Game Balance 2018
2018 ended. For many, memories. For us, numbers. Therefore, we are bringing here a project shared between Brazilian, Finnish, German and Spanish fansites to the world: the Game Balance.

The Balance is the summarization of records of players' activities, such as registered users, created rooms and purchased groups from each hotel. The numbers obtained are compared to the previous year to check the performance of Habbo. We understand that these numbers reveal how engaged the users are with the game.

Criteria for data collection

We used the time zone of each hotel to find the first and last records of its respective community. Note that Habbo uses two time zones: the Greenwich Mean Time and the local time zone for each hotel. For this reason you will notice that there is a divergence of dates inside and outside the Hotel. Click here to see an example.

For this analysis were considered all records of the year: this includes banned and fake users, rooms and excluded groups. If it existed at some point, it was accounted for. It is unfeasible to know who and how many users are banned or excluded groups and rooms, for example. Moreover, this is irrelevant to the analysis and does not interfere with the final results.


The data below were organized by subject in the form of Habbo overview and are all we were able to collect and analyze. We provide the data with more details of each hotel to the local fansites. You can see them at the end of this article.


In 2018, 4,267,387 users worldwide were registered in Habbo. In all hotels there was a drop in total registered players. Overall, the decline was 20.5%. Below, the number of registered users in each hotel and the oscillation in relation to the previous year.

Hotel Total Oscillation (%) 1,683,164 -19.9 100,358 -19.7 969,143 -13.4 52,413 -7.3 249,512 -16.3 83,192 -26.9 134,282 -27.6 271,717 -23.1 723,606 -28.7

Since 2013, a year after the Sulake adopt drastic changes in the direction of Habbo, the number of users, globally, is steady fall. Of course, the disappearance of advertising campaigns has this the main reason. Of course, the absence (or nonexistence) of advertising campaigns has influenced the number of active players in the community.

Fakes? Yes, we have found many. We are unable to say for what reasons each of them was created. However, we find that in the middle and end of each year, exactly the holiday period in many countries and the arrival of the advent calendar, the number of new users increases significantly.
Does any of your users include in this number?


Decrement also recorded in the total of groups sold in Habbo. There were 80,033 purchased throughout 2018 worldwide. That's down 18%.

Hotel Total Oscillation (%) 25,898 -23.8 2,943 -25.5 16,802 -14 860 -5.1 5,933 -15.9 1,304 -39.2 4,081 -33.7 6,068 +45.6 16,344 -21.8

While achieved the sharpest drop of almost 40%, stands out as the only hotel to close the positive balance.

Creating a group is not as easy as creating a user or a room. You must be a member of Habbo Club and buy your group for 10 credits. In 2018, users spent 802,330 credits buying groups.

Unfortunately we are not able to calculate additional items for groups such as furniture and forums.


The total of rooms is directly related to the total of active users: if there are more users, there are more rooms and vice versa. Many of these are from noob users, but mostly created by players to develop their favorite activities in Habbo. Users (and also staffs) created 5,789,316 rooms in 2018. This means 23.2% less than the previous year.

Hotel Total Oscillation (%) 2,252,341 -25.1 140,682 -24.5 1,324,795 -16.9 69,077 -20.4 323,819 -16.9 106,443 -26.3 186,614 -27.1 554,381 -22.8 831,164 -27.1

Limited Edition Rares

We also have data from the Limited Edition Rares (LTD). Below, the table lists the amount of items sold, coins spent and the selling rate of the LTD rares of each hotel in 2018.

Hotel Items Sold Coins Spent Selling Rate (%) 208 99,000 21.3 496 267,500 65.6 446 227,250 45.8 104 52,500 48.1 354 195,250 54.6 133 64,500 41 221 112,250 34.1 126 72,250 38.8 1,116 558,000 93.9

Note that, the largest hotel, has the worst selling rate. surprises with more than 90% of the rare sold. Overall, this sales rate was 52.9% - there was a decrease of 1.8% in relation to the previous year.

From these data, it is possible to get some curiosities.


Best Selling
The Butterfly Habberge Egg had 70.2% of the items sold.

Code: easter_ltd18_habberge10
Release date: March 15, 2018
672 items available
472 items sold
354,000 coins spent

If you want to know more curiosities about the LTD rares, visit the main article clicking here.

Habbo Club Payday

On the 15th of each month, members of Habbo Club receives a payment for loyalty to the club and a percentage proportional to what was spent at the Shop. Traditionally, Habbo releases some data from HC Payday on Twitter and we also store it in our database.

According to Habbo, this year 9,250,590 credits were paid worldwide. This value is 7.5% lower than in 2017.
The best payment was in August: 937,915 credits paid in one go.

Below, the amounts paid month to month compared to the previous year.

Month Credits Oscillation (%)
January 860,021 -24.7
February 680,271 -17.3
March 686,188 -13.9
April 825,528 +0.9
May 660,782 -14.7
June 758,007 -5.5
July 833,212 -6.2
August 937,915 +20.7
September 858,048 -7
October 618,099 -12.2
November 763,304 +8.2
December 769,215 -8.2

In April, a user from shared the HC historical payment series on Twitter. You can remember here.

We should thank all those who somehow helped us in this great research. After all, it's not an easy job to collect and analyze so much data and make it visually pleasing from images and texts translated into multiple languages.

Rob.Cuffe Motivo.ban
Cinoplex Ne.ko
@Justeeri@ Happitorini
petiMr Lordalzx
Carboteck Nickmania

Game Balance Media Kit

If you would like to use some image on your fan site, blog or Twitter, we host all the material used in this news in Google Drive.
You can use it freely.
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All in One (14-03-19)

Easter Campaign Codes (Habbo COM)

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landing.view.easter19bundleb.header=NEW: Teatime in Wonderland Bundle!

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landing.view.easter19swing.body=Get your dose of leisure time while on a visit to a forest full of fairies. This furni is classified as rare and never to return to Habbo again!
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ACH_EasterCreatures1 - ACH_EasterCreatures10

badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures1=Hatched 2 Fairytale Creatures
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures2=Hatched 4 Fairytale Creatures
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures3=Hatched 6 Fairytale Creatures
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures4=Hatched 8 Fairytale Creatures
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures5=Hatched 10 Fairytale Creatures
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures6=Hatched 12 Fairytale Creatures
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures7=Hatched 14 Fairytale Creatures
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures8=Hatched 16 Fairytale Creatures
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures9=Hatched 18 Fairytale Creatures
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures10=Hatched 20 Fairytale Creatures

Easter Campaign Codes (Habbo ES)

landing.view.easter19book1.body=Los Libros de cuentos antiguos crackean en uno de los cuatro libros de cuentos diferentes. Cada libro de cuentos crackea en uno de los tres items distintos. ¡Entérate de más en nuestro Twitter o en el artículo del evento!
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landing.view.easter19chick.body=Este particular tipo de pollo del bosque puede vivir 240 años y solo se vuelve totalmente arcoiris después de cumplir 100 años.¡Radical, raro que nunca será vendido de nuevo - échale un vistazo ya!
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ACH_EasterCreatures1 - ACH_EasterCreatures10

badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures1=Eclosión 2 Criaturas de Cuento de hadas
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures2=Eclosión 4 Criaturas de Cuento de hadas
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures3=Eclosión 6 Criaturas de Cuento de hadas
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures4=Eclosión 8 Criaturas de Cuento de hadas
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures5=Eclosión 10 Criaturas de Cuento de hadas
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures6=Eclosión 12 Criaturas de Cuento de hadas
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures7=Eclosión 14 Criaturas de Cuento de hadas
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures8=Eclosión 16 Criaturas de Cuento de hadas
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures9=Eclosión 18 Criaturas de Cuento de hadas
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures10=Eclosión 20 Criaturas de Cuento de hadas

landing.view.easter19fairy.body=¡Nuestra línea de furnis Cuento de Hadas de Pascua está aquí! Crea tu propio cuento de hadas del bosque y comparte tus propias historias en el Hotel esta Pascua!
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landing.view.easter19ltd.body=Construido completamente de madera dura encantada y decorado con flores salvajes de claros de bosques de cuentos de hadas, ¡este furni edición limitada es casi de otro mundo!
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landing.view.easter19wreath.body=Vístete como una reina del bosque. O como un rey, por supuesto. ¡Echa un vistazo a los artículos de ropa raro antes de que dejen el Catálogo para siempre!
landing.view.easter19wreath.button=¡Ver el raro!
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Easter Campaign Codes (Habbo FI)

landing.view.easter19book1.body=Ancient Storybooks crack into one of four different storybooks. Each storybook cracks into one of three different items. Get more information on our Twitter page or event article!
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landing.view.easter19bundlea.button=Kurkkaa huonepakettiin!
landing.view.easter19bundlea.header=UUSI: Mummola- huonepaketti!

landing.view.easter19bundleb.body=Pidä hatustasi kiinni kun heität kuperkeikkaa alas kaninkoloon ja paketin sisältämään toiseen huoneeseen! (Sisältää ainutlaatuisen merkin.) Huoneentekijä: Frission (.COM)
landing.view.easter19bundleb.button=Kurkkaa huonepakettiin!
landing.view.easter19bundleb.header=UUSI paketti: Ihmemaan teekestit!

landing.view.easter19bundlec.body=Lumikin seitsemän kääpiötä asuvat yhteisessä talossaan. Talo on nyt SINUN, jos vain haluat. Sisältää ainutlaatuisen merkin!
landing.view.easter19bundlec.button=Kurkkaa huonepakettiin!
landing.view.easter19bundlec.header=UUSI paketti: Seisemän kääpiötä!

landing.view.easter19bundled.body=Peukalo-Liisa asustaa taianomaisessa metsässä. Elvytä pikseleitäsi uimalla sen joessa! Paketti sisältää upean ja AINUTLAATUISEN merkin. Huoneentekijä: Frission (.COM)
landing.view.easter19bundled.button=Kurkkaa huonepakettiin!
landing.view.easter19bundled.header=UUSI paketti: Peukalo-Liisan metsä!

landing.view.easter19chick.body=Tämä harvinaislaatuinen metsäkana voi elää 420 vuotiaaksi ja muuttuu kokonaan sateenkaaren väriseksi sen sadantena syntymäpäivänä. Tätä upeaa harvinaisuutta ei tulla myymään uudestaan - hanki siis omasi tänään!
landing.view.easter19chick.button=Tsekkaa harvinaisuus!
landing.view.easter19chick.header=HARVINAINEN Sateenkaarimetsän kana

landing.view.easter19clothing.body=Runsas valikoima taianomaisia satuihin perustuvia vaatteita on nyt saapunut kuvastoomme. Käy tsekkaamassa upeat uudet hattumme!
landing.view.easter19clothing.button=Tsekkaa vaatteet!
landing.view.easter19clothing.header=UUDET Satujen pääsiäinen- vaatteet!

landing.view.easter19egg1.body=Enchanted Eggs crack into one of three different baby creatures, which then evolve into one of two final stage evolutions once clicked on. Get more information on our Twitter page or event article!
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landing.view.easter19egg2.body=Take your pick from an entire range of different magical, mythical fairytale creatures! Available for 24 hours - click to see them all!
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landing.view.easter19egg2.header=Fairytale Creatures Available NOW!

landing.view.easter19fairy.body=Uudet Satujen pääsiäinen- tavaramme ovat täällä! Luo oma satumetsäsi Habbon pääsiäisenä.
landing.view.easter19fairy.button=Tsekkaa kama!
landing.view.easter19fairy.header=Satujen pääsiäinen- tavarasarjamme on TÄÄLLÄ!

landing.view.easter19fox.body=Jos jokin harvinaisuus tulee olemaan sijoitus, se on tämä! Hanki omasi vielä kun voit!
landing.view.easter19fox.button=Tsekkaa harvinaisuus!
landing.view.easter19fox.header=HARVINAINEN Taianomainen kettu- asu

landing.view.easter19games.body=Pelaa Satujen pääsiäinen- pelejä saadaksesi uusimmat merkkimme!
landing.view.easter19games.button=Mene huonevalikkoon!
landing.view.easter19games.header=Pelaa päivän Satujen pääsiäinen- peli!

landing.view.easter19ltd.body=Valtaistuin, joka on koottu metsän puista ja koristeltu villikukilla on nyt saatavilla valikoimastamme. Tämä LTD on kuin toisesta maailmasta.
landing.view.easter19ltd.button=Tsekkaa LTD!
landing.view.easter19ltd.header=Ruusuinen valtaistuin LTD!

landing.view.easter19swing.body=Matkaa keijumetsään rentoutumaan. Kama on harvinaisuus, joka ei tule tekemään paluuta valikoimaamme!
landing.view.easter19swing.button=Tsekkaa harvinaisuus!
landing.view.easter19swing.header=HARVINAINEN Satumetsän keinu

landing.view.easter19wreath.body=Pukeudu metsien kuningattareksi. Tai kuninkaaksi. Tsekkaa harvinaisuus vielä kun se on saatavilla!
landing.view.easter19wreath.button=Tsekkaa harvinaisuus!
landing.view.easter19wreath.header=HARVINAINEN Taikametsän seppele

Easter Campaign Codes (Habbo TR)

landing.view.easter19book1.body=Antik Hikaye Kitapları çatlatılarak dört farklı hikaye kitabından birine dönüşür. Her hikaye kitabı üç farklı üründen birini içerir. Twitter sayfamızdan veya Haberler makalemizden daha fazla bilgi edinebilirsiniz!
landing.view.easter19book1.button=Kitaplara göz at!
landing.view.easter19book1.header=Antik Hikaye Kitapları GELDİ!

landing.view.easter19bundlea.body=Büyükanne ormanda küçük şirin bir kulübede yaşıyor. Sence hala hayatta mı? Bu paketi al ve öğren! Öok özel bir rozet dahil.
landing.view.easter19bundlea.button=Pakete göz at!
landing.view.easter19bundlea.header=YENİ: Büyükanne'nin Evi Oda Paketi!

landing.view.easter19bundleb.body=Tavşan deliğinden bu paketin bulunan ikinci odasına girerken piksel gerçeklik üzerinde kaldığınızdan emin olun! (Özel bir rozet ile birlikte) Bu oda Frission (.COM) tarafından yapılmıştır.
landing.view.easter19bundleb.button=Pakete göz at!
landing.view.easter19bundleb.header=YENİ: Harikalar Diyarında Çay Saati Oda Paketi!

landing.view.easter19bundlec.body=Pamuk Prenses'in yedi cücesi birlikte bir eve sahipler. İsterseniz bu ev artık SİZİN olabilir. Özel bir rozet de dahil!
landing.view.easter19bundlec.button=Pakete göz at!
landing.view.easter19bundlec.header=YENİ: Yedi Cüceler Oda Paketi!

landing.view.easter19bundled.body=Habbelina, büyülü enerjiyle dolup taşan bir ormanda yaşıyor. Nehirde banyo yaparak piksellerinizi canlandırın! Bu paket güzel ve özel bir rozet ile birlikte geliyor. Bu oda Frission (.COM) tarafından yapılmıştır.
landing.view.easter19bundled.button=Pakete göz at!
landing.view.easter19bundled.header=YENİ: Habbelina'nın Ormanı Oda Paketi!

landing.view.easter19chick.body=Bu belirli orman tavuğu türü 240 yıl yaşayabilir ve yalnızca 100. doğum gününden sonra tamamen Gökkuşağı rengine döner. Radikal, nadir ve bir daha asla satılmayacak - mutlaka bir göz atın!
landing.view.easter19chick.button=Nadire'ye göz at!
landing.view.easter19chick.header=NADİRE Gökkuşağı Orman Tavuğu!

landing.view.easter19clothing.body=Masal kıyafetleri kataloğumuza eklendi. Bize güvenin, BU ŞAPKALARI mutlaka görmek isteyeceksin!
landing.view.easter19clothing.button=Kıyafetlere göz at!
landing.view.easter19clothing.header=YENİ Peri Masalı Bahar Kıyafetleri!

landing.view.easter19egg1.body=Büyülü Yumurtalar, üç farklı bebek yaratığından birini çatlat ve ardından bir kez tıklandığında iki son aşama evriminden birine dönüşür. Twitter sayfamızdan veya Haberler makalemizden daha fazla bilgi edinebilirsiniz!
landing.view.easter19egg1.button=Yumurtalara göz at!
landing.view.easter19egg1.header=Büyülü Yumurtalar Kitapları GELDİ!

ACH_EasterCreatures1 - ACH_EasterCreatures10

badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures1=Yumurtadan Çıkmış 2 Masal Yaratıkları
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures2=Yumurtadan Çıkmış 4 Masal Yaratıkları
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures3=Yumurtadan Çıkmış 6 Masal Yaratıkları
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures4=Yumurtadan Çıkmış 8 Masal Yaratıkları
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures5=Yumurtadan Çıkmış 10 Masal Yaratıkları
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures6=Yumurtadan Çıkmış 12 Masal Yaratıkları
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures7=Yumurtadan Çıkmış 14 Masal Yaratıkları
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures8=Yumurtadan Çıkmış 16 Masal Yaratıkları
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures9=Yumurtadan Çıkmış 18 Masal Yaratıkları
badge_name_ACH_EasterCreatures10=Yumurtadan Çıkmış 20 Masal Yaratıkları

landing.view.easter19fairy.body=Masalsı Bahar mobileri kategorimiz burada! Kendi peri masalı ormanlarınızı yaratın ve bu bahar otelimizde kendi hikayelerinizi yaratın.
landing.view.easter19fairy.button=Mobi'ye göz at!
landing.view.easter19fairy.header=Peri Masalı Bahar Kategorimiz BURADA!

landing.view.easter19fox.body=Değerinde yükselecek bir kıyafet varsa, bu olabilir. Fırsatın varken hemen bir tane kap!
landing.view.easter19fox.button=Nadire'ye göz at!
landing.view.easter19fox.header=NADİRE Büyülü Tilki Kıyafeti!

landing.view.easter19games.body=En yeni rozetimizi kazanmak için bugünün Peri Masalı Bahar oyununu oyna!
landing.view.easter19games.button=Odalar Gezginine göz at!
landing.view.easter19games.header=Play today's Fairytale Easter Game!

landing.view.easter19ltd.body=Tamamen büyülü ahşaptan yapılmış ve çeşitli masal orman ağaçlarının kır çiçekleriyle süslenmiş bu Sınırlı Sürüm mobilyası neredeyse başka bir dünyaya ait.
landing.view.easter19ltd.button=Sınırlı Sürüm Nadiresine göz at!
landing.view.easter19ltd.header=Sınırlı Sürüm Nadiresi Kır Çiçeği Tahtı LTD!

landing.view.easter19swing.body=Perilerle dolu bir ormanı ziyaret ederken huzur dolu eğlenceyi bu mobi'de bulacaksınız. Nadire bu mobi bir daha asla Habbo'ya geri gelmeyecek. Fırsatın varken bir tane kap!
landing.view.easter19swing.button=Nadire'ye göz at!
landing.view.easter19swing.header=NADİRE Peri Masalı Orman Salıncağı!

landing.view.easter19wreath.body=Orman kraliçesi ya da bir kralı gibi giyin. Kataloğumuzu sonsuza dek terk etmeden önce bu nadir kıyafetlere mutlaka göz atın!
landing.view.easter19wreath.button=Nadire'ye göz at!
landing.view.easter19wreath.header=NADİRE Peri Masalı Orman Çelenk Tacı!

Easter Campaign Codes (Habbo NL)

landing.view.easter19bundlea.body=Grootmoeder woont in een schattig klein huisje in het bos. Maar leeft ze nog wel? Haal deze bundel en je zult je antwoord krijgen! Je ontvangt er een exclusieve badge bij.
landing.view.easter19bundlea.button=Bekijk de bundel!
landing.view.easter19bundlea.header=NIEUW: Grootmoeder's Boshuis Bundel!

landing.view.easter19bundleb.body=Zorg ervoor dat je je goed vasthoudt terwijl je door het konijnenhol kruipt en zo bij de tweede kamer in deze bundel terechtkomt! Je krijgt er een exclusieve badge bij. Deze kamer is gemaakt door Frission (.COM)
landing.view.easter19bundleb.button=Bekijk de bundel!
landing.view.easter19bundleb.header=NIEUW: Teatime in Wonderland Bundel!

landing.view.easter19bundlec.body=De zeven dwergen van Sneeuwwitje wonen allemaal in een huis. Jij kan nu de gelukkige eigenaar zijn van dit huis. Je ontvangt er een exclusieve badge bij.
landing.view.easter19bundlec.button=Bekijk de bundel!
landing.view.easter19bundlec.header=NIEUW: Zeven Dwergen Bundel!

landing.view.easter19bundled.body=Habbelijntje woont in een bos vol magische energie. Revitaliseer je pixels door een duik te nemen in de rivier! Je ontvangt er een exclusieve badge bij. Kamer gemaakt door Frission (.COM)
landing.view.easter19bundled.button=Bekijk de bundel!
landing.view.easter19bundled.header=NIEUW: Habbelijntje's Bos Bundel!

landing.view.easter19chick.body=Deze speciale boskip kan wel 240 jaar worden. Zodra hij de leeftijd 100 heeft bereikt, krijgt hij alle regenboogkleuren. Dit is een zeldzaam item en zal daarom nooit meer opnieuw verkocht worden. Ga snel kijken!
landing.view.easter19chick.button=Bekijk de Zeldzaamheid!
landing.view.easter19chick.header=Zeldzame Regenboogkip!

landing.view.easter19clothing.body=Sprookjesachtige kleding is nu verkrijgbaar. Check out de hoeden!
landing.view.easter19clothing.button=Bekijk de kleding!
landing.view.easter19clothing.header=NIEUW Sprookjes Pasen Kleding!

landing.view.easter19fairy.body=Onze Sprookjes Pasen Meubi lijn is hier! Deze pasen kan je je eigen sprookjes in het Hotel maken!
landing.view.easter19fairy.button=Bekijk de meubi!
landing.view.easter19fairy.header=Onze Sprookjes Pasen Meubi is hier!

landing.view.easter19fox.body=Als er ooit een Zeldzaam kledingitem zou zijn dat in waarde zou kunnen stijgen, dan zou dit het vast zijn! Haal de jouwe nu!
landing.view.easter19fox.button=Bekijk de Zeldzaamheid!
landing.view.easter19fox.header=Zeldzaam en Betoverd Vossenpak!

landing.view.easter19games.body=Speel het sprookjesachtig paasspel van vandaag om de nieuwste badge te winnen!
landing.view.easter19games.button=Bezoek de Navigator!
landing.view.easter19games.header=Speel het sprookjesachtig paasspel van vandaag!

landing.view.easter19ltd.body=De meubi zijn volledig gemaakt van betoverd hardhout en versierd met wilde bloemen van verschillende sprookjesachtige landschappen. Deze limited edition is bijna buitenaards!
landing.view.easter19ltd.button=Bekijk de LTD!
landing.view.easter19ltd.header=Wilde Bloemen Troon LTD!

landing.view.easter19swing.body=Geniet van je vrije tijd tijdens een bezoek aan een bos vol met feeën. Deze meubi is zeldzaam en zal hierna nooit meer verkocht worden!
landing.view.easter19swing.button=Bekijk de Zeldzaamheid!
landing.view.easter19swing.header=Zeldzame Sprookjes Boomschommel

landing.view.easter19wreath.body=Verkleed je als een koning of een koningin van het bos. Bekijk deze zeldzame kledingitem voordat het te laat is!
landing.view.easter19wreath.button=Bekijk de Zeldzaamheid!
landing.view.easter19wreath.header=Zeldzame Sprookjesbos Krans!

Easter Campaign Codes (Habbo DE)

landing.view.easter19bundlea.body=Oma lebt in einem schönen kleinen Waldhaus. Aber... lebt sie überhaupt noch? Hol dir dieses Bündel und finde es selbst heraus! Mit einem exklusiven Badge.
landing.view.easter19bundlea.button=Das Bündel sehen!
landing.view.easter19bundlea.header=NEU: Omas Haus Bündel!

landing.view.easter19bundleb.body=Pass auf, dass du den Bezug zur Pixel Realität nicht verlierst während du durch das Hasenloch in den zweiten Raum dieses Bündels fällst! (mit einem exklusiven Badge). Raum von Frission (.COM) erstellt.
landing.view.easter19bundleb.button=Das Bündel sehen!
landing.view.easter19bundleb.header=NEU: Teatime im Wunderland Bündel

landing.view.easter19bundlec.body=Schneewittchens sieben Zwerge besitzen gemeinsam ein Haus. Dieses Haus ist jetzt DEINES, wenn du möchtest. Ein exklusiver Badge ist auch dabei.
landing.view.easter19bundlec.button=Das Bündel sehen!
landing.view.easter19bundlec.header=NEU: Sieben Zwerge Bündel!

landing.view.easter19bundled.body=Habbelina lebt in einem Wald voller magischer Energie. Hauche deinen Pixeln mit einem Bad im Fluss neues Leben ein! Mit einem tollen und EXKLUSIVEm Badge. Raum von Frission (.COM) erstellt.
landing.view.easter19bundled.button=Das Bündel sehen!
landing.view.easter19bundled.header=NEU: Habbelinas Wald Bündel!

landing.view.easter19chick.body=Diese besondere Waldhuhn Spezies wird bis zu 240 Jahre alt und erhält die vollständigen Regenbogenfarben erst nach ihrem 100. Geburtstag. Radikal, rare und so nie wieder erhältlich - schau es dir heute an!
landing.view.easter19chick.button=Das Rare sehen!
landing.view.easter19chick.header=RARE Regenbogen Waldhuhn

landing.view.easter19clothing.body=Märchenkleidung in Hülle und Fülle jetzt im Shop. Die Hüte MUSST du einfach sehen!
landing.view.easter19clothing.button=Die Kleidung sehen!
landing.view.easter19clothing.header=NEU Ostermärchenkleidung!

landing.view.easter19fairy.body=Unsere Ostermärchen Linie ist da! Kreire deine eigenen Märchenwälder und erzähle deine eigene Geschichte im Hotel an Ostern.
landing.view.easter19fairy.button=Das Möbel sehen!
landing.view.easter19fairy.header=Unsere Ostermärchen Linie ist DA!

landing.view.easter19fox.body=Wenn es ein Rare Kleidungsstück gibt dessen Wert steigen wird, dann ist es dieses hier! Hol dir deins solange es noch geht!
landing.view.easter19fox.button=Das Rare sehen!
landing.view.easter19fox.header=RARE Verzauberter Fuchs Outfit!

landing.view.easter19games.body=Spiele das heutige Osterspiel um den neuesten Badge zu erhalten!
landing.view.easter19games.button=Geh zum Navigator!
landing.view.easter19games.header=Spiele das heutige Osterspiel

landing.view.easter19ltd.body=Komplett aus verzaubertem Hartholz hergestellt und mit Blumen aus verschiedenen märchenhaften Waldlichtungen verziert scheint dieses LTD Möbel aus einer anderen Welt.
landing.view.easter19ltd.button=Das LTD sehen!
landing.view.easter19ltd.header=Wildblumen Thron LTD

landing.view.easter19swing.body=Hol dir deine Ration Freizeit während du einen Wald voller Feen besuchst. Dieses Möbel ist als Rare eingestuft und wird so nie wieder bei Habbo erhältlich sein!
landing.view.easter19swing.button=Das Rare sehen!
landing.view.easter19swing.header=RARE Märchenwald Schaukel!

landing.view.easter19wreath.body=Ziehe dich wie eine Waldkönigin an. Oder wie ein Waldkönig, klar. Guck dir dieses Rare Kleidungsstück an bevor es für immer aus dem Shop verschwindet!
landing.view.easter19wreath.button=Das Rare sehen!
landing.view.easter19wreath.header=RARE Märchenwald Kranz
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Limited Edition Rares: the black box
Puhekupla, with the help of several fansites partners, was able to obtain detailed information about the Limited Edition Rares collection. Basically, we set up a database with information on each of the 171,547 items from the 89 rare ones launched at the 9 hotels over their 5 years of existence. The data collected, are just the one you see in the shop during the sale of a LTD: items available, items sold and price.
This work lasted for months and today we are being able to introduce it.

For the data, consider the following facts:

1. We are no longer able to get this data from Habbo Denmark, Norway and Sweden;
2. The Habbo Turkey was opened after the sale of several LTD, but even so the shop provides information on items made available and sold prior to the opening. Probably the items that appear as sold were distributed differently in the community;
3. The calculations are only valid for Habbo Coins. Diamonds and other currencies were not considered;
4. All data are from the Habbo Shop and refer to the items only. We have no information about buyers.

About LTDs

They first came to Habbo on April 4, 2012 during the Easter campaign. They are characterized by being available for a limited amount in the shop. This amount is pre-determined and varies in each Hotel, depending on the demand and varies for each rare released, as well as the price. Once the threshold quantity is reached, it is no longer possible to buy. Just like all the rare ones, they are also available in the shopfor a limited time.

Habbo Staffs claim that if the rare do not sold out, stranded items can be distributed in other ways. But there is no evidence that this happened at some point.

The black box

There is so much information collected that it would be impossible to display everything here in this article. Therefore, we summarize graphically for each hotel, as you can see below. The sales data for each rare one is in a PDF file hosted on Google Drive.

We share this responsibility with other fansites so they can show you more detailed information about your hotel. At the end of this article, just select your country to find it.

Habbo Global Statistics

9 hotels
89 rares
171,547 items available
123,338 items sold
25,990,509 Habbo credits spent
42 badges

Best Selling
Four rare are in this position. They have achieved 100% sales in all hotels!

Worst Selling
This was the biggest failure: only 33% of the items available were sold.

Code: scifi_ltd17_mech
Release date: May 15, 2017
954 items available
315 items sold
157,500 coins spent

The most abundant rare
In absolute numbers, that is, the rare one found in greatest quantity.

Code: sf_pod_dark
Release date: April 6, 2012
13,600 items available
11,047 items sold
552,350 coins spent

The most rare
In absolute numbers, that is, the rare one found in least quantity.

Code: vikings_throne
Release date: May 28, 2014
315 items available
265 items sold
265,000 coins spent

Hotel Ranking
This is the ranking of hotels where most users buy rare in relation to the quantity available. - 87.2% - 83.6% - 75.3% - 73.7% - 71.6% - 67.5% - 66.6% - 63.2% - 16.1%

The badges became a rule only from September 2014. Before that, they were distributed in the rare ones on only five occasions.

Unfortunately we are not able to tell how many badges were distributed to users. A user can purchase multiple items from the same rare one, but will receive the badge only once. So we are not able to do this calculation. You can discover information like this on sites like Habbowidgets by searching for one of the badges. However, it is still not possible to obtain 100% accuracy.

Badge Sales
Referring only to items that were sold with badge
Selling rate: 76.2%
50,048 items available
38,154 items sold

Non Badge Sales
Referring only to items that were sold without badge
Selling rate: 70.1%
121,499 items available
85,184 items sold

Sales rose 6% with the badges.
Highlight for, where it reaches 97%!

If Sulake has as a goal the sale of all items, that is, 171,547 items, then it would be spent 34,517,540 coins! However, only 123,338 items were sold and this had the cost of 25,990,509 coins. Thus, players saved 8,643,031 of coins around the world.
Did you also avoid spending?

Check out all data by clicking here

Check out all data by clicking here

Check out all data by clicking here

Check out all data by clicking here

Check out all data by clicking here

Check out all data by clicking here

Check out all data by clicking here

Check out all data by clicking here

Check out all data by clicking here

Unfortunately in recent times the Habbo Team has made it difficult for us to get interesting information like this, but we hope Sulake will be able to enjoy our work.
We hope we can continue doing more things like this and keep you updated on Habbo.

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Dear @Puhekupla_Staff followers,

We have found it difficult to fulfill our work by providing news about Habbo Staff(s) lately as you have may noticed. We are currently the only source that provides news about Habbo Staffs and the video game company Sulake. Unfortunately our scanners are almost completly down, and our tools are broken. We are no longer able to discover new Habbo Staff(s) which has been our vision and our main goal since day one to deliver, regular news and changes about the Habbo Staff(s) within Sulake by making use of the open source code, the API. This is not possible anymore as it once was since the developers started to prevent our work in different kind of ways. For example when they decided to remove the visible ADM badge from the badge widget of every Habbo user(s) public profile. To be able to maintain this account, we ask you now to please constantly updating us if you have news about Habbo Staff(s) or as well Sulake. Please retweet this statement to show your support to our team and to underline your signature for a better and more open source code to all the users of the Habbo community as well as your support for Habbo Fansites using different widgets to provide information about user(s) in Habbo globally like us. By retweet this tweet you also clarify that the developers have done wrong and that they should be open minded for ideas. Your support is very important for us and we believe that we can together make a big difference.

Puhekupla Staff Team.
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