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SluX 23-07-2015 06:32:44
Hey xBruder,mwo bist du geblieben, ich habe dich vermisst!

Jockes 28-12-2014 13:29:10
Hello xBruder, here is an "Public room" at .se, made for our 11th birthday. It's *filtered*-styled of the Roof top (not sure what they called it at English speaking hotels )


HenkAkaYasin 21-11-2014 20:09:58
You have new skype?

Svenps5tr11 18-11-2014 16:49:56
Werde mir Dieses Jahr Keine Weihnachts möbel kaufen. Weill Sehen nicht gut aus Dieses jahr.

sh3llsh3ll 18-09-2014 20:44:00
Hello cute outfit

M1S7ER10 24-07-2014 20:34:23

Svenps5tr11 10-07-2014 00:05:51

ex-mc.allan88 16-05-2014 19:52:42
Hii! - -

Bob 14-05-2014 20:07:50

SluX 13-05-2014 15:27:17
Hi, xBruuder.

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Hey :-)

I'm xBruder and an reporter on I started playing Habbo back in 2008. You can find me worldwide. My username is xBruder, except on There it's xBruuder.

PS: My english is very bad
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