Trax is Back...sort of.

Ready to get back to busting moves on Habbo?

Well now you can because the people over at Habbo have decided that Habbo is just way to quiet without the music, so they uploaded them, don't you just love them (sometimes).

So where can you find these new but (to our knowledge) unimproved sounds?

Simple just head over to:

Remember to replace the XX with a number between 1 to 648. So for example number one would be:

Quite simple really. Whats that? You want proof that this isn't just the same sounds used in Client 1.0?

Well in Client 1.0 they used to use CCT files, because it ran on Shockwave (ie.

Want to hear all the trax sounds? Well I'm too lazy to make up any sample packs but Habborator has a good page.

- Lab-Rat
Listening to the Habbo Babes

Thanks to Habbo News

Thanks to Paul off Hababble for the moral support I needed to stop listening to the Habbo Babes.

Some Must Read Informatio
I just want to make some things clear.

People claiming they found something.
I see a lot of people complaining about stuff we post at our site. They say an other site found it first and we need to give credits to them. I think thats (keeping it nice). Everyone can find stuff these days, it's not hard anymore. If we use a source we give them credits (that's fair). If we find something without using an other site or people we don't give credits (that's normal right?).

Sulake Test Hotel
It's just a little thing we found and used for a little time. Sulake found out and closed the leak. That's it. The Test Hotel will be removed soon from our site.

If we need some more teammembers I'll post about it on the site (like below). So stop spamming my mailbox now.

Translators needed
As result of our Summer Survey we're looking for Russian, Norwegian and Italian translators. If you're interested please send an e-mail using the contact page. Please include your motivation and why we should choose you. You need to be available at least once a week.

Puhekupla Mobile
It's still under development.

Pixel Blitz
Starts in 4 days. Check the page by clicking on the button at the left.

Next version
Things you want to see in our next version of the site? Please leave a comment or send an e-mail. Very good ideas will earn VIP.

Thanks for reading,

- Mark
Happy I said this
New Garnier publicroom!
Some weeks ago, a publicroom icon has been found related with Garnier promotion @ ES. This one:

Now, iBobba found the public room:

Just another Beauty Salon modified.

Enjoying the weekend.
Puhekupla gets updated +b
v2.3 is here and it brings a heap of new features with it.

Well as most of you have noticed the site has been updated again, this time we have brought in a log in box so you only have to sign in once a few new comment tools, most of which can only be used by the new VIP system.

What do people in VIP get?
Well simple really they get a few extra comment/forum tools such as:

They also get a nifty little icon so you can identify who is VIP (), you will also notice staff have one too ().

Now most of you are wondering how do you get VIP? It's simple, all you have to do is be a valued member of the community, which really means people who find stuff or help us a lot, people who win Puhekupla comps such as Pixel Blitz.

Also I would like to introduce our newest staff member, nuno-mc. He will be helping us with reporting new finds.

Now...what to put in the next version?

Mark and the Puhekupla team.

Found Bugs
- All unregistered accounts now have staff tags, this is no longer allowed on the new site.
- Some people can't change their language
- Some people seem to be speaking in Pirate

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