March 2020 Codes - Habbo
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UPDATE: 17/02

- Classic Rares

Leap Day Pillar (Brown Doric Pillar)

RDP04 (badge)
Rare Brown Doric Pillar

Silver Elephant

REL02 (badge)
Rare Silver Elephant

landing.view.mar20backdrop.body=Add some regal elegance to your space with some theatrical curtains. Perfect for entertaining guests!
landing.view.mar20backdrop.button=See the rare!
landing.view.mar20backdrop.header=Regal Theatre Curtains

Regal Theatre Curtains

AST05 (badge)
Rare Regal Theatre Curtains

Cortinas Teatro Real
Cortina Teatro Aristocrático
Rideaux de Théâtre Majestueux

landing.view.mar20booster.body=These chests contain six furni and a new backpack. If you're lucky, you might get the gold versions! (Note: there are a total of five gold furni - not six - and one gold backpack.) Only available during several 24-hour windows this month!
landing.view.mar20booster.button=See the box!
landing.view.mar20booster.header=NEW: Forgotten Chests!


art_c20_clock / art_c20_pillow / art_c20_chair1
Small Cuckoo Clock / Sequin Pillow / Berry Dolly Mix

art_c20_chair2 / art_c20_chair3 / art_c20_chair4
Bright Dolly Mix / Long Dolly Mix / Layer Dolly Mix


Heart Backpack (Preview)

art_c20_gold1 / art_c20_gold2 / art_c20_gold3
Gold Dolly Mix / Gold Long Dolly Mix / Gold Layer Dolly Mix

art_c20_gold4 / art_c20_gold5
Gold Sequin Pillow / Gold Cuckoo Clock


Gold Heart Backpack (Preview)

NUEVO: ¡Cofres Olvidados!
NOVO: Arcas Misteriosas!
NOUVEAU : Coffres Oubliés !

landing.view.mar20booster2.body=Pick up a selection of new furni while you can - it's only available during several 24-hour windows this month!
landing.view.mar20booster2.button=See the packs!
landing.view.mar20booster2.header=NEW: Booster Packs! (This is for users from .FR and .NL)


landing.view.mar20studio.body=Every artist starts somewhere. What better place than your very own apartment, equipped with all the art essentials!
landing.view.mar20studio.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.mar20studio.header=Artist Studio Bundle

Artist Studio Bundle (Preview)

AST01 (badge)
Artist Studio Bundle

Lote Estudio de Arte
Pack Estúdio do Artista
Pack Studio d'artiste

landing.view.mar20class.body=Don't sleep through this one! Learn from the best and enhance your talents in our Art Masterclass Bundle.
landing.view.mar20class.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.mar20class.header=Art Masterclass Bundle

AST02 (badge)
Art Masterclass Bundle

Lote Masterclase de Arte
Pack Aula Magna de Arte
Pack Cours d'Art

landing.view.mar20gallerya.body=A visit to Hotel Gallery VI will open your eyes to some of the most famed and modern classics in Habbo!
landing.view.mar20gallerya.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.mar20gallerya.header=Hotel Gallery VI Bundle

AST03 (badge)
Hotel Gallery VI Bundle

Lote Hotel Gallery VI
Pack Galeria Habbiana-Foyer
Pack Gallerie d'Hôtel VI

landing.view.mar20galleryb.body=Pay a visit to Hotel Gallery VII and gaze upon a selection of famed experimental and contemporary works.
landing.view.mar20galleryb.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.mar20galleryb.header=Hotel Gallery VII Bundle

AST04 (badge)
Hotel Gallery VII Bundle

Lote Hotel Gallery VII
Pack Galeria Habbiana-Sala Negra
Pack Gallerie d'Hôtel VII

targeted.offer.extra20_walls1_tto_all.desc=Click here to see a list of all the items included in this deal
targeted.offer.extra20_walls1_tto_all.title=Walls Offer One

Walls Offer One!

WLL01 (badge)
Walls Offer One

targeted.offer.extra20_walls2_tto_all.desc=Click here to see a list of all the items included in this deal
targeted.offer.extra20_walls2_tto_all.title=Walls Offer Two

Walls Offer Two!

WLL02 (badge)
Walls Offer Two

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