July 2019 - New codes (Pride)
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landing.view.pride19celedress.body=Star Gazers! You NEED to go and check out the new Celestial Dress rare. Never to be sold again, exclusive badge included!
landing.view.pride19celedress.button=See the rare!
landing.view.pride19celedress.header=RARE Celestial Dress!

RARE Celestial Dress

["clothing_r19_celestialdress","Celestial Dress",""]

PIH11 (badge)
RARE Celestial Dress

landing.view.pride19celestial.body=We're extremely happy to present the brand new, 100% exclusive Celestial Bundle! Comes with exclusive badge.
landing.view.pride19celestial.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.pride19celestial.header=NEW: Celestial Bundle

["celestial_c19_aurora","Star Gazer's Divider",""]
["celestial_c19_constellations","Celestial Constellations",""]
["celestial_c19_dresser","Celestial Dresser",""]
["celestial_c19_floor","Floor of Stars",""]
["celestial_c19_flower","Celestial Flowers",""]
["celestial_c19_moonbed","Moon Bed",""]
["celestial_c19_planet","Planet Habbo",""]
["celestial_c19_rug","Cloud Rug",""]
["celestial_c19_spacebun","Astro Bunny",""]
["celestial_c19_starchair","Star Stool",""]
["celestial_c19_starshower","Star Shower",""]
["celestial_c19_table","Celestial Table",""]
["celestial_c19_tree","Celestial Tree",""]
["celestial_c19_wall","Wall of Stars",""]
["celestial_c19_wardrobe","Star Gazer's Wardrobe",""]

PIH07 (badge)
Celestial Bundle

landing.view.pride19furni.body=To celebrate Pride in Habbo, we're releasing a set of rainbow-coloured bedroom furni for you all!
landing.view.pride19furni.button=See the furni!
landing.view.pride19furni.header=NEW: Pride Furni!

["rainbow_c19_bed","Rainbow Bed",""]
["rainbow_c19_chair","Rainbow Stool",""]
["rainbow_c19_flags","Pride Flag Dispenser",""]
["rainbow_c19_lights","Rainbow Ceiling Light",""]
["rainbow_c19_rug","Rainbow Rug",""],
["rainbow_c19_table","Rainbow Table",""]

landing.view.pride19inflate.body=This month, we're releasing four rare inflatables! These are special: they stack together to create one huge furni. Collect all four and receive a bonus badge!
landing.view.pride19inflate.button=See the rares!
landing.view.pride19inflate.header=NEW: Collectible RARE Inflatables!

["rainbow_r19_flamingofloat","Inflatable Flamingo",""]
["rainbow_r19_peacockfloat","Inflatable Peacock",""]
["rainbow_r19_pineapplefloat","Inflatable Pineapple",""]
["rainbow_r19_rainbowfloat","Inflatable Rainbow",""]

PIH01 (badge)
RARE Inflatable Rainbow

PIH02 (badge)
RARE Inflatable Flamingo

PIH03 (badge)
RARE Inflatable Peacock

PIH04 (badge)
RARE Inflatable Pineapple

PIH05 (badge)
Master of the Inflatables

landing.view.pride19ltd.body=After many years and a lot of requests, we decided to make a rainbow-coloured classic rare. This is likely to be the first of many, so if you want the set for shop prices go get the parasol now!
landing.view.pride19ltd.button=See the LTD!
landing.view.pride19ltd.header=Rainbow Parasol LTD!

["rainbow_ltd19_parasol","Rainbow Parasol",""]

landing.view.pride19old.body=Head over to the Catalogue to check out the classic furni we've brought back for the duration of this month.
landing.view.pride19old.button=See the furni!
landing.view.pride19old.header=Classic Furni Returns!

landing.view.pride19rainbow.body=Pick up a selection of the new Pride in Habbo furni for a GREAT price! Comes with exclusive badge.
landing.view.pride19rainbow.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.pride19rainbow.header=NEW: Rainbow Room Bundle

PIH06 (badge)
Rainbow Room Bundle

landing.view.summer19cal.body=Between the 1st and 31st of July, every day you will receive a free gift from your Summer Calendar. Open yours now!
landing.view.summer19cal.button=Open it!
landing.view.summer19cal.header=Open Your Summer Calendar!

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