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UPDATE 2 - 05/03

UPDATE 1 - 01/03

badge_name_EFT01=Grandma's House Bundle
badge_name_EFT02=Teatime in Wonderland Bundle
badge_name_EFT03=Seven Dwarves Bundle
badge_name_EFT04=Habbelina's Forest Bundle
badge_name_EFT06=RARE Rainbow Forest Chicken
badge_name_EFT07=RARE Fairytale Forest Wreath
badge_name_EFT08=RARE Fairytale Forest Swing
badge_name_EFT09=Wildflower Throne LTD
badge_name_EFT11=Habbshire Cat on Twitter
badge_name_EFT12=Snow White on Twitter
badge_name_EFT13=Bonnie Red Riding Hood on Twitter
badge_name_EFT14=Habbelina on Twitter
badge_name_EFT15=Bronze Instagram Sweepstakes Winner!
badge_name_EFT16=Silver Instagram Sweepstakes Winner!
badge_name_EFT17=Gold Instagram Sweepstakes Winner!
badge_name_EFT18=Red Riding Hood - Chapter 1
badge_name_EFT19=Red Riding Hood - Chapter 2
badge_name_EFT20=Red Riding Hood - Chapter 3
badge_name_EFT21=Habbelina - Chapter 1
badge_name_EFT22=Habbelina - Chapter 2
badge_name_EFT23=Habbelina - Chapter 3
badge_name_EFT24=Wonderland - Chapter 1
badge_name_EFT25=Wonderland - Chapter 2
badge_name_EFT26=Wonderland - Chapter 3
badge_name_EFT27=Wonderland - Chapter 4
badge_name_EFT28=Snow White - Chapter 1
badge_name_EFT29=Snow White - Chapter 2
badge_name_EFT30=Snow White - Chapter 3
badge_name_EFT31=Kind-hearted Fairy Tale Character Look Competition
badge_name_EFT32=Evil Fairy Tale Character Look Competition

landing.view.easter19bundlea.body=Grandma lives in a lovely little cottage in the woods. But is she even still alive? Get this bundle and find out! Exclusive badge included.
landing.view.easter19bundlea.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.easter19bundlea.header=NEW: Grandma's House Bundle!

landing.view.easter19bundleb.body=Ensure you retain your grip on pixellated reality as you tumble down the rabbit hole into the second room included in this bundle! (Comes with an exclusive badge.) Room made by Frission (.COM)
landing.view.easter19bundleb.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.easter19bundleb.header=NEW: Teatime in Wonderland Bundle!

landing.view.easter19bundlec.body=Snow White's seven dwarves own a house together. This house is now YOURS, if you wish. An exclusive badge is also included!
landing.view.easter19bundlec.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.easter19bundlec.header=NEW: Seven Dwarves Bundle!

landing.view.easter19bundled.body=Habbelina lives in a forest overflowing with magical energy. Revitalise your pixels by bathing in the river! Comes with a lovely and EXCLUSIVE badge. Room made by Frission (.COM)
landing.view.easter19bundled.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.easter19bundled.header=NEW: Habbelina's Forest Bundle!

landing.view.easter19chick.body=This particular species of forest chicken can live for 240 years and only turns fully rainbow coloured after its 100th birthday. Radical, rare and never to be sold again - go take a look today!
landing.view.easter19chick.button=See the rare!
landing.view.easter19chick.header=RARE Rainbow Forest Chicken!


landing.view.easter19clothing.body=Fairytale garments galore are available now inside the Catalogue. Trust us, you NEED to see the hats!
landing.view.easter19clothing.button=See the clothing!
landing.view.easter19clothing.header=NEW Fairytale Easter Clothing!

landing.view.easter19fairy.body=Our Fairytale Easter furni line is here! Create your own fairytale forests and weave your own stories in the Hotel this Easter.
landing.view.easter19fairy.button=See the furni!
landing.view.easter19fairy.header=Our Fairytale Easter Line is HERE!

landing.view.easter19fox.body=If there was ever a rare clothing item that could be set to go up in value, this might be it. Get yours while you still can!
landing.view.easter19fox.button=See the rare!
landing.view.easter19fox.header=RARE Enchanted Fox Outfit!


landing.view.easter19games.body=Play today's Fairytale Easter game to earn the latest badge!
landing.view.easter19games.button=Visit the Navigator!
landing.view.easter19games.header=Play today's Fairytale Easter Game!

landing.view.easter19ltd.body=Constructed entirely out of enchanted hardwood and decorated with wildflowers from various fairytale woodland glades, this limited edition furni is almost otherworldly.
landing.view.easter19ltd.button=See the LTD!
landing.view.easter19ltd.header=Wildflower Throne LTD!


landing.view.easter19swing.body=Get your dose of leisure time while on a visit to a forest full of fairies. This furni is classified as rare and never to return to Habbo again!
landing.view.easter19swing.button=See the rare!
landing.view.easter19swing.header=RARE Fairytale Forest Swing!


landing.view.easter19wreath.body=Dress like a forest queen. Or a king, of course. Take a look at this rare clothing item before it leaves the Catalogue forever!
landing.view.easter19wreath.button=See the rare!
landing.view.easter19wreath.header=RARE Fairytale Forest Wreath!


landing.view.easter19book1.body=Ancient Storybooks crack into one of four different storybooks. Each storybook cracks into one of three different items. Get more information on our Twitter page or event article!
landing.view.easter19book1.button=See the book!
landing.view.easter19book1.header=Ancient Storybooks Available NOW!


landing.view.easter19egg1.body=Enchanted Eggs crack into one of three different baby creatures, which then evolve into one of two final stage evolutions once clicked on. Get more information on our Twitter page or event article!
landing.view.easter19egg1.button=See the egg!
landing.view.easter19egg1.header=Enchanted Eggs Available NOW!


ACH_EasterCreatures1 - ACH_EasterCreatures10

Habbo NL + Habbo FR ONLY!

landing.view.easter19egg2.body=Take your pick from an entire range of different magical, mythical fairytale creatures! Available for 24 hours - click to see them all!
landing.view.easter19egg2.button=See the items!
landing.view.easter19egg2.header=Fairytale Creatures Available NOW!

landing.view.easter19book2.body=We've put an attractive selection of fairytale storybook items into the Catalogue for a 24 hour period. Click to see them all!
landing.view.easter19book2.button=See the items!
landing.view.easter19book2.header=Fairytale Storybook Items Available NOW!


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