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Por Imogen21702 el 30/10/2016 20:43:05

Puhekupla needs your help. We are looking to expland our News department.

If you're a hard working creative person who loves keeping up with the latest Habbo gossip, unreleased furniture and Easter eggs the staff like to hide on us, then this is the perfect job for you!

- You must speak English, English as a second language is fine
- Must have correct spelling and grammar
- Act professional and mature
- Willing to put in 3-4 days of work
- Creative and a close eye to detail

Does this sound like you?
Apply to be a Puhekupla News Reporter

Send the following information to with the subject line "Puhekupla Application"

- Puhekupla username
- Habbo username
- Which hotel you play (e.g .COM)
- The main language you speak (English speaking essential, even as second language)
- Have you worked on previous fansites? If so, which ones?
- Are you willing to put in 3-4 days of work for the website?
- In detail, why do you think you're the perfect person for the job?
- Show an example of one of your articles you have written.
- Anything else you'd like to add?

Applicants will receive email or be contacted on Habbo by Imogen21702 if there application are accepted.
By Imogen

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