Habbo 2020: vaults and the earnings window
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When the new client launches later this year, credits you receive from things like your HC Payday, the Advent calendar or trading with other Habbos will be organised into sections inside a new 'earnings' window. You can see what the earnings window looks like below:

Earnings window

Habbo 2020 also includes another new feature: vaults. As you can see above, your earnings window is split into quite a few different sections. One of these sections is your vault.

The vault is where credits you receive go when your purse balance goes over 500. Exceptions include credits bought directly from your website, an approved third seller or the in-game Shop - these will go directly to your purse no matter how many coins are already stored there. Credits collected from your earnings window will be deposited in your vault if your purse balance is over 500.

When withdrawing credits from your vault, you will be taxed progressively depending on the amount you withdraw. You can permanently 'unlock' your vault and avoid all further vault taxation by buying credits directly from your website, an approved third party seller or the in-game Shop.

IMPORTANT: credits that your avatar already owns will NOT be placed in your vault. When you log into Habbo 2020, any old credits will be in your purse and not in your vault. Credits you buy directly from your website, an approved third party seller or the in-game Shop will also not be deposited in your vault.

The main reasons are as follows:

1. Vaults give the means to more effectively combat fraud and black market credit sales.
2. They also allow to give everyone credits more freely and in more varied ways.

IMPORTANT: to ensure a smooth transfer to the new system, today the tax paid when buying certain credit furniture from the Catalogue has been increased. Now, there is a 10% tax on all credit furni, with one credit being the minimum as before.

Before / After

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