2 New Backgrounds found.
We have found 2 new group backgrounds.

The First one is for a VIP visit to Habbo BR.

The second one I am not quite sure on, maybe someone can help me out?

- Lab-Rat
Habbo upload a badge (aga
The guys over at Habbo upload a badge that has already been uploaded.

Now why would they upload a badge that has already been uploaded? Now before I get too in dept about this I will show you the badge.


Now the badge that it is a copy of is badge HQ003_001 (which isn't on the Habbo server anymore) so does this mean that the previously uploaded badge was just a draft? A test? A ploy by Habbo hoping we wouldn't find the first badge? Who knows.

All we know is that they have uploaded a new badge and the badge that was previously uploaded is now gone. Share your opinions below.

- Lab-Rat

Relax hitting AU
Earlier today Toat alerted me to a Relax group then later I found a few images that prove that Relax will be hitting AU really soon.

If I find anything else I will let you know.

- Lab-Rat
Corbin Harris is coming t
Today I was checking though Article images and found some images that hint at a VIP visit from Corbin Harris who is from Fuel TV (currently running in AU).

Found a Top Story

- Lab-Rat

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