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New images / Bundles for January

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New images - HC and BC gifts

- BC & HC Boxes (coming soon)

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New codes - January 2017 (bundles old) -UPDATE
landing.view.jan17bavarian.body=One of our most popular Christmas bundles is available for a very limited time - and it comes with an EXCLUSIVE Fox Topiary!
landing.view.jan17bavarian.button=See the bundle
landing.view.jan17bavarian.header=Bavarian Christmas Bundle

landing.view.jan17classic.body=To celebrate the year of the Rooster properly, we've released this 100% BRAND NEW oriental-style tea room bundle. Get involved.
landing.view.jan17classic.button=See the bundle
landing.view.jan17classic.header=ALL NEW Classic Tea Room Bundle!

Classic Tea Room Bundle - Let's celebrate the year of the Rooster properly!

landing.view.jan17cny.body=We've cooked up some fantastic year of the rooster furni for you to add to your Chinese New Year collection!
landing.view.jan17cny.button=See the furni
landing.view.jan17cny.header=Year of the Rooster Furni

landing.view.jan17fair.body=For a short time only, you have the chance to own this creepy little bundle. Includes a valuable Misfortune Teller and Cage!
landing.view.jan17fair.button=See the bundle
landing.view.jan17fair.header=Freaky Fairground Bundle

landing.view.jan17fireside.body=Packed full of versatile building furni and valuable Red Sofas and Chairs, this is NOT a bundle you want to miss.
landing.view.jan17fireside.button=See the bundle
landing.view.jan17fireside.header=Fireside Chalet Bundle

landing.view.jan17jelly.body=Ever wanted to own a Duck Hat? Well, now's your chance - it comes as an exclusive item in this bundle!
landing.view.jan17jelly.button=See the bundle
landing.view.jan17jelly.header=Jellybean Jungle Bundle

landing.view.jan17locker.body=Containing an exclusive set of Medical Scales, this locker room has EVERYTHING you need to prepare for the big game.
landing.view.jan17locker.button=See the bundle
landing.view.jan17locker.header=Football Locker Bundle

landing.view.jan17love.body=Get your hands on some of Habbo's most ICONIC Japan furni and pick up a pair of exclusive Lovebirds of Paradise at the same time!
landing.view.jan17love.button=See the bundle
landing.view.jan17love.header=Japanese Love Garden Bundle

landing.view.jan17palooza.body=For a limited time only, pick up a bunch of legendary Palooza items and an EXCLUSIVE Arrow Signage furni!
landing.view.jan17palooza.button=See the bundle
landing.view.jan17palooza.header=Palooza Hoopla Bundle

landing.view.jan17pool.body=Pick up this bundle and get an EXCLUSIVE Small Pool Kiosk at the same time! Available for a limited time only.
landing.view.jan17pool.button=See the bundle
landing.view.jan17pool.header=Small Pool Bundle

landing.view.jan17rarecny.body=NEVER to be sold again, this rare year of the rooster balloon is the perfect addition to your Chinese New Year collection!
landing.view.jan17rarecny.button=See the rare
landing.view.jan17rarecny.header=RARE Rooster Balloon

Rooster Balloon
Cluck, cluck.

landing.view.jan17restaurant.body=Bag this bundle and get a big dose of psychedelia! Do TRY and focus on the food. Exclusive Breakfast Buffet included.
landing.view.jan17restaurant.button=See the bundle
landing.view.jan17restaurant.header=Psychedelic Restaurant Bundle

landing.view.jan17train.body=For a VERY limited time only, you can pick up one of the most classic bundles EVER put together in Habbo!
landing.view.jan17train.button=See the bundle
landing.view.jan17train.header=Frontier Train Bundle

featured.offer.bundle104.title=Bavarian Christmas Bundle
featured.offer.bundle11.title=Psychedelic Restaurant Bundle
featured.offer.bundle14.title=Jellybean Jungle Bundle
featured.offer.bundle160.title=Chinese Tea Room
featured.offer.bundle20.title=Football Locker Bundle
featured.offer.bundle22.title=Small Pool Bundle
featured.offer.bundle23.title=Palooza Hoopla Bundle
featured.offer.bundle25.title=Frontier Train Bundle
featured.offer.bundle38.title=Freaky Fairground Bundle
featured.offer.bundle48.title=Fireside Chalet Bundle
featured.offer.bundle50.title=Japanese Love Garden Bundle

featured.offer.cny17.title=Chinese New Year Furni
featured.offer.rarecny17.title=Chinese New Year Rare

Bavarian Xmas Bundle
For purchasing Bavarian Xmas Bundle

Japanese Love Garden Bundle
For purchasing Japanese Love Garden Bundle

Palooza Hoopla Bundle
For purchasing Palooza Hoopla Bundle

Jellybean Jungle Bundle
For purchasing Jellybean Jungle Bundle

Fireside Chalet Bundle
For purchasing Fireside Chalet Bundle

Psychedelic Restaurant Bundle
For purchasing Psychedelic Restaurant Bundle

Frontier Train Bundle
For purchasing Frontier Train Bundle

Football Locker Bundle
For purchasing Football Locker Bundle

Freaky Fairground Bundle
For purchasing Freaky Fairground Bundle

Small Pool Bundle
For purchasing Small Pool Bundle

Classic Tea Room Bundle
For purchasing Classic Tea Room Bundle

Rare Rooster Balloon
For purchasing Rare Rooster Balloon

Images not available

Japanese Love Garden Bundle

Jellybean Jungle Bundle

Palooza Hoopla Bundle

Fireside Chalet Bundle

Freaky Fairground Bundle

Frontier Train Bundle

Football Locker Bundle

Bavarian Christmas Bundle

Psychedelic Restaurant Bundle

Small Pool Bundle

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