PixelBlitz & Find Carl Winners
Di Vado il 15-12-2012 10:47:43

Due to unforeseen issues we've had to close both of our Puhekupla competition a couple of days early. However, on the bright side, we have some winners for you

It's been such a busy month again, and we're all working very hard for everyone here at Puhekupla, so we've hired some new team members if you haven't seen Checkout our Team page. They'll be bringing you updated news, along with updated Dump images, so you don't miss out on anything Habbo related.

No voting this month.. The winner of Puhekupla VIP, congratulations..


Checkout their winning entry at the bottom of this blog.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered and found our precious Carl! If you didn't realise, he was hiding in fear on our PixelBlitz page. Congratulations and VIP goes to the following three users...


All of the Puhekupla VIP winners will receive their VIP soon.

Finally, no new theme for PixelBlitz yet, it will be back in the New Year, with a brand new theme, so get those paint brushes ready!

Much love,

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