New credit rare & landing view codes
Di Michaels il 15-01-2014 12:57:18
Builders club landing view: new exclusive blocks!

landing.view.blocks1.body=Exclusively to Builders Club...we are happy to welcome Building Blocks! Lots of colours and patterns, you can really let your creativity flow and make the most out of your rooms.
landing.view.blocks1.button=Get Building <Link to BC Warehouse>
landing.view.blocks1.header=ALL NEW: Building Blocks!
landing.view.blocksroombuilding.body=Do you think you're the best Habbo Builder? Prove it. To welcome Building Blocks to the hotel, for the next week we will be hosting room building competitions! Get creative and you could win Builders Club subscriptions and EXCLUSIVE badges!
landing.view.blocksroombuilding.button=Join the fun <Builders club warehouse>
landing.view.blocksroombuilding.header=EPIC Blocks Building Competition!

Chinese new year credit rare, buy 120c & get a rare!

landing.view.chinesebonusrare.body=Ooh look - a BONUS RARE! To get your hands on this AWESOME furni, simply purchase 120c or more, and you receive this super cool Horsse Statue! The perfect addition to any Chinese New Year collection...
landing.view.chinesebonusrare.button=Get yours now <credits page>
landing.view.chinesebonusrare.header=Grab your reins....Here comes the Horse
landing.view.chineseny14.body=The Year of the Horse is almost here! To ring in the near year in style, we've added all the legendary Chinese New Year furni you love, plus some awesome NEW furni! And of course, fireworks!
landing.view.chineseny14.button=Neeeiggghhh <chinese NY shop>
landing.view.chineseny14.header=Happy Chinese New Year!

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