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My name is Mikkel and I live in Denmark, where I was born and raised. I've been playing Habbo since early 2007 and has been part of the fansite community for about three years. I work at the largest and oldest Danish fansite, "ShockNews", where I am in the management working with some of the most experienced Danish fansite fanatics.

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Twitter: @ShockNewsDK
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LiquefiedFilth 27/04/2013 00:07:42
Love your graphics on this page, especially the magnifying glass!

AndyATW! 11/04/2013 18:08:54
No idea, i should of put Scotland, i cant edit it and put Scotland in now because long note is patched. India came randomly into my head :l

AndyATW! 03/04/2013 23:14:21

Vado 23/03/2013 13:15:17

sh3llsh3ll 24/02/2013 12:02:34

Terregan 21/02/2013 17:51:39
Hey Mikkel


Terregan 21/02/2013 17:51:38
Hey Mikkel


cundero 11/02/2013 19:01:30
Hey, wow nice page

Richard 04/02/2013 17:13:52
hej origif

123http 02/02/2013 13:32:34

Vado 01/02/2013 15:25:30
Yay! (*)

Volcanics 31/01/2013 17:26:05

Sheckmer 12/01/2013 13:16:25

Vado 09/01/2013 04:26:18
Hey there

Origif 02/01/2013 16:14:38
Hejsa Prizm

Prizm 02/01/2013 16:04:07
Hej Origif

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