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I've used Habbo since the beginning and have seen many changes! Originally from Habbo UK I used the name Newsletter until it was banned in 2010. I've won numerous competitions including Ultimate Reporter and Habarrazi which allowed me to publish weekly articles on the Habbo UK newsletter. I was the first Habbo on UK to own a black monolith, white pillows and a DJ Throne poster.
Some More!
I've run two official fansites and worked for many of the original including Habbonews, Bobbanet, Habbopaper, Habbox, Yourhabbo, Habbolane and many MANY more!

Before Habbox.com became what it is today, I co-owned the domain Habbox.co.uk and ran it as a fansite for 3 years.
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Imogen21702 06-11-2016 21:17:31
Hey You have so much experience. Enjoy your site

LiquefiedFilth 07-05-2013 22:49:27
your biography on this is really interesting, looks like you've got a ton of online-experience!

AndyATW! 19-03-2013 20:47:38

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