New Habbo hotels with Rel
For a few weeks version 36 has been used on the UK hotel. Today three new hotels have been updated with the latest (v36) Habbo version. The hotels that got updated were: Australia, Italy and Switzerland.

Table of Versions - 'Release 36'

Of course, Australians, Italians, Swiss will enjoy the new features (and bug fixes) that this new update brings, as the release of pets, the remake of the Pet section of the catalog, and the amazing new command :pickall. You can see this and other developments in the special article published by Puhekupla by clicking here =)
[US] New Furni!
Today, we have been found in the Habbo Hotel servers, specifically within its FurniDatas (area where the furniture in Habbo are embedded and identified), three new furni. These correspond to a new range of drinks machines 'Slurpee', in pink, navy blue, and orange. Their identification codes are ads_711*5, ads_711*6 and ads_711*7, according to their housing in the already mentioned Habbo Furnidatas.

ads_711*5 - ads_711*6 - ads_711*7

If I remember correctly, the 'Slurpee' campaign and the first four soda machines, in color purple, blue, red and green (you can see them below), made his big appearance at the American hotel, with the aim of sponsoring the famous drink of '7-Eleven'. Possibly, this new appearance of this 'recolor' furniture correspond to the resumption of the campaign, in its version 'Summer 2009'. However, it was totally unknown the delivery of furni, and any focused info on them...

Old 'Slurpee' Machines - 2008

Open spoiler

Open spoiler

Open spoiler

New 'Slurpee' Machines in Habbo Beta private rooms - Clic in spoilers

Special thanks to for the information and images

[MULTI] This is why these
Today... was a historic day...
7 badges have been uploaded today!
And ofcourse we have brought them to Puhekupla for you!
First six badges have been found by and the Dutch Habbo Panel-badge have been found by our beloved Spanish habbo andrix!







And the Dutch Habbo Panel badge have also been uploaded today!


The first IT-badges are Italian badges and are possibly for some Rome- or Antiquity-competitions.
The NO-badges are Norwegian badges, the NO001-badge is for the celebration of 5 Years of Habbo Norway, the NO002-badge is for the celebration of St. Hans in Norway, and the NO003-badge is possibly for a new competition, and it's obviously for the winning Wabanaki-team (Wabanaki = Lost Tribe in Norway).
And last but not least, the Dutch Habbo Panel badge (NL001) have also been uploaded to the Image servers!
You already know where this badge is for (if you don't know, check this article!), yesterday we only had an image, now we have the badge <3.
That's all folks!

- Haakon
[MULTI] Badge-O-Rama! :o
Today this badge have been uploaded to Habbo England:


This badge is for the Habbo UK Big Brother Press! (thanks for the info )
Credits to the Habbo ,.Joey.,/Poelewoeps for finding this badge!

Update: This badge have just been found by our beloved reporter Colaman:


Just got a message from Gerben from [url=]
[/url] who told me that CF stands for Cheese Fondue and it's a badge for Habbo Switzerland!
The badge is for the Fondue-Freitag-Competition (thanx for telling me that) in Habbo Switzerland!

AGAIN a new badge have been found:


I think it's badge for a new MTV Promotion in Spain?

Update 2:

It won't stop raining badges today!
A new badge have been introduced to Habbo NL today:

PANEL_BADGE, real badge-code unknown

It's a badge which you'll get when you joined a panel who have to take part in survey's.
We only have this picture, it's the real badge but the badge-code is still unknown to us.

- Haakon
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