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Par Leotoddy le 21-04 15:04:36
Have you ever wanted to know what it's like to step into Frank's shoes and actually manage Habbo?

Habbo Clicker is a game set in the Habbo universe, developed in HTML5 and owned by Sulake. Its mission is to collect credits, open new rooms and upgrade your money-making capacity.

As you evolve your furniture, they gain the ability to generate their own revenue automatically. With more coins, you can buy new rooms and unlock new levels. In all, there are five levels and at the end, you get a badge in the game. Classic Habbo characters like Frank, Bonnie Blond, Johnny Squabble and Donnie Santini are there to bring you thousands of coins. In addition, you will find hundreds of furniture of the Habbo world.

Habbo Clicker is available in the catalog of major game portals and mobile app stores. You can also access the Habbo Clicker portal.
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