Media highlights Habbo during quarantine period
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In the midst of a serious pandemic crisis triggered by the spread of the COVID-19 virus, which has already infected 240 thousand people, of which 9,800 were killed and 85 thousand recovered, Governments of several countries strive to avoid agglomerations and keep people confined within their homes, in order to slow down the transmission of the virus.

Many companies, mainly telecommunications and operating online, are encouraging people to stay at home by releasing restricted TV channels, suspending subscriptions to software and unlimited access to news portals and electronic magazines. But many people have used creativity.

Since the first quarantine days in Western countries, there has been a great movement for the rediscovery of Habbo. France, Chile and Brazil are some of the countries in which digital influencers are promoting Habbo meetings and parties. And the result of this has been an increasing number of active players and crowded rooms, as not seen in a long time. The movement is so great that it drew the intention of some newspapers and entertainment portals.


StreetPress magazine said French players created replicas of public places to meet each night. In addition, new players are interacting with many who have returned and echoed Government announcements in the game.

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Página 7, a local newspaper in Concepción reports that Chileans are using the popular game of the 2000s to "get out" of the quarantine and promote parties and outings with friends. The newspaper says Habbo is one of the best places to socialize.

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A Chilean radio Futuro also pointed out that has become a center for people to circulate during the quarantine. A Chilean radio also pointed out that Habbo Spain has become a center for people to move around during the quarantine. Emphasizes that people who want to interact with others, participate in parties and explore more of this world, must register with Habbo.

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Tarreo, a gaming portal, said Chileans were filling the Habbo rooms in quarantine. The portal counted 675 users who were at parties promoted by Chilean digital influencers and who were also responsible for progressively increasing Habbo users.

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Other media outlets also highlighted Habbo in Chile.


The online newspaper The Indian Express prepared a list of the best mobile games to play during the period at home and Habbo was one of the suggestions. According to the author, you can have fun and participate in events without worrying about the coronavirus.

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In these times, Puhekupla also tries to do its part with the mission of engaging players with the main events of Habbo, helping you to make the most of this world.

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