!
NIEUW: Winter Toverbos Kleding!
NEU: Bezaubernde Winterwald-Kleidung!
YENİ: Büyülü Kış Orman Giysileri!

NEW: Rock Crafter! (Crafting table)
Get your very own crafting table to turn coloured Rune Rocks into enchanted, forest-dwelling creatures!

Code: xmas_c20_crafter
Name: Rock Crafter (crafting table)

Code: xmas_c20_flowerguy
Name: Flower Face

Code: xmas_c20_earthguy
Name: Earth Viking

Code: xmas_c20_fireguy
Name: Magma Gnome

Code: xmas_c20_rockguy
Name: Rock Elder

Code: xmas_c20_snowguy
Name: Rotund Yeti

Code: xmas_c20_magicguy
Name: Mountain Dragon

Code: xmas_c20_iceguy
Name: Icy Beast

NUEVO: ¡Roca Artesana! (Mesa de Crafteo)
NOVO: Entidade Celta (criações Habbo)
UUTTA: Kivityöläinen
NOUVEAU : Artisan des Roches ! (Atelier de fabrication)
NUOVO: Creatore di Rocce! (Tavolo del Crafting)
NIEUW: Steen Crafter! (Craft tafel)
NEU: Steinkünstler! (Handwerkstisch)
YENİ: Kaya Üreticisi! (Üretim masası)

RARE Elven Ice Fountain!
This fountain was carefully sculpted by the elves who live in the enchanted forest. Rare and never to be sold again!

X2012 (badge)
Rare Elven Ice Fountain

Code: xmas_r20_icefountain
Name: Elven Ice Fountain

¡RARO Fuente de Hielo Élfica!
RARO Fonte de Gelo Élfica!
HARVINAINEN Jäinen haltijalähde!
RARE Fontaine de Glace Elfique !
Fontana di Ghiaccio Elfica RARA!
ZELDAME Elven IJsfontein!
RARE Elfige Eisfontäne!
NADİRE Elf Buz Çeşmesi!

RARE Inuit Outfit!
Not sure if you can handle the cold this winter? We think you'll stay toasty in this outfit. Rare and never to be sold again!

X2010 (badge)
Rare Inuit Outfit

Code: clothing_r20_inuit
Name: Inuit Outfit

¡RARO Traje Inuit!
RARO Visual Inuit!
HARVINAINEN Inuiitti-asu!
RARE Tenue d'Inuit !
Outfit Inuit RARO!
ZELDZAAM Inuit Outfit!
RARE Inuit Outfit!
NADİRE Inuit Kıyafeti!

NEW: Enchanted Winter Forest Furni!
Things have gotten a bit chilly in Habbo. That can only mean one thing... SNOW! Lose yourself in the wonders of the Enchanted Winter Forest. New furni line available now!

NUEVO: Furnis de Invierno Bosque Encantado
NOVO: Mobis Floresta Nórdica Encantada!
UUTTA: Lumotun talvimetsän kamat!
NOUVEAU : Mobis Forêt d'hiver Enchantée !
NUOVI: Furni Foresta Invernale Incantata!
NIEUW: Winter Toverbos-meubi
YENİ: Büyülü Kış Orman Mobilyaları!

NEW: Rune Rocks!
Rune Rocks are here! Note that Rune Rocks have a special ability - once you've crack it into a coloured one, you can continue cracking it until you get the colour you want!

Code: xmas_c20_runerock
Name: Rune Rock

Code: xmas_c20_runerockblue
Name: Blue Rune Rock

Code: xmas_c20_runerockgreen
Name: Green Rune Rock

Code: xmas_c20_runerockpurple
Name: Purple Rune Rock

Code: xmas_c20_runerockred
Name: Pink Rune Rock

Code: xmas_c20_runerockyellow
Name: Yellow Rune Rock

Code: xmas_c20_smallrunestones
Name: Rune Stones

NEW: Rune Rocks! (This is for users from Habbo .NL and .FR)
Use these special, coloured Rune Rocks with the Rock Crafter to create brand new enchanted creatures!

RARE Enchanted Sword!
Are you the chosen one who will pull the sword from the stone? Give it a try and you might get a sword out of it! Rare and never to be sold again!

X2011 (badge)
Rare Enchanted Sword

Code: xmas_r20_magicsword
Name: Enchanted Sword

RARE Dragonfly Wings!
We think these wings are pretty elegant. The best part is you can pull them off at any time of the year! Rare and never to be sold again!

X2009 (badge)
Rare Dragonfly Wings

Code: clothing_r20_dragonflywings
Name: Dragonfly Wings

Himalayan Yak LTD!
Kinda like a cow. But not. It's a Yak, folks!

X2013 (badge)
Himalayan Yak LTD

Code: xmas_ltd20_yak
Name: Himalayan Yak

New Year 2021:

RARE Lavish Perfume Credit Furni
It's true what they say, the luxury perfumes really do smell better. (This is rare and never to be sold again!)

Code: CF_750_perfume
Name: Lavish Perfume

New Year Facemask Boxes
The humble mask is making a comeback in Habbo! Get a random coloured one from one of these boxes! (Rare and never to be sold again.)

Code: ny_r20_crackable
Name: 2021 Facemask Gift Box

Code: clothing_r20_mask1
Name: Spotty Facemask

Code: clothing_r20_mask2
Name: Floral Facemask

Code: clothing_r20_mask3
Name: Gold Facemask

Code: clothing_r20_mask4
Name: Green Facemask

Code: clothing_r20_mask5
Name: Kitty Facemask

Code: clothing_r20_mask6
Name: My Love Facemask

Code: clothing_r20_mask7
Name: Grinning Facemask

Code: clothing_r20_mask8
Name: Blue Striped Facemask

New Year Facemasks (This is for users from Habbo .NL and .FR)
The humble mask is making a comeback in Habbo! Get yourself a rare one! (Rare and never to be sold again.)

RARE Gold Accessory Pack v.6
Get ALL of them when you purchase one of the new rare Gold Accessory Packs!

Code: clothing_goldpack5
Name: Golden Accessory Pack v.6

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