PREVIEW: Eerie Porch Bundle! - Habbo
NEW: Eerie Porch Bundle!
Do you enter the Impossible House? Or do you not? Exclusive badge included!

HSE01 (badge)
Eerie Porch Bundle

¡NUEVO: Lote Porche Misterioso!
NOVO: Pack Varanda Fantasmagórica!
UUTUUS: Aavemainen veranta!
NOUVEAU : Pack Véranda étrange !
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Portico Misterioso!
Nieuw: Eerie Porch Bundel!
NEU: Unheimlicher Wintergarten Bündel!
YENÄ°: Ürkütücü Veranda Oda Paketi!
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PREVIEW: Haunted Library Bundle! - Habbo
NEW: Haunted Library Bundle!
There's something distinctly spooky about this library. Exclusive badge included! Room made by Frission (COM)

HSE05 (badge)
Haunted Library Bundle

¡NUEVO: Lote Biblioteca Encantada!
NOVO: Pack Biblioteca Assombrada!
UUTUUS: Kummituskirjasto-huonepaketti!
NOUVEAU : Pack Bibliothèque hantée !
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Biblioteca Stregata!
Nieuw: Spookachtige Bibliotheek Bundel!
NEU: Verhexte Bücherei Bündel!
YENÄ°: Perili Kütüphane Paketi!
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#Habbo2020 User Profiles
Habbo 2020's user profile window is changing.

Motto editing will be done from your profile, and you'll also be able to select badges to display on your avatar directly too! (Your user profile is where ALL your badges will be. They're being relocated from your inventory.)
Activity points are being replaced with achievement points in Habbo 2020. Your avatar level is determined by many things, achievement points being one of them.

The 'respect' feature is being replaced by something we've called 'Star Gems'. These can be given to other Habbos and they accumulate. And, as you can see, the amount your avatar has will be displayed on your profile!

New Achievements:

ACH_Profile_Gimmegimme_1 - ACH_Profile_Gimmegimme_10

ACH_Profile_Gimmegimme_11 - ACH_Profile_Gimmegimme_20

ACH_Profile_AssitCreed_1 - ACH_Profile_AssitCreed_10

ACH_Profile_AssitCreed_11 - ACH_Profile_AssitCreed_20

ACH_Profile_Pantheon_1 - ACH_Profile_Pantheon_10

ACH_Profile_Pantheon_11 - ACH_Profile_Pantheon_20

ACH_FriendsMaker_SGCollect_1 - ACH_FriendsMaker_SGCollect_10

ACH_FriendsMaker_SGGuru_1 - ACH_FriendsMaker_SGGuru_5

Habbo 2020 Beta
The new access path to Habbo Beta is now available at When logging into Habbo, players will find two buttons to enter the hotel, one being the classic version and the other the new version. The codes hosted today in the game confirm this information.

old hotel:
new hotel:

Habbo Beta button

For now the button is not visible to players, who are also unable to access this new version. Instead, a blank page is loaded, but release to the new hotel is now imminent.
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