World Health Day with Puhekupla and ThisHabbo
Join us as we celebrate World Health Day with Habbo. Together with ThisHabbo we're celebrating World Health Day in style, make your way through our quest and you'll win yourself a very healthy heart badge .

To take part follow THIS link to the first room, enjoy!
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Earth Hour!

Join HabboShire and ourselves for some Earth Hour fun this weekend. Earth Hour is on Saturday March 28th between 8:30 PM- 9:30 PM GMT. All you have to do to join in is to make sure you switch off all your lights between those times, simple.

If you'd like to celebrate on Habbo however you can take part in our event by clicking here. You'll win a shiny new badge once you're done!
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#Puhekupla - Get Social
We know how lost you are without Twitter, Facebook, and Puhekupla. Well, we’ve found you! We are now actively posting updates on Facebook and Twitter!

We will be sharing updates on what’s going on around Habbo and Puhekupla and we would love for you to be a part of everything!

And to get even more in touch with our community, we will be hosting competitions specfically on our social media!

So connect with us to get in on the action!

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Follow us on Twitter
Like us on Facebook
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PixelBlitz 2015

PixelBlitz is BACK in 2015, and we're all pumped up and ready to go with some great themes coming up this year for you to all take part in. Not sure what PixelBlitz is? Keep reading!

PixelBlitz is a monthly graphics competition Puhekupla runs for all of our budding pixel artists out there to take part in to challenge themselves to create better and better graphics. Each month we open up voting to the public with 2 or more finalists, and let the community vote who should be crowned the winner of that selected month.

The winner of PixelBlitz scores some really cool prizes! This month we're giving away Puhekupla VIP, which allows them to have extra features on their homepage such as Twitter, YouTube and more notes. VIP members also get a cool badge to show off on their homepage.

This month, the winner will also receive a special PixelBlitz March badge for their homepage.

The theme for March 2015 is "Practical jokes", which you can get more info about on the PixelBlitz page.

By *filtered*, Puhekupla Owner Stay tuned for PixelBlitz April, we're working on some completely new graphics and a brand new design!

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