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landing.view.ghost16classic.body=It's that special (and spooky) time of year when we put a selection of classic Habboween furni back in the Catalogue. Stock up while you can!
landing.view.ghost16classic.button=See the Classics!
landing.view.ghost16classic.header=BACK: Classic Habboween Furni!
landing.view.ghost16dressing.body=A ghost named Dollie haunts the gorgeously antique Vanity Mirror furni inside this bundle. Included is a bunch of new Ghost Hunter furni!
landing.view.ghost16dressing.button=See the Bundle!
landing.view.ghost16dressing.header=NEW Creepy Dressing Room Bundle
landing.view.ghost16furni.body=The brand new Ghost Hunters furni line has ARRIVED! Pick up the ingredients needed to purify your furni here (IF you want to purify it)
landing.view.ghost16furni.button=See the New Furni!
landing.view.ghost16furni.header=NEW: Ghost Hunter Furni!
landing.view.ghost16glow.body=All the way from the Underworld, these rare ghosts contain either a Cat Demon Face, Cyclops Eye, Grand Piano or Chandelier! Available for 48 hours.
landing.view.ghost16glow.button=Get a Glowing Ghost!
landing.view.ghost16glow.header=Rare Glowing Ghosts
landing.view.ghost16hotel.body=This bundle contains an EXCLUSIVE Magnificent Fireplace along with a collection of other BRAND NEW Ghost Hunters furni!
landing.view.ghost16hotel.button=See the Bundle!
landing.view.ghost16hotel.header=NEW Haunted Hotel Room Bundle
landing.view.ghost16lobby.body=Containing an EXCLUSIVE Cabinet of Curiosities and a ton of the all-new Ghost Hunter furni, this bundle is not one to miss!
landing.view.ghost16lobby.button=See the Bundle!
landing.view.ghost16lobby.header=NEW Haunted Lobby Bundle
landing.view.ghost16ltd.body=The biggest, baddest and ULTIMATE Ghost Hunting weapon has finally arrived in the Hotel. Limited numbers available - don't miss out!
landing.view.ghost16ltd.button=See the LTD!
landing.view.ghost16ltd.header=New LTD: The Wraith!
landing.view.ghost16office.body=This bundle contains a selection of the new Ghost Hunter furni AND an exclusive Evil Frank Bust! Available until 31/10, get involved.
landing.view.ghost16office.button=See the Bundle!
landing.view.ghost16office.header=NEW Evil Frank's Office Bundle
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