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If you follow Habbo updates frequently, you've probably heard of the Hotel Hideaway. The new Sulake product maybe introduced on Habbo in a few weeks, but many users write comments on fansites and Twitter saying they are not understanding what this is. Let's try to summarize


The Hideaway Hotel is a virtual community, set in a hotel, where users can interact with each other in real time, dressing, etc. Basically, it's like Habbo, but with another style. On the official website, Hideaway is described as follow: “Hotel Hideaway is a great place to meet new people, socialise, and find your tribe.”. The game is aimed at an older audience than allowed by Habbo, from 17 years old.


The Hotel Hideaway is a game developed by Planetmedia Oy, a company belonged to the same group of Sulake Corporation, Elisa Oy. Currently, Planetmedia no longer exists and the game now belongs to Sulake. In addition, some Sulake employees have been working in the game since its inception, such as Simo Piispanen. Over time, we found several evidences that pointed out that Sulake could be working on a new product:

June 2016: Yucca found an academic article from a Sulake intern who mentioned that the company was working on a new game, a secret project called "X". In this document the same graphics of the game Hideaway were attached, however, the word "Hideaway" is not mentioned at any time, while "Habbo" and "Sulake" appear several times. Later, we shared the information with the MangeToiÇa who apparently had some evidence about it too, and they created a news.

April 2017: A user warned us on Twitter that he had found Project X, and that it had already been published. At the time, the game site was on the same server as Habbo, available on, but the next day, the site was removed.

December 2017: Sulake CEO Liisa Puurunen confirmed in an interview for a Finnish newspaper that Sulake was working on developing a new secret game to be released in 2018, but in fact this is no longer a secret. According to her, Sulake aims to reach an audience where Habbo is not able to reach or people who have already tired of Habbo.

February 2018: Sulake introduced codes, again using the prefix "H4K", assigned to the Hotel Hideaway on Habbo S1, a hotel restricted to Sulake employees. For some reason, these codes were also exposed in Habbo S2 (which you know as Sandbox).


We don't have evidence that Sulake intends to close Habbo soon, only to win a different audience and a new base of players. At first there will be a relationship of mutualism, where the exchange of players from one hotel to another can bring advantages to the players, such as prizes. A few months before the Hideaway Hotel was released, Sulake closed another community of his: the Bobba Bar, that may be related. But both the Bobba Bar and the Hideaway Hotel are much smaller communities than Habbo.


The app is not available for download in most countries. But you can find it in the iTunes and Google Play. You can have it on your phone only if you have an iOS or Android device. The game is only available in English and Sulake has no plans to translate it soon.

Everything indicates that the new game that Liisa referred to in the interview is in fact the Hideaway Hotel, after all, Sulake could not be able to be working on a third product while having a newly created one. Besides, if that were true, we'd find out.
We still don't know if Hideaway will be featured only on or in all communities. At the moment the texts of the pages are only in the English language.

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