March - New Community Challenge
Kirjoittanut WhiteBlack, kirjoitettu 07.02.2019 15:39:58 Band Synth or Basement Band Drum Kit populair Basement Band instrument do you think this year is the most popular Basement Band instrument? Do you think most habbos prefer to go crazy on the Basement Band Drum Kit or do they prefer the Basement Band Synth? Results are measured after March 21. Everyone who got it right, will be rewarded with a cool badge and the red panda furni. The 100th habbo that votes correctly will be rewarded with all 3 new Basement band instruments!

landing.view.vote_one_button.text.basementchallenge=Basement Band Synth
landing.view.vote_two_button.text.basementchallenge=Basement Band Drum Kit

Red Panda

badge_name_HBB08=You voted in the Basement Band Community Challenge
badge_name_HBB09=Instrument Trend Spotter
badge_name_HBB10=You voted in the Basement Band Community Challenge

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