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Have we gone crazy? No, simply getting hooked into Twitter. Since yesterday Puhekupla has joined Twitter and gone tweeting.

Simply Twitter is a blog made up of 140 letters (including spaces), which makes them very short, so you can get some information from just one sentence. From now on Puhekupla will be tweeting about all the news on Puhekupla as it happens, and some news exclusive to Twitter.

We will also be holding comps for followers only, our first one goes to the 500th follower*, so invite your friends to follow us and you may get a prize if you are the 500th follower.

So click here and follow us today.

- Haakon

*Prize will only go to Active Twitter accounts.
Two new badges
Our friend Andrix has found two new badges.



It seems they are both intended for Germany. The first one (DE001) is a sumo and is some how related to this. The second one is given our to writers of a good story.

- Lab-Rat
A few updates
Well if you haven't noticed yet, we have added a few features to the site. One of the most noticeable is the new Top Stories banner, which will show you the stories that we feel are the ones you need to see first, it looks like this:

The next update is the icons in the latest news module on the homepage to make finding the news you want easier. Below is a list of what each icon means.

Puhekupla related news
Misc/International News
We also have flags for each country, but to list them here would take me too much time.

Another highly demanded feature was to bring languages back to the banner, so now there they are, making it easy for you to switch to your local language.

Well thats all the updates, don't forget to fill out the survey, as your feedback really counts.
See you next time.

- Lab-Rat
Return of the Hobba's? -u
Goodday (everyone lives in another timezone, but here it is evening) Puhekupla visitors!
I've found something that could maybe be the beginning of the return of Hobba's?!
In the external_flash_texts of Habbo Canada i've found this:

badge_name_SHA=Super Hobba
badge_desc_SHA=Super Hobba

badge_name_NWB=Newbie Hobba
badge_desc_NWB=Newbie Hobba

badge_name_HBA=Super Hobba

No badge is uploaded for SHA yet (NWB and HBA we're uploaded years ago) but there we're no lines in the flash_texts about these badges but as you can see the name and the description of the badge says enough.
Will the Hobba's really return? :O
We'll keep you informed!

- Haakon

To wrap up this news article, it seems that the SHA is not the Super Hobba badge and is just a mistake on Habbo's part. If anything does pop up though, you guys will be the first to know.

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