Christmas 2020 Furni - Habbo
Habbo Christmas 2020 Campaign:
"For our Christmas event in December, we'll take you on a magical adventure in the woods. This year we opted for an enchanted forest style theme (loosely based on Sulake's Norse origins). In December, we hope we all feel a true Scandinavian winter with a pinch of magic in the air."


Code: clothing_braidedwavyhair

Code: clothing_kilt

Code: clothing_kilttop


Code: xmas_c20_crafter

Code: xmas_c20_earthguy

Code: xmas_c20_fireguy

Code: xmas_c20_flowerguy

Code: xmas_c20_rockguy

Code: xmas_c20_runerock

Code: xmas_c20_runerockblue

Code: xmas_c20_runerockgreen

Code: xmas_c20_runerockpurple

Code: xmas_c20_runerockred

Code: xmas_c20_runerockyellow

Code: xmas_c20_smallrunestones

Code: xmas_c20_snowguy


Code: clothing_r20_dragonflywings

Code: clothing_r20_inuit

Code: xmas_r20_magicsword

Hand item

Code: xmas_r20_icefountain



Code: xmas_c20_beadgame

Code: xmas_c20_bigstump

Code: xmas_c20_bridge

Code: xmas_c20_forestbg

Code: xmas_c20_frostedfungi

Code: xmas_c20_frostytree

Code: xmas_c20_frozenstream

Code: xmas_c20_frozenwaterfall

Code: xmas_c20_nutcracker

Code: xmas_c20_pebblepeeps

Code: xmas_c20_runetele

Code: xmas_c20_shrine

Code: xmas_c20_smallstump

Code: xmas_c20_snowbush

Code: xmas_c20_snowdrops

Code: xmas_c20_stage

Code: xmas_c20_stonearch

Code: xmas_c20_stonecauldron

Code: xmas_c20_treestump

Code: xmas_c20_woodenbird

Code: xmas_c20_woodendog

Code: xmas_c20_woodenplane

Code: xmas_c20_woodentrain

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November 2020 Furni - Habbo
Plushie Crafting Boxes!
These boxes contain all the materials you need to craft one plushie and one random accessory. If you're lucky, you might get the special rainbow coloured dye! The Plushie Crafting Table is available from the crafting section of the Catalogue and our recent article details the probabilities of getting each item.

Code: plushie_c20_crackable
Name: Plushie Crafting Box

Code: plushie_c20_dyeblue
Name: Blue Dye

Code: plushie_c20_dyeneutral
Name: Brown Dye

Code: plushie_c20_dyepink
Name: Pink Dye

Code: plushie_c20_dyerainbow
Name: Rainbow Dye

Code: plushie_c20_fabric1
Name: Rough Fabric

Code: plushie_c20_fabric2
Name: Light Fabric

Code: plushie_c20_fabric3
Name: Dark Fabric

Code: plushie_c20_flowercrown
Name: Plushie Flower Crown

Code: plushie_c20_scarf
Name: Plushie Scarf

Code: plushie_c20_stuffing
Name: Plushie Stuffing

Code: plushie_c20_bow
Name: Plushie Bow

Plushie Crafting!
Click to get your very own Plushie Crafting Table and for information about how crafting works.

Code: plushie_c20_fluffmachine
Name: Plushie Crafting Table

Code: plushie_c20_bluebear
Name: Blue Bear

Code: plushie_c20_bluebear1
Name: Blue Scarf Bear

Code: plushie_c20_bluebear2
Name: Blue Bow Bear

Code: plushie_c20_bluebear3
Name: Blue Flower Crown Bear

Code: plushie_c20_bluebunny
Name: Blue Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_bluebunny1
Name: Blue Scarf Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_bluebunny2
Name: Blue Bow Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_bluebunny3
Name: Blue Flower Crown Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_bluelion
Name: Blue Lion Plushie

Code: plushie_c20_bluelion1
Name: Blue Scarf Lion

Code: plushie_c20_bluelion2
Name: Blue Bow Lion

Code: plushie_c20_bluelion3
Name: Blue Flower Crown Lion

Code: plushie_c20_brownbear
Name: Brown Bear

Code: plushie_c20_brownbear1
Name: Brown Scarf Bear

Code: plushie_c20_brownbear2
Name: Brown Bow Bear

Code: plushie_c20_brownbear3
Name: Brown Flower Crown Bear

Code: plushie_c20_brownbunny
Name: Brown Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_brownbunny1
Name: Brown Scarf Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_brownbunny2
Name: Brown Bow Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_brownbunny3
Name: Brown Flower Crown Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_brownlion
Name: Brown Lion Plushie

Code: plushie_c20_brownlion1
Name: Brown Scarf Lion

Code: plushie_c20_brownlion2
Name: Brown Bow Lion

Code: plushie_c20_brownlion3
Name: Brown Flower Crown Lion

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbear
Name: Pink Bear

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbear1
Name: Pink Scarf Bear

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbear2
Name: Pink Bow Bear

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbear3
Name: Pink Flower Crown Bear

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbunny
Name: Pink Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbunny1
Name: Pink Scarf Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbunny2
Name: Pink Bow Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_pinkbunny3
Name: Pink Flower Crown Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_pinklion
Name: Pink Lion Plushie

Code: plushie_c20_pinklion1
Name: Pink Scarf Lion

Code: plushie_c20_pinklion2
Name: Pink Bow Lion

Code: plushie_c20_pinklion3
Name: Pink Flower Crown Lion

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbear
Name: Rainbow Bear

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbear1
Name: Rainbow Scarf Bear

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbear2
Name: Rainbow Bow Bear

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbear3
Name: Rainbow Flower Crown Bear

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbunny
Name: Rainbow Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbunny1
Name: Rainbow Scarf Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbunny2
Name: Rainbow Bow Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowbunny3
Name: Rainbow Flower Crown Bunny

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowlion
Name: Rainbow Lion Plushie

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowlion1
Name: Rainbow Scarf Lion

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowlion2
Name: Rainbow Bow Lion

Code: plushie_c20_rainbowlion3
Name: Rainbow Flower Crown Lion

RARE Winter Bear Accessories!
Perfect for wrapping up warm this winter! (Includes a hat, chest and jacket slot item.) Rare and never to be sold again!

Code: clothing_r20_bearset
Name: Winter Bear Accessories

RARE Bear Backpack!
A backpack that vibrates with positive, wintery energy. Exclusive badge included, get one while you can!

Code: clothing_r20_teddybpack
Name: Bear Backpack

RARE Cosy Hammock!
For relaxing outside in the winter. While wearing a coat, of course. Rare and never to be sold again!

Code: plushie_r20_hammock
Name: Cosy Hammock

RARE Ancient Oak Table!
Perfect for those bright, frosty afternoons spent with family and friends. Exclusive badge included, get one while you can!

Code: plushie_r20_picnictree
Name: Ancient Oak Table

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Rare Winter Bear Accessories! - Habbo

Rare Winter Bear Accessories
(Includes a hat, chest and jacket slot item.)




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Habbo Passes its 20 Year Milestone This Year!
The message below is a press release issued by Sulake Oy.

Pioneer in Online Social Community-Building and Free-to-Play Sandbox Gaming Celebrates Two Decades of Creation and Innovation with over 316M Registered Avatars and 500M Rooms.

Helsinki, Finland -- October 15, 2020 -- Social entertainment company Sulake is celebrating a huge milestone this year – Habbo is 20 years old! The game first appeared in late summer 2000, and now hundreds of millions of players later, finds itself in the year 2020 still with a solid fan base that has grown up with the IP.

One of the original free-to-play virtual communities, Habbo’s focus on providing a safe and fun online space for self-expression held wide appeal for tweens and teens in the 2000’s and 2010’s. However, now the demographic tracks a bit older (young adults over 19 years make up 71% of the current player base) as the player base has grown up with Habbo and many have returned to the game during various COVID-19 lockdowns.

Throughout the course of its long and illustrious history, Habbo has celebrated widespread international success with 9 language versions and over 316M registered avatars in over 115 countries, creating over 500M rooms. Multiple awards have been showered on the service, including Fast 500 EMEA (2005), Best Community Site, Site of the Year (MetrixLab, multiple awards from 2006-2015), Global Safest Social Network (the European Commission, 2011) and the Nokia Foundation Award (2008), but the Habbo innovation doesn’t stop there. It was also one of the first online virtual communities to secure numerous advertising partnerships with over 300 brands from a wide variety of sectors and major celebrity features. These include musical artists Pink, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Ozzy Osbourne and blockbuster films such as the Harry Potter series, the Twilight series, Fantastic Four and many more.

“Habbo was a true pioneer in terms of from such a humble beginning in 2000 to what we’ve seen in its growth and change over the past two decades,” said Sulake CEO Valtteri Karu. “We’ve been excited to see so many players sticking with us and returning to the game during lockdown and participating in our 20th birthday events. We’re planning for this year to be followed by an even bigger year in 2021 – the next 12 months are full of exciting new developments for Habbo. That’s all I can say right now, so stay tuned!”

About Habbo & Sulake

Sulake is a social entertainment company focused on providing a safe and fun online service for self-expression through its games, Habbo and Hotel Hideaway. Sulake was founded in 2000 by a small team of passionate people and now after 20 years, Habbo is still one of the largest virtual communities in the world, reaching players all over the world each month. With paying customers in over 115 countries and over 850,000 active users a month, Habbo continues to be a hugely popular and globally recognised brand.

Sulake's mission is to enable its users to meet new people, make friends and give them a place to create and share their user-generated content in fun virtual surroundings. Dutch media and technology company Azerion has been a majority stakeholder since 2018, with long term shareholder Elisa Oyj still retaining a minority stake in the business. Sulake is also a leader in ensuring online safety for children.
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