Mysterious storage found!
Today, Habbo NL posted this article. Saying it will reveal the secret this Sunday. Well we at Puhekupla know what is it about..

Habbo used this image, as you can see there is a little dragon behind the box.

Thanks to Colaman we found this image.

As you can see the boxes are the same in each image and there are dragons on it. The name of this image is "paymentpromo" and I think you'll get one of these rares when you order some credits.


New Badges uploaded today
This news is way less important then the RELEASE37 news, but it's still news






I just found them.. where will they be used for?
I think for the introduction of the Pets in BETA in Habbo Hotel Netherlands..
They looks like Achievement-Badges :p

By Emmerrrr: They're for the Pets in the Spotlight-competition


New UK badges found?




Don't know where its for.. I think it matches this Cervival Cancer background?

Update 2:

Again my scanner picked up a new badge..
This time its a new US badge?


Matches to this background with these stickers:

Which just have been uploaded..
Promotion for the newest Zack and Cody DVD in the US?

Update 3:

Again a new badge?


I guess it's for the new Australian 'Everybody'-campaign at Habbo AU?

- Haakon
[R37] What the hell have
Well today Habbo updated to R37 which we all knew was coming...but was it for the better?

Most say no, people hate the new nav and are finding that the new guides are replacing humans.

Anyway, lets have a look at the new bits and bobs in this RELEASE37 videos:

Here everything again in a nice overview:


It seems that Habbo want us to look at events first....

User rooms are here to stay

Personal rooms and friends rooms, better? or worse?

Public rooms not at the front of the nav...

When searching you now get confronted with a heap of tags.

Getting to the hotel view just got easier.

With this update a thing called guide bots were brought in, not just that...but public room bots have gone, gone where? We don't know, hopefully they will be back shortly.

Getting guide bots is avalible from the CFH area.

Showing off those lovely BOT badges found a few days ago.

As reported earlier, new moonlights make an appearance into the catalog.

Notice the lack of icons next to each furni range...I wonder when they will come in?

The new range.

The Moodlight in action.

- Lab-Rat saying what was should be.

Update by Mark:
I found Chloe in the Habbo Lido.. looks like he/she is the only bot around..

Update by -Haakon-:
Check the beginning of this post for an overview movie of RELEASE37 and a movie about the Guide Bot!

I think it's the worst update ever.. Sulake should just put back the old navigator (from the Shockwave client) and Moodlights are overpriced..
New Moodlight items in R3
With R37 nearly here, rumors start to pop up about the features that will be added. Some may be true others may not and some just make you wonder.

When I woke up this morning, a rumor was brought to my attention by a user on Habborator. Now since this user didn't list his source the rumor was dismissed, but then another user (Gammer123) posted a picture of the new moodlight, and that led to frantic Googling and I found this:

The catalog header seems professionally made, which is one of the main reasons this rumor may be true, this also answer some questions answered earlier on Puhekupla (EDIT: couldn't find article...maybe deleted?)

The image is thanks to Hebbo via iBobba
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