Inside #Habbo2020: everything you need to know
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Faced with the anxiety of thousands of players about the future of the game, last September Habbo started a series of announcements, between facts and images, of the new version of the Hotel in a project popularly named as Habbo 2020. In order not to leave you lost with what is happening, Puhekupla will gather all the facts and the latest news about Habbo 2020.

What is Habbo 2020?

This is a new version of the Habbo client, that is, the hotel where you access to manipulate your character, interact with other players and build your room.

How will it affect me?

One of the focuses of this new version is based on the user experience with a new interface, which will directly influence the way you play Habbo. Thus, new commands, functions and tools will be inserted, but it is possible that some of the existing ones will be removed. Certainly, many of these things will change places on your screen.

Why does Habbo need a new version?

Currently, Habbo uses Flash Player as its game engine, a very popular technology from the past decade but which has become obsolete recently. For security reasons, the big tech companies advise against its use and make a great effort to abolish it from all computers. In major browsers, for example, Flash Player will stop working later this year, which would prevent Habbo from working for many people. Therefore, Sulake is now running out of time to develop a new version with more current technologies, in this case, Unity. For Sulake, this was also an opportunity to create a new concept for Habbo.


The first time Habbo spoke about Habbo 2020 was on September 3, 2019, through its social networks. On the occasion, the following text was published: our developers are working on a replacement client, due to release before support Flash ends on leading browsers like Googe Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Just over a week later, on September 12, 2019, more details were published:

the new version of Habbo will be ready before the end of Flash Player support in major browsers;
none of the existing user accounts will be deleted due to the new version of Habbo;
new tools will be added and most existing ones will be maintained, but with a new look.

Since October, a series of images have been published through official news. These images allow us to have an idea of what the game's graphical interface will look like in this new version, although they may still undergo some adjustments. You can see them below.

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