New images!
Some new images have been uploaded @ UK:

Those are for EyePet, and this is for Ratchet & Clank:

@ ES, this one has been uploaded:

By the way, many highlight (it's the format) files have been uploaded. Yes, .highlight. We'll give you more information soon, I guess.

- Joaoo
Tennis class, YAY!
New stickers!
Thanks Giving gave us some new stickers:

This is just like the old one, from 08.

So I can say that the new badge, is for this...

CAL (Read the previous article)

And Habboween is here too...

Looks the pumpkins didn't leave us

- Joaoo
Nothing to say here, *bip*.
New badge! -update
I'm here, just arrived home and guess what? A new badge I found:


For CA Hotel... do you know for what is it going to be used?

Update: This badge is going to be used in the Thanks Giving Day, @ Canada!

- Joaoo
Having some problems... with love

Lab's New Clothes winner
About a week ago I started a comp asking for you guys to send in how you think I should look for the next year (except for competitions such as Habboween or Christmas) and I got suprisingly few results but the clothes I did get were great which is why its sad I can only pick one winner.

The winner didn't leave his Puhekupla username and I will check if there is a user signed up with the users email in case he forgot. The reason for these clothes as written by the mysterious winner was:

It has the green that you love so much and also has a refined nerdy look that fits your name so much.

Quite simple but I liked the idea behind it and the look of it. I will now be wearing these clothes for a very long time (more then 6 months) and if I find out who the winner is I will announce it here.

Thanks for all your entries and I hope you guys will join in on future ones

If you're looking for a comp to enter why not try this months Pixel Blitz?

- Lab-Rat
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