Codes - Cow Vocals + Colors -UPDATE
pet.vocals.35.DISOBEY.0=Well, I could do that. BUT, I just don't feel like it.
pet.vocals.35.DISOBEY.1=You're repeating yourself.
pet.vocals.35.DISOBEY.2=To do that would compromise my basic morals. Sorry, but no.

pet.vocals.35.DRINKING.0=Drinking water after an entire day eating grass is simply heavenly.
pet.vocals.35.DRINKING.1=*Gulp* ..if it wasn't for water.. *Gulp* wouldn't exist on this planet..

pet.vocals.35.EATING.0=Veganism isn't just for Christmas. Veganism is for life.
pet.vocals.35.EATING.1=*Crunch* I just ADORE meal times. *Crunch*
pet.vocals.35.EATING.2=Mmmm. Healthy. *Crunch*

pet.vocals.35.GENERIC_HAPPY.0=Today is a good day. Today is great.
pet.vocals.35.GENERIC_HAPPY.1=With all the world's chaos, it takes effort to see the good. Remember that it's possible!
pet.vocals.35.GENERIC_HAPPY.2=I'm glad I took that yoga class this morning: I'm feeling great right now.
pet.vocals.35.GENERIC_NEUTRAL.0=There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.
pet.vocals.35.GENERIC_NEUTRAL.1=Cows need love too.
pet.vocals.35.GENERIC_NEUTRAL.2=New York? London? Paris? Tokyo? Give me Kathmandu any day.
pet.vocals.35.GENERIC_SAD.0=I'm trying to see the light, but today I can only see the dark.
pet.vocals.35.GENERIC_SAD.1=I'm feeling blue today... come back tomorrow.

pet.vocals.35.GREET_OWNER.0=Greetings. Did you bring that kale smoothie I asked for?
pet.vocals.35.GREET_OWNER.1=Hello again. Did you read that Zen Mind book I lent you?
pet.vocals.35.GREET_OWNER.2=Hello. You're looking... enlightened today, may I say.

pet.vocals.35.HUNGRY.0=I'm hungry, as opposed to starving.
pet.vocals.35.HUNGRY.1=I haven't eaten all day. Help.
pet.vocals.35.HUNGRY.2=Hey, I could really do with some food, comrade.
pet.vocals.35.HUNGRY.3=In my opinon, vegetarians should reconsider eating cheese or drinking milk.

pet.vocals.35.LEVEL_UP.0=*DING* I'm on the up.
pet.vocals.35.LEVEL_UP.1=*DING* Another level, done.
pet.vocals.35.LEVEL_UP.2=*DING* I just advanced another level. But what does that MEAN?
pet.vocals.35.LEVEL_UP.3=*DING* Another level. Are you proud?

pet.vocals.35.MUTED.0=I could honestly not care less if I'm muted. I'll be right here listening to my jungle tape packs.

pet.vocals.35.PLAYFUL.0=You should really check out this Artificial Intelligence podcast I'm listening to.
pet.vocals.35.PLAYFUL.1=Did you know the observable universe has more than 100 BILLION galaxies?

pet.vocals.35.PLAYING.0=Marx actually made a lot of sense. Sometimes he made zero sense.
pet.vocals.35.PLAYING.1=Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

pet.vocals.35.SLEEPING.0=*Dreams of electric sheep*
pet.vocals.35.SLEEPING.2=*Rolls over and has a mouthful of grass mid-sleep*

pet.vocals.35.THIRSTY.0=You can lead a cow to water, and it'll ALWAYS drink.
pet.vocals.35.THIRSTY.1=97% of the world's water is salty or otherwise undrinkable. By the way, I'm thirsty.
pet.vocals.35.THIRSTY.2=Would you do me a COLOSSAL favour and get me a drink?

pet.vocals.35.TIRED.0=That existentialism debate has absolutely destroyed me. Good night.
pet.vocals.35.TIRED.1=Time for me to shut down for the day, dear friend.
pet.vocals.35.TIRED.2=Time to sleep - one of my favourite phrases.

pet.vocals.35.UNKNOWN_COMMAND.0=So. You're going to need to explain that a bit better...
pet.vocals.35.UNKNOWN_COMMAND.1=Sorry, I don't understand. Repeat.

Palette: Colors cow - Body and Head (some colors may vary)

New pet - Cow [Update]


Different breeds will be available, including highland, holstein friesian, hereford, texas longhorn and normande.


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