Moderation BG uploaded!
A background has been uploaded in the FI Hotel. Actually, that BG is from DE Moderation group and I don't really know why it has been uploaded in FI. It's called Moderatoren_Deutschland.

It's a fact that many Hotels are know uploading staff/moderation backgrounds and some of the BGs are just like others, the only change are the members of the staff. By the way, you can also see a staff background for SG by clicking here.
New Backgrounds!
While surfing the web I found a new background but it's not a normal background, it's a generic. Yes, like TopStories have generics, backgrounds have too. It's hosted in the SG Hotel and there are no clues about what it is for.

Yep, a simple background (that's why is called generic ). Probably will be uploaded more generics like this, let's just wait.

[CHANGELOG] Build 60
As some peopple may noticed..

All hotels are in Release 37 - Build 60 now, and as always.. even this build brings some changes with it..

* Well, at least 1 we noticed (thanks to Verrou from the forum), a new or maybe old command which Lab-Rat noticed today!

A (new) command: :v!
This command shows you the current version, the hotel is in

This command only works in your OWN and in Public Spaces (could someone confirm that?) room!

That was all for today folks!

- Haakon
Possible new MTV Award Ro
We're not sure at the moment, but maybe soon, there will gonna be a MTV EMA 2009 Room released
Well, that's actually what Habbonews said:

And possible to new pieces of furniture?

Nothing is sure atm, we just have to wait..
Credits to HabboNews for this nice find!

- Haakon
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