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Di -Haakon- il 29-08-2009 20:06:39

We've heard some rumours about a Habbo named Jolee72 being a new Sulake (Technical) Staff Member at Habbo Spain.
So we checked some things and we can say that Jolee72 will be a new Sulake/Habbo Staff at Habbo Spain!
We have also checked her badges, to be sure:

So it's true
Now we just have to wait till a newsmessage pops-up about this new staff..

- Haakon


So for those of you who visit every now and again will notice that its not only buggy right now (no menu and the Sulake Mission is missing) but there are two new job positions for Singapore, one being a Mod Position, the other Site Producer.

Now for anyone who knows anything Habbo SG and it's staff will know that AppleDoe is currently Site Producer (and a good one at that), but if they are looking for a new one, does that mean Appeldoe is leaving? Or just changing position within Habbo SG like Bamaloo (AU) did a few weeks ago. We at Puhekupla will keep you up to date.

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