Rare Habberge Egg Credit Furni - Habbo
RARE Habberge Egg Credit Furni
Mini Habberge Eggs are worth 750 credits. They're also rare and never, ever being sold again! Stock up while you can.


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RARO Furni de Crédito Huevo Habberge
RARO Câmbio Ovo Habbergé
HARVINAINEN Habbergemuna-kolikkokama
Magot Oeuf de Habberge RARE
Furni di Credito Uova Habberge RARA
ZELDZAAM Habberge Ei Credit Meubi
RARE Habberge Ei Talermöbel
NADİRE Habberage Yumurta Kredi Mobisi
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The Habbo 2020 Looks Editor

As we finish off more and more of Habbo 2020's features, we want to ensure we keep you all up to date and aware of what the client will actually look like before its release next year.

The new client's looks editor is largely similar to the existing one in a practical sense, but as you can see from the picture below it is cosmetically quite different.

Please note that the client we've pictured is still an early version, so some elements could easily change and probably will.

Let us know what you think of the looks editor using the #Habbo2020 hashtag on social media!

-Habbo Staff
- https://www.habbo.com/community/article/26646/the-habbo-2020-looks-editor
January 2020: Penguins (Habbo .TR)
The Hotel suffers a freak cold front, with terrible blizzards and snowstorms. And with the cold front arrive... Penguins! It's time to adopt your own loveable creature...

Yönetici Penguen
This is for users from Habbo .TR!


PGN01 (badge)
Executive Penguin

Kovboy Pengueni
This is for users from Habbo .TR!


PGN02 (badge)
Cowboy Penguin

Tavşan Pengueni
This is for users from Habbo .TR!


PGN03 (badge)
Bunny Penguin

Happy New Year 2020! (Official Games)
So long 2019!

We're ready to celebrate the new year the best way we know how; with cool games and exclusive badges! At the end of each game you'll get a trivia question on random topics related to 2019, challenge your friends and try to ace all the questions we've prepared!

Each game will open on different days. To access the teleport you'll just need to say Port1, Port2 and so on.


How to play:

- Step on the arrow tiles to move the bot to the other side of the room.
- Make sure you avoid the obstacles coming your way or you'll have to start over.
- Whoever finishes first will get to answer a trivia question, if you answer right the badge is yours!


How to play:

- Walk over the rollers while you avoid stepping on the moving tiles.
- Once the gate has been open, slide over the snowboard railing to proceed.
- Step on the rollers, and do your best to not touch the tiles or you'll have to start again.
- Wait for the horse to come near you and sit on him, walk with the horse to the next tile. The first Habbo to finish will get to answer the next trivia question. Good luck!


How to play:

- You have one minute to turn all the pink tiles blue by stepping on them one time.
- Be careful not to step on them more than once or they'll change to the wrong color and you'll have to start over.
- Watch out for the one way doors, they rotate fast!
- Once you're done step on the ring plate to get the next question.

GAME 4: New year, new look!
Help Habbos look their best this new year by finding the clothing pieces they need.

How to play:

- Each player will help two Habbos find the outfit the mannequin is wearing.
- When you have found a clothing item pull the lever to collect it.
- Once all the tiles have turn green, pull the brown lever that's in the middle of the room for the next mannequin to appear.
- The red team will help Dove, while the blue team will help out lRon.
- When you got both outfits ready, pull the brown lever again to get your next trivia question.

GAME 5: Welcome to Frank's New Year celebration!
Frank is ready to compete against the fastest Habbos around.

How to play:

- A confetti ball will move around the room.
- Walk quickly and stand underneath it in order to get a point.
- The first Habbo to score 3 points needs to say done (with an asterisk * on each side) in order to proceed.
- Make sure to answer the question right, or you won't get the badge.
- Watch out for Frank he won't let you win that easily!

X1926 (badge)
New Years Trivia Level I

X1927 (badge)
New Years Trivia Level II

X1929 (badge)
New Years Trivia Level III

X1928 (badge)
New Years Trivia Level IV

X1930 (badge)
New Years Trivia Level V

X1931 (badge)
New Years Trivia Level VI

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