Pixel Blitz Finalists
Well after 2 weeks of you guys sending your entries in, we have finally gotten our final 6.

Yes I know I said 5 of you guys would get though, but it was so hard (isn't it always) so we have 6 entries here for you guys to vote for.

Voting doesn't start until tomorrow, but feel free to look over the entries and try and think about who deserves your vote.







Also thank you to:
- ,Joaoo
- Shorty
- Vriend-frits

My (Lab-Rat) half finished entry.

Puhekupla has Gained some
Well we're back and glad to be here. As you have most likely noticed the site has changed a little bit. It is now wider and the modules (eg. New Furni, New Badges etc.) have moved around a little bit.

Also we have made it that you can view more news from the homepage.

Not much else has changed...oh wait a minute, I nearly forgot about our newest feature, you haven't seen it yet? Look in the menu bar, yep its a forum.

*Girly Squeal*

This forum is very basic, it does what it needs to do, but don't worry, it's not done yet. In the future we will be adding features and new tools.

Somethings you may notice is that the Twitter feed on the homepage is gone, it is now on the left, just click it and it will take you to our Twitter page. And below that is the new Pixel Blitz button, it will always be there so don't forget about it.

Thats about all of the new features and changes. Of course we changed some other stuff, but thats not important (yet).
Now it's definitive!
Sometime ago, I told to you that I wasn't more reporter/designer of Puhekupla.

So... Mark and Lab-Rat they practically compelled me to continue in the team, and I continued like designer.

Now, today, I discovered somethings that shows me that I need to go, that's not the correct local for me, and some brazilian/portuguese invited me to work in their fansites.

Bye people!

Lab-Rat, Colaman please stay working here, if you leave, it will finish.
News of Twilight furni fo

The Habbo forums are alive with people talking about the new Twilight promotion coming up in November, and I think its fair to say we will be reporting about it too.

Thantos brought to my attention an article, in which it says some intresting stuff, the most important being:

If you've read the books or watched the movie, you may be interested in knowing that among the virtual items for sale on Habbo are a water fountain, a clock tower, the Volturi Crest and Jacob's barn door.

Now if we are to belive this article it means that the furniture listed above will be coming to a hotel near you.
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