Habbo 2020 Beta
Por Puhekupla_Staff el 27/10/2020 14:24:43

Sulake today launched the beta version of the new game engine from which Habbo will operate for the next few years, Unity under version 2019.3.9f. At this time, only employees and a group of 81 players are allowed to access the so-called Habbo 2020 through sandbox.habbo.com, Sulake's restricted testing hotel.

According to the company, users who are very familiar with the game were selected. Puhekupla received the list of selected players from each community from players and was able to confirm the names listed below:


Name Status
Metaforz User
Diva.Alicezita User
Abigair User
RodrigoLapy User
westhim User
-MeusDocumentos User
Daliila.S User
Diafrix Builder


Name Status
Bench,x3 Fansite Member
Steueramt Fansite Member
.Euphemia Builder
togetherness Builder
Super-Held Fansite Member
cybercheck Ambassador
Miqqii Builder
rosi999 User


Name Status
Jorge. Fansite Member
w!gu3 Ambassador
.: Dj-Crew:. Fansite Member
KSS Fansite Member
Fers301 Fansite Member
jaumexpunk-:. Ambassador
-Barbaruchi- Ambassador
Juancha23!! Builder


Name Status
@Justeeri@ Fansite Member
Happitorni Fansite Member
kivasima Fansite Member
Moppix Ambassador
puaveli2 Fansite Member
Sävel Builder
vara-Kaukoyhtey Fansite Member
T6767T Fansite Member


Name Status
_Drakiss=Baan JS Member
motorliilie Ambassador
hakunamatata1 Fansite Member
BIBI983 Builder
Baenary Builder / Fansite Member
like-boss=ban Builder / Fansite Member
the-aurelien56 Fansite Member


Name Status
kaselli Fansite Member
Insigned User
RC-Marco Fansite Member
Diavoletto96 Fansite Member
eleonoraporta User
kiary007 User
Marco33 Ambassador
vaiolet Builder


Name Status
Jenneben Builder
Turti Ambassador
itselise Fansite Member
WolvesWisdom User
ladyrembak Fansite Member
SanderCools Fansite Member
sirjonasx User
wizzie Fansite Member
.:Red-Bull:. Ambassador
Mr-Gangstakil Fansite Member
mr.mayhem2 Ambassador


Name Status
TolgaGF Ambassador
bektaş55 Fansite Member
Joker Builder
SerenaKahlo User
_Dr.Selin_ Fansite Member
PrensesArzum Fansite Member
sauve Builder
Impossible- Ambassador


Name Status
DJ-rapand User
1 User
UnderCover. User
Teschan User
Andings Fansite Member
AussieGrown Ambassador
L0-VE Ambassador
Hanna.Yeap Fansite Member
Habtaz Ambassador
AndyATW! User
Pulx Fansite Member
Frission Fansite Member
Kredits User
Glowcloud User

The above list continues to be updated with names we are confirming.

These players have already been registered on sandbox.habbo.com by Sulake employees. At this time, there is no open application to access Habbo 2020, that is, any requests from players through Habbo's communication channels will not be met. Note that local community officials do not coordinate the testing process. Part of the testing process has already been explained in an earlier news.

Habbo 2020 FAQS

Initially non-functional items in Habbo 2020

In the build up to Habbo 2020's release and beyond, we will continue working to implement the vast number of features and items Habbo has. Below is a list of items that aren’t functioning in Habbo 2020 at the moment, but which we are planning to implement in the future. Please note that while these items aren’t functioning, none of them will be removed from your rooms.

- Stickie notes

- Stickie poles

- Badge display cases

- Black holes

- Tents

- Mini-game systems (snow war, hockey etc.)

- Monster plants

- Room dimmers / mood lights / background colour furni

- Camera photo wall items

- Furni with customisable colours

- Water floating furni

- Windows

- Step-on state switches

- One-way teleports

- Lovelocks

- Jukeboxes

- Trax

- Effect givers

- Mannequin furni

- Fireworks

- Chatter furni (furni that produce randomised lines of text.)

- Rentable spaces within rooms

- Billboards

- Multi-user reaction furni (furni that changes when more than one Habbo interacts with it.)

- Furni that produce sound effects

- In-room embedded videos

- Cuckoo Clocks

- Dice

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