Macklebee criticizes Puhekupla and what I think about it
Recently, the former Sulake employee Macklebee has posted on his personal Twitter criticism of the work of collecting sensitive information, citing the @Puhekupla and @Puhekupla_Staff accounts.

"Stalking, harassing, bothering, or trying to find personally identifiable pieces of data about employees at any company, just so you can compile your lists is not ok. Pack that shit in, those that want visibility will share it with you."

Although not explicit, the tweet leaves no doubt that it is the attempt to collect information from Sulake employees by Puhekupla.


Whoever accesses our website, has already noticed that we have the section "Habbo Staffs", where you can find data about the start and exit date, function and fakes of almost 2000 staffs of all hotels. What some people may not yet know, is how we're able to get this information. Simply for years, we have been engaged in analyzing data from millions of registered users (currently our operational capacity has been reduced to monitor only a few dozen accounts). Searching a little more on Google, we're able to find some other more interesting data and put together a giant puzzle. With this information in hand, we're able to unveil strategies, future plans and other interesting secrets that Habbo hides. Remember when we unveiled the Hideaway Hotel?


Users who are more faithful to the game are looking for curiosities. Fansites are just a space created by players to share their curiosities with other people, whether in forums or news, are always competing with each other to publish the best information about what the next furniture will enter the store or emblem that will be distributed. That's the reason for many fansites. We also participate in forums of other fansites and we have our own community on Twitter, and we're able to get a lot of information that contributes to our puzzle. In other words, there is a community that collects and encourages it. We aren't alone in this.

Mentioning us or not, several fansites publishes news about Sulake after us, and so we know our responsibility. We avoid exposing sensitive information about the company and users, and maintain caution about what is published. We would like to take personal information even more seriously, but if you have an open profile on Facebook and a post that identifies who you are in Habbo then there is not much to complain about.

Unfortunately Habbo has removed many interesting features that we could explore and offer differentiated curiosities to users. A rare case of what we were able to do recently were the LTD statistics. How about Sulake open the Marketplace or the Helpers Tool API? Or the forum, Habbo Club, etc. There is a lot of interesting information that can be made available, and maybe this way we would be less concerned about what the employees are doing in their office.

In the end, we're just a community in love with Habbo, but ignored by himself. Sulake seeks the support of fansites and users to produce content and activities for Habbo in return for some privileges. But when we look for them, they offer us robots and automatic messages. They don't trust us. Consequently we will also not trust them and will continue to have reasons for not liking what users are doing.
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Habbo Economy Statistics
Last Saturday, Habbo posted a tweet about the numbers of items traded in 2017. There are not many details, but the numbers for each hotel. We would like to gather here with other statistics published.

In 2017, according to Habbo, 176,284,459 items were traded. Below are the numbers for each hotel. 66,899,074 (37.9%) 5,797,589 (3.2%) 38,366,414 (21.7%) 2,274,169 (1.2%) 9,031,824 (5.1%) 3,982,071 (2.2%) 13,310,549 (7.5%) 8,784,163 (4.9%) 27,838,606 (15.7%)

In addition, Habbo also posted on Twitter the number of completed trades in each hotel. 8,279,327 (38.8%) 544,806 (2.5%) 4,883,529 (22.9%) 184,316 (0.8%) 1,115,376 (5.2%) 487,232 (2.2%) 1,284,452 (6.0%) 1,327,533 (6.2%) 3,177,353 (14.9%)

We assume that these numbers deal with all trading features (trade rooms and marketplace). Unfortunately we do not have information about Habbo Credits and furnitures. Remember the statistics for the year 2016 and 2013.

Global Habbo Club Payday

We also have informations about the monthly payment of Habbo Club in our database. Payment is due on the 15th of each month at all hotels.

January: 1,142,789 coins
February: 822,825 coins
March: 797,309 coins
April: 817,648 coins
May: 774,839 coins
June: 802,730 coins
July: 889,123 coins
August: 776,594 coins
September: 922,919 coins
October: 704,539 coins
November: 705,060 coins
December: 838,614 coins

The payment refers to the 10% of credits spent in Shop. Habbo doesn't provide data separately by hotel. In total, it paid globally 9,994,989 coins to users in 2017.

Limited Edition Rares

Earlier we captured data on all the rare from the Edition Limited Rares collection of all hotels. Click here to check out the article again.

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All in One (15-11-18) -UPDATE

landing.view.xmas18cloth.body=Go and check out our BRAND NEW selection of Christmas clothing!
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landing.view.xmas18cloth.header=Winter City Christmas Clothing!

Preview 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11

landing.view.xmas18crackable.body=This furni turns into one of five matroyoshka dolls of your choice (keep cracking them until you get the one you want). Use them in conjunction with the Nutcracker Crafting Table and the other dolls to create brand new Winter City Christmas clothing items!
landing.view.xmas18crackable.button=See the Dolls!
landing.view.xmas18crackable.header=Available: Red Matroyoshka Dolls!

landing.view.xmas18crafting.body=The Nutcracker Crafting Table is now available in the Catalogue! Use the various matroyoshka dolls (obtainable through the Catalogue at various times in December and official Christmas games and activities) in conjunction with it to craft brand new clothing items!
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landing.view.xmas18crafting.header=Winter City Christmas Crafting!


badge_name_ACH_wintercity1=Crafted 2 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity2=Crafted 4 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity3=Crafted 6 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity4=Crafted 8 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity5=Crafted 10 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity6=Crafted 12 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity7=Crafted 14 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity8=Crafted 16 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity9=Crafted 18 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity10=Crafted 20 items of Winter City Christmas clothing

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landing.view.xmas18games.button=Visit the Navigator!
landing.view.xmas18games.header=Winter City Christmas Games!

Santa Matroyoshka Doll

Matroyoshka Dolls

badge_name_X1811=Matryoshka´s 01/05
badge_name_X1812=Christmas Deers 01/05
badge_name_X1813=Winter Festival 01/05
badge_name_X1814=Christmas Theatre 01/05
badge_name_X1815=Christmas Socks 01/05
badge_name_X1816=Matryoshka´s 02/05
badge_name_X1817=Winter Festival 02/05
badge_name_X1818=Christmas Deers 02/05
badge_name_X1819=Christmas Socks 02/05
badge_name_X1820=Christmas Theatre 02/05
badge_name_X1821=Matryoshka´s 03/05
badge_name_X1822=Winter Festival 03/05
badge_name_X1823=Christmas Theatre 03/05
badge_name_X1824=Christmas Socks 03/05
badge_name_X1825=Christmas Deers 03/05
badge_name_X1826=Matryoshka´s 04/05
badge_name_X1827=Christmas Deers 04/05
badge_name_X1828=Winter Festival 04/05
badge_name_X1829=Christmas Theatre 04/05
badge_name_X1830=Christmas Socks 04/05
badge_name_X1831=Matryoshka´s 05/05
badge_name_X1832=Winter Festival 05/05
badge_name_X1833=Christmas Deers 05/05
badge_name_X1834=Christmas Theatre 05/05
badge_name_X1835=Christmas Socks 05/05

landing.view.xmas18ltd.body=The ultimate addition to any classic Habbo furni hoarder's collection. There are only a handful of these as they are limited edition, so make sure you're online when they're released!
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90 + 90

landing.view.xmas18owl.body=Get your very own rare Snowy Owl! Just be prepared for it to bring home mice every now and again. Available for a short time only!
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landing.view.xmas18play.body=Pick up a stack of the new Winter City Christmas furni at a HUGE discount with this bundle. Comes with exclusive badge!
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45 + 45

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Limited Edition Rares: the black box
Puhekupla, with the help of several fansites partners, was able to obtain detailed information about the Limited Edition Rares collection. Basically, we set up a database with information on each of the 171,547 items from the 89 rare ones launched at the 9 hotels over their 5 years of existence. The data collected, are just the one you see in the shop during the sale of a LTD: items available, items sold and price.
This work lasted for months and today we are being able to introduce it.

For the data, consider the following facts:

1. We are no longer able to get this data from Habbo Denmark, Norway and Sweden;
2. The Habbo Turkey was opened after the sale of several LTD, but even so the shop provides information on items made available and sold prior to the opening. Probably the items that appear as sold were distributed differently in the community;
3. The calculations are only valid for Habbo Coins. Diamonds and other currencies were not considered;
4. All data are from the Habbo Shop and refer to the items only. We have no information about buyers.

About LTDs

They first came to Habbo on April 4, 2012 during the Easter campaign. They are characterized by being available for a limited amount in the shop. This amount is pre-determined and varies in each Hotel, depending on the demand and varies for each rare released, as well as the price. Once the threshold quantity is reached, it is no longer possible to buy. Just like all the rare ones, they are also available in the shopfor a limited time.

Habbo Staffs claim that if the rare do not sold out, stranded items can be distributed in other ways. But there is no evidence that this happened at some point.

The black box

There is so much information collected that it would be impossible to display everything here in this article. Therefore, we summarize graphically for each hotel, as you can see below. The sales data for each rare one is in a PDF file hosted on Google Drive.

We share this responsibility with other fansites so they can show you more detailed information about your hotel. At the end of this article, just select your country to find it.

Habbo Global Statistics

9 hotels
89 rares
171,547 items available
123,338 items sold
25,990,509 Habbo credits spent
42 badges

Best Selling
Four rare are in this position. They have achieved 100% sales in all hotels!

Worst Selling
This was the biggest failure: only 33% of the items available were sold.

Code: scifi_ltd17_mech
Release date: May 15, 2017
954 items available
315 items sold
157,500 coins spent

The most abundant rare
In absolute numbers, that is, the rare one found in greatest quantity.

Code: sf_pod_dark
Release date: April 6, 2012
13,600 items available
11,047 items sold
552,350 coins spent

The most rare
In absolute numbers, that is, the rare one found in least quantity.

Code: vikings_throne
Release date: May 28, 2014
315 items available
265 items sold
265,000 coins spent

Hotel Ranking
This is the ranking of hotels where most users buy rare in relation to the quantity available. - 87.2% - 83.6% - 75.3% - 73.7% - 71.6% - 67.5% - 66.6% - 63.2% - 16.1%

The badges became a rule only from September 2014. Before that, they were distributed in the rare ones on only five occasions.

Unfortunately we are not able to tell how many badges were distributed to users. A user can purchase multiple items from the same rare one, but will receive the badge only once. So we are not able to do this calculation. You can discover information like this on sites like Habbowidgets by searching for one of the badges. However, it is still not possible to obtain 100% accuracy.

Badge Sales
Referring only to items that were sold with badge
Selling rate: 76.2%
50,048 items available
38,154 items sold

Non Badge Sales
Referring only to items that were sold without badge
Selling rate: 70.1%
121,499 items available
85,184 items sold

Sales rose 6% with the badges.
Highlight for, where it reaches 97%!

If Sulake has as a goal the sale of all items, that is, 171,547 items, then it would be spent 34,517,540 coins! However, only 123,338 items were sold and this had the cost of 25,990,509 coins. Thus, players saved 8,643,031 of coins around the world.
Did you also avoid spending?

Check out all data by clicking here
Local fansites have also published more details: Habbid Pixels Emotion Habbonews

Check out all data by clicking here
Local fansites have also published more details: Habbolando playHab HabView

Check out all data by clicking here
Local fansites have also published more details: Habbolicious Habtium HabboTemplarios

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Local fansites have also published more details: Bottila HabCat

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Local fansites have also published more details: MangeToiÇa

Check out all data by clicking here
Local fansites have also published more details: HabboLife Forum

Check out all data by clicking here

Check out all data by clicking here

Check out all data by clicking here
Local fansites have also published more details: HabboCreate

Unfortunately in recent times the Habbo Team has made it difficult for us to get interesting information like this, but we hope Sulake will be able to enjoy our work.
We hope we can continue doing more things like this and keep you updated on Habbo.

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