Habboween Games: The Coven of the Black Moon

The Coven of the Black Moon

Welcome to your first test!

The witches want you to find the ingredients needed to make a Spirit Owl appear. They have hidden seven ingredients but only four are the right ones. If you find one of the wrong ingredients for the potion a Living Slime will appear instead.
For every right ingredient you find, you will see it placed on top of the green tiles. Make sure you search every corner of the room to find them.

How to play:

These are the seven ingredients hidden:

1) Fragrant Herbs
2) Witch Candles
3) Witch Crystal
4) Witch Potions
5) Ingredients Pouch
6) Long Feathers
7) Seeds

- Every time you find one type an * to get it.
- Be careful with the mouse if it catches you, you'll get trapped in a cage and lose precious time. To get out of the cage say the magic word: Escapium!
- If you're playing on your own, use the lever next to the ghost so that he can help you find one of the ingredients. You'll just need to get him to sit on the chair and use the lever that's underneath it.

Good luck trying to find all the ingredients before the time runs out!

Wicked Forest

Your task will be to take the Spirit Owl to the witch's house, but be careful there are wild animals loose in the forest looking for food.
Move carefully along the forest, the Spirit Owl is a very delicate creature that can only move in straight lines or otherwise he'll get lost. Make sure he's standing next to you before you take your next step.

How to play:

- Guide the Spirit Owl to the green tile in front of the house.
- Walk only when the wild animals are not looking your way.
- Once you've made it to the other side, place the Spirit Owl in the green tile to complete your task and receive your badge.

Welcome to the witches' arena!

The witches have prepared a special challenge for you and the other candidates that are trying to join their coven. Only the fastest Habbos will make it through and will get to move forward. Good luck!

How to play:

- Walk carefully through the rollers and make sure not to fall off them or you'll have to start again.
- While you're on the rollers avoid the obstacles that are coming your way.
- You can only step on the color tile when it's green.
- The first Habbo to make it to the brooms and back before the time runs out will get the badge.

The Old Town

The witches have decided to go out on the town and they need your help finding new clothes that will not draw attention to them.

How to play:

- Take a walk around the stores and find the new clothing pieces for the witches to wear.
- Every time a witch has changed outfits a green light will turn on.
- Last but not least, don't forget about the timer!

Zombie Attack!

The witches have invoked a few of their zombie friends and your job is to make them go back to their graves before they manage to escape the cemetery.

How to play:

- Use the arrow tiles to move the fire around the room.
- Get the fire close to the zombies, as soon as they step on it they will disappear.
- You have 90 seconds to complete the task.

Haunted Headstones

You've made it through a graveyard full of zombies, now you'll have to survive the haunted headstones that are coming your way.

How to play:

- Step three times on the pink tiles
- Avoid all the moving headstones blocking your way.
- If one of them touches you, you'll have to start again.
- You only have 50 seconds, use your time wisely!

Blob Hunt

The witches have left you deep in the woods to collect all the blobs. Make sure you catch every single one before the possessed cat catches you.

You only have 60 seconds, so you better move fast!

The Final Duel

You've made it to the final test. It's time for you to go on a duel with three of the most powerful witches of the coven.

How to play:

- The witches have designed a new challenge to test your focus. You will need to keep your eyes on the pink potion at all times and find it every time it changes positions. You will need to find it three times in order to continue.
- After you have successfully completed the first task, you'll use the ghost to catch two of the witches.
- To get rid of the last witch standing you'll have to throw the ghost at her using the arrow tiles and the levers next to them.
- Be aware of the timer, you only have 60 seconds to finish!

Welcome to the coven!

After successfully completing all the tasks you were given the witches have finally welcomed you to their coven and are throwing a dinner party in your honor. This is the perfect chance for you to rescue Frank!

How to play:

- Walk towards the cauldron next to the bloody fountain and get the magic wand that's hidden there.
- Once you have the magic wand with you, walk to the cage Frank is being held in and find the hidden lever to open the cage.
- Guide Frank back to the cauldron and watch him capture the witches.
-You only have 45 seconds, so you better be quick!

WCV14 (badge)
Potions Expert

WCV15 (badge)
A Walk in the Woods

WCV16 (badge)
Battle of the Witches!

WCV17 (badge)
Witchy Outfit

WCV18 (badge)
Every witch needs a magic broom!

WCV19 (badge)
Welcome the the coven!

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Habboween 2019: Witches' Coven Twitter Giveaway

WCV12 (badge)
Witches' Coven Giveaway Winner

WCV13 (badge)
Witches' Coven Twitter Badge


Ingredients (Crafting)

Habboween 2019: New Achievements

badge_name_ACH_Hweensummon1=Crafted 2 Items
badge_name_ACH_Hweensummon2=Crafted 4 Items
badge_name_ACH_Hweensummon3=Crafted 6 Items
badge_name_ACH_Hweensummon4=Crafted 8 Items
badge_name_ACH_Hweensummon5=Crafted 10 Items
badge_name_ACH_Hweensummon6=Crafted 12 Items
badge_name_ACH_Hweensummon7=Crafted 14 Items
badge_name_ACH_Hweensummon8=Crafted 16 Items
badge_name_ACH_Hweensummon9=Crafted 18 Items
badge_name_ACH_Hweensummon10=Crafted 20 Items
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