Gothic Dessert Cafe Bundle / Sunset Cafe Bundle - Habbo
NEW: Gothic Dessert Cafe Bundle
This bundle is for all Habbos, whether you're a goth, a dessert enthusiast or just a simple furni collector. 100% built with new, exclusive items!

PREVIEW: Gothic Dessert Cafe Bundle

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_armchair
NAME: Gothic Cafe Armchair

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_bookcase
NAME: Gothic Cafe Bookcase

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_coffeetable
NAME: Gothic Coffee Table

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_counter
NAME: Gothic Cafe Counter

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_creamrolls
NAME: Gothic Cafe Cake

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_donut
NAME: Gothic Cafe Doughnuts

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_floor
NAME: Gothic Cafe Floor

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_glass
NAME: Gothic Cafe Cake Display

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_icetea
NAME: Gothic Cafe Iced Tea

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_mochicake
NAME: Gothic Mochi Cake

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_rosepainting
NAME: Gothic Cafe Rose Painting

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_rug
NAME: Gothic Cafe Rug

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_shelf
NAME: Gothic Cafe Cake Shelf

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_sofa
NAME: Gothic Cafe Sofa

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_table
NAME: gothiccafe_c20_table name

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_teaplant
NAME: gothiccafe_c20_teaplant name

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_vase
NAME: gothiccafe_c20_vase name

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_wall
NAME: gothiccafe_c20_wall name

CODE: gothiccafe_c20_windoor
NAME: gothiccafe_c20_windoor name

NEW: Sunset Cafe Bundle
The old Sunset Cafe public room was voted the overall favourite in a Twitter poll we ran earlier this year. So, we converted it into an ownable bit of Habbo History. Enjoy!

PREVIEW: Sunset Cafe Bundle

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_bar
NAME: Sunset Cafe Bar

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_barcorner
NAME: Sunset Cafe Corner

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_bench
NAME: Sunset Cafe Bench

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_benchcornerconcave
NAME: Sunset Cafe Bench Corner

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_coffeemachine
NAME: Sunset Cafe Coffee Machine

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_drinks
NAME: Beach Bar Mocktail

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_duck
NAME: Sunset Cafe Duck

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_floor
NAME: Sunset Cafe Floor

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_lightupfloor
NAME: Sunset Cafe Floor Light

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_logdecor
NAME: Sunset Cafe Palm Logs

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_logsteppingstones
NAME: Sunset Cafe

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_plant
NAME: Sunset Cafe Palm Tree

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_shallow
NAME: Warm Seawater

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_swordfish
NAME: Hanging Swordfish

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_table
NAME: Sunset Cafe Table

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_wall
NAME: Sunset Cafe View

CODE: sunsetcafe_c20_wallcorner
NAME: Sunset Cafe Wall Corner

Habbo 20th Anniversary (RARES)
RARE Street Royalty Outfits!
Rule the pixellated streets! Not only does this outfit come with a snazzy new backpack and jacket, it also includes a shiny new crown. This is your one chance to own it!

CODE: clothing_r20_darkelegantset
NAME: Street Royalty

RARE Neon Punk Outfits!
Is it possible to dazzle another Habbo any more than this outfit does? We think not. Get one while you can!

CODE: clothing_r20_neonpunkset
NAME: Neon Punk

RARE Gothic Fancy Dress Outfits!
We think you'll agree that this is the IDEAL outfit to wear on a trip to a gothic-style dessert cafe. Rare and never to be sold again!

CODE: clothing_r20_gothicset
NAME: Gothic Fancy Dress

RARE Sleep Time Outfits!
For when you just need to sleep. Rare and never to be sold again!

CODE: clothing_r20_sumberoutfit
NAME: Sleep Time

RARE Frank's Tux!
Frank is a devil on the dancefloor, but you already knew that, right? Get one of his special tuxedos and dress for the occasion!

CODE: clothing_r20_glitzytux
NAME: Frank's Tux

RARE Solar Utopia Outfit!
Take a more sustainable, enlightened approach to hotel life. This outfit is rare and will never be sold again!

CODE: clothing_r20_harmonyset
NAME: Solar Utopia Outfit

RARE 20th Birthday Thrones!
Collector of thrones? We've got you covered. Get one while you can!

CODE: rare_r20_throne
NAME: 20th Birthday Throne

RARE Ballroom Candles!
Illuminate the birthday dance floor with a slightly more romantic (and more flammable) light source. Rare and never to be sold again!

CODE: rare_r20_candle
NAME: Birthday Ballroom Candles

Chill Modern Bundle / Dark Elegant Bundle - Habbo
NEW: Chill Modern Bundle
Our fresh take on the Modern Studio Bundle has a new layout, a new colour scheme, but most importantly it's got a new pooch!

PREVIEW: Chill Modern Bundle

CODE: darkmodern_c20_bed
NAME: Chill Modern Bed

CODE: darkmodern_c20_bunnylight
NAME: Bunny Light

CODE: darkmodern_c20_chair
NAME: Chill Modern Chair

CODE: darkmodern_c20_creative
NAME: Organiser Essentials

CODE: darkmodern_c20_desk
NAME: Chill Modern Desk

CODE: darkmodern_c20_display
NAME: Work From Home Equipment

CODE: darkmodern_c20_endtable
NAME: Chill Modern Corner Table

CODE: darkmodern_c20_floor
NAME: Chill Modern Floor

CODE: darkmodern_c20_floorlight
NAME: Chill Modern Floor Light

CODE: darkmodern_c20_folder
NAME: Chill Modern Folders

CODE: darkmodern_c20_glassblockwall
NAME: Glass Cube Wall

CODE: darkmodern_c20_hoomba
NAME: Hoomba

CODE: darkmodern_c20_incense
NAME: Chill Modern Air Freshener

CODE: darkmodern_c20_lamp
NAME: Chill Modern Desk Lamp

CODE: darkmodern_c20_lowtable
NAME: Chill Modern Coffee Table

CODE: darkmodern_c20_neonlight
NAME: Chill Modern Neon Lights

CODE: darkmodern_c20_pictures
NAME: Chill Modern Art

CODE: darkmodern_c20_pillow
NAME: Chill Modern Pillow

CODE: darkmodern_c20_plant
NAME: Chill Modern Succulent

CODE: darkmodern_c20_pug
NAME: Chill Modern Pug

CODE: darkmodern_c20_reads
NAME: Chill Modern Books

CODE: darkmodern_c20_rug
NAME: Chill Modern Rug

CODE: darkmodern_c20_shelf
NAME: Chill Modern Shelves

CODE: darkmodern_c20_sofa
NAME: Chill Modern Sofa

CODE: darkmodern_c20_speakers
NAME: Chill Modern Speakers

CODE: darkmodern_c20_tubelights
NAME: Chill Modern Tube Light

CODE: darkmodern_c20_tv
NAME: Chill Modern TV

CODE: darkmodern_c20_wall
NAME: Chill Modern Wall

NEW: Dark Elegant Bundle
We've added a distinctly darker touch to the much-loved Elegant Bundle, first released in September 2017. It now truly exudes opulence!

PREVIEW: Dark Elegant Bundle

CODE: darkelegant_c20_bed
NAME: Dark Elegant Bed

CODE: darkelegant_c20_carpet
NAME: Dark Elegant Carpet

CODE: darkelegant_c20_cat
NAME: Dark Elegant Cat

CODE: darkelegant_c20_chair
NAME: Dark Elegant Chair

CODE: darkelegant_c20_cupboard
NAME: Dark Elegant Cupboard

CODE: darkelegant_c20_floor
NAME: Dark Elegant Floor

CODE: darkelegant_c20_flowerpot
NAME: Dark Elegant Vase

CODE: darkelegant_c20_lamp
NAME: Dark Elegant Lamp

CODE: darkelegant_c20_light
NAME: Dark Elegant Chandelier

CODE: darkelegant_c20_lionstatue
NAME: Dark Elegant Lion Statue

CODE: darkelegant_c20_smalltable
NAME: Dark Elegant Round Table

CODE: darkelegant_c20_sofa
NAME: Dark Elegant Sofa

CODE: darkelegant_c20_stool
NAME: Dark Elegant Stool

CODE: darkelegant_c20_table
NAME: Dark Elegant Table

CODE: darkelegant_c20_teaset
NAME: Dark Elegant Tea Set

CODE: darkelegant_c20_vanity
NAME: Dark Elegant Vanity Mirror

CODE: darkelegant_c20_wall
NAME: Dark Elegant Wall

CODE: darkelegant_c20_walldecor
NAME: Dark Elegant Painting

CODE: darkelegant_c20_window
NAME: Dark Elegant Window

Kawaii Punk Bundle - Habbo
NEW: Kawaii Punk Bundle
If vibrant, neon-style colour schemes are your look and Kawaii is your thing, this bundle is for you. Pick one up while you can!

PREVIEW: Kawaii Punk Bundle

CODE: neonpunk_c20_bed
NAME: Neon Punk Bed

CODE: neonpunk_c20_bedsidetable
NAME: Neon Punk Bedside Table

CODE: neonpunk_c20_bows
NAME: Three Hanging Bows

CODE: neonpunk_c20_candylights
NAME: Luminous Neon Balls

CODE: neonpunk_c20_carpet
NAME: Neon Punk Carpet

CODE: neonpunk_c20_cubeseat
NAME: Neon Cube Seat

CODE: neonpunk_c20_cupboard
NAME: Neon Punk Cupboard

CODE: neonpunk_c20_dresser
NAME: Neon Punk Dressing Table

CODE: neonpunk_c20_floor
NAME: Neon Punk Floor

CODE: neonpunk_c20_food
NAME: Neon Punk Treats

CODE: neonpunk_c20_lamp
NAME: Neon Punk Lamp

CODE: neonpunk_c20_lights
NAME: Glowing String Lights

CODE: neonpunk_c20_plushie1
NAME: Furry Monster Plushie

CODE: neonpunk_c20_plushie2
NAME: One-eyed Plushie

CODE: neonpunk_c20_plushie3
NAME: Horned Beast Plushie

CODE: neonpunk_c20_plushiepile
NAME: Assorted Plushies

CODE: neonpunk_c20_sofa
NAME: Neon Punk Sofa

CODE: neonpunk_c20_stardeco
NAME: Hanging Neon Stars

CODE: neonpunk_c20_stool
NAME: Comfy Neon Stool

CODE: neonpunk_c20_storage
NAME: Shelf of Collectibles

CODE: neonpunk_c20_strawberries
NAME: Hanging Strawberries

CODE: neonpunk_c20_table
NAME: Neon Punk Table

CODE: neonpunk_c20_unicornposter
NAME: Neon Unicorn Poster

CODE: neonpunk_c20_wall
NAME: Neon Punk Wall

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