Classic Joke Friday
Di Vado il 15-03-2013 06:29:35

Everyone loves jokes, jokes are a day-to-day thing in most peoples lives.. we can't live without jokes! They make us laugh, laugh… oh, and laugh!

We want to bring the laughter here to Puhekupla with classic joke Friday!

Okay, I've got one, ready?
What did the baby corn say to the mumma corn?
…where's popcorn?

Hahahahha! *lols*

We'd love to hear your funniest, simplest jokes that you've got.. so all you've gotta do is use the comment feature at the bottom of this article to joke. Keep the joke short and simple, but make it hilariously funny. Try to think up your own jokes, instead of taking them from the Internet.

We'll pick the funniest jokes and reward those users with a special "i love ur jokes" badge.

Waaait, I have another joke for you!!
Knock knock!
Who's there?
Vera Who?
Vera few people think these jokes are funny……..aww, *sadface*

*filtered*line for this competition is Wednesday the 20th of March.

By *filtered*, Community Manager

Update 22nd March
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