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Habbo nameluke367
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Hi welcome to Luke367 official puhekupla account.

My name is Luke and i am also Luke367 from habbo.COM i'm from the UK.

You can write on my guestbook and i will reply within 24hrs to you.

You can follow me on Twitter ill follow you back.
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Shorty 04-06-2013 19:33:26
Yes, the website is called

sh3llsh3ll 31-05-2013 01:20:40
How have you been?

LiquefiedFilth 29-05-2013 11:30:18
You'll have to ask the Boss. I don't deal with new uploads mate!

cundero 12-05-2013 15:49:08
Nice Profile

123http 26-03-2013 15:19:24

Vado 25-03-2013 13:54:11
Yeah already know about it. We're too busy haha. Sure it will be added soon.

sh3llsh3ll 25-03-2013 09:20:13
like ur videos

sh3llsh3ll 25-03-2013 09:20:13
like ur videos

FunkyDJParty 23-03-2013 19:28:29
Mark gave it me cause I'm special lol

sh3llsh3ll 22-03-2013 11:47:43
-pokes you-

Vado 21-03-2013 11:52:37

Vado 17-03-2013 10:24:49
oh okay, weird

Vado 13-03-2013 12:58:41
I don't get your report.. why can't you remove your own note?

AndyATW! 05-03-2013 16:41:38
Haha, the welcome lounge glitch. i was trying to figure it out for a while and did it and then couldn't do it again. now its patched haha.

FunkyDJParty 03-03-2013 02:54:59
Heya Luke my good old mate

Vado 26-02-2013 07:06:24
I don't think we will be doing donators can upload their own background. Adding backgrounds is quite complex. I'm sure we could do a comp for some backgrounds etc. Thanks for your suggestion.

Vado 26-02-2013 07:05:22
Just the view code, so whatever the code is after v="CODE"

sh3llsh3ll 26-02-2013 00:17:14
( CLOVER) hehe

Vado 25-02-2013 20:00:46
I hope people like all of these skins, took me a while to make :p

Mark 25-02-2013 18:48:04
You just got them

sh3llsh3ll 25-02-2013 17:53:49

Vado 25-02-2013 00:18:50
What nice maps you have here!

Laurens078 22-02-2013 04:13:16
Thanks so much!

Shorty 19-02-2013 03:23:48
Hey, that image of the inventory is a concept/fan design idea. Nothing officially like that yet.

123http 02-02-2013 13:34:02
Tetrablock Achiviments

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