[UK] Private room Bot?
The changes in versions continues, and no, we not come to you to inform you of a new build, but yes a small detail within these ... As part of the 'Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs' campaign in the British hotel, you can get a mythical and single badge, identified with the code UK008. To obtain this, you must follow various 'clues', reaching a common response, which shall function as the main key for obtaining the medal... But that's not the main issue we want to confide you... Actually, we want to show you the person responsible of delivering the clues... It is, neither more nor less than... a private bot!

Open spoiler

Bot in Private Room (Spoiler)

Yes, as you read... Re-directing you to a private room, as indicated by one of the news in the English hotel, find a bot, called 'Flint' (like the protagonist of the well-known film), which is unique in its class because it meets their 'Habbo bot' functions in a private room... It also has the 'BOT' badge, and there are ample posibilities who he integrate the 'GuideBots' project, but with new features and capabilities ... Did the other bots will join a similar system? Will each of us now can create your own bot for infinite needs? Time will tell...

Flint - Inventer of the Weather Machine

Special thanks to Habbos.es for the information and images

- TheMaster014
Sean Paul next Habbo UK V
What's this?


This could only mean 1 thing...
Sean Paul will possibly be the next Habbo UK VIP who will visit Habbo UK!
We'll keep you informed about this

Skulduggery (all speaks for themselves):

And the official group:


- Haakon
A bunch of new images (8

An article image found by our own Colaman :p
As seen in: http://www.habbo.co.uk/articles/683-did-anyone-get-caught-in-the-jelly-storm
It's again an image for the Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs-promotion

And this..

It's an image for Habbo Spain?

And these things...
A new promotion-image for the Disney movie UP in Habbo Brazil!

And a smaller version of it:

And then this OMFG-so-nice MTV EMA 2009-topstory!

Habbo is gonna promote the MTV European Music Awards 2009?

That was all, thanks to Colaman for giving me all these images!

Update: And these Habbo US-turned-5-years-stickers have been uploaded!

- Haakon
Urban Topstory's showed u
Well people, today I was refreshing the habbo.nl/me page, when this weird thingy showed up:

Everything was undefined and called NAVI. and stuff.
Was this just a test or something?
I've directly recorded it for use here.
Does Sulake test topstory's this way often?

- Haakon
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