Impossible House games! (Habboween 2020)
Impossible House games!
Venture inside the Impossible House, home to many evil creatures who are looking for their chance to escape into the real world. Will you be able to find your way out before they do?

GAME: Will you find your way out?

The Impossible House has been without guests for hundreds of years and all the spooky creatures that live inside it are hoping to make your stay one you'll never forget!
The Heroic Warrior Figurines want to welcome you into their home that's why they have hidden some special prizes for you to win only if you manage to turn all the lamps on in the living.

How to play:

- You have 2 minutes to turn all the lamps on.
- In order to turn them on, you need to step on the red tiles and type *
- Once you've gotten all the lamps on, step on one of the tiles again to receive your prize.
- Don't stand too close the the Heroic Warrior Figurine or you'll lose.

GAME: Divine Duck

After days of wandering around the different rooms of the impossible house, you have finally found someone who might be able to help you out.
Before you get your hopes high, you should know that the Divine Duck is famous for being a devious creature who will
will help out those who she considers deserve her help.

How to play:

- Pull the lever next to the stool, and walk across the tiles only stepping on them when they've turned yellow.
- Step on the arrow tile to push the skeleton cat into the impossible rift.
- The last thing left for you to do is walk over the rollers and through the one way door until you make it to other side.

GAME: Many-eyed Demon

You have finally made it to the Many-eyed Demon's room and just like the Divine Duck said he's doesn't seem to happy to have people over. You have one objective in mind: to find the note your friend left for you just be careful not to annoy the Many-eyed Demon while you're there.

How to play:

- Move carefully around the room and find the note your friend left for you by stepping over the Obsessive's Scribblings.
- Watch out for the Impossible Rifts they'll make you lose precious time.
- Remember not to stand too close to the Many-eyed Demon or you'll immediately lose.

GAME: Endless Corridor

Find your way through the corridor until you're able to reach the ruinstone teleport that's under the Impossible Rift.

how to play:

- Climb up the furnis until you reach the Hidden Door that will take you to the other side of the room.
- If you happen to get stuck in the Impossible Sofa just say *jump*
- Once you've found your way through the corridor take the next teleport to continue.

GAME: The Odd One Out

In each part of the room there's a hidden furni that will open a new area of the living room for you. It's just a matter of finding the odd one out.

How to play:

- When you've found the furni click on "use"
- Then step on the color tile and say the message you got when you used the furni.
- For last part, say the message of the odd furni near the cauldron.
- Once you've unlocked every area, take the teleport to continue.
- PS: if you get stuck, say :exit

GAME: Lonely Ghosts

There doesn't seem to be a way of this room... Try to get some help from the ghosts by walking near them and finding out what they need.
Listen carefully to what the ghosts need from you.

How to play:

- Once you've helped Ghost1, say: *take a seat*
- When you've helped Ghost2, say: *you can drink now*
- When the 2 color tiles have turned green, walk in the Housekeeper's Hour glassto access to a new room.
- PS: If you get stuck, just say :exit

GAME: Cursed Pandora Chest

You've finally made it to the room where the Cursed Pandora box is kept. You must do everything that's in your power destroy the box and prevent all the evil creatures that live inside the Impossible House to escapte into the real world.

How to play:

- The first thing for you to do is find your way inside the laberynth by approaching the spirits you see inside the room.
- Inside the laberynth, you'll need to cross it without getting too close to the Burning Phantom.
- Once you've made it to the other side, grab a drink from the Zombie Butler in order to continue.

PS: If you get stuck, just say :exit

GAME: The Great Escape!

This is it! You've gone throught every room of the Impossible House and dealt with each and every evil creatures that lives inside it.
There's only one obstacle left between you and the Pandora Chest that will bring you back to safety and it's the Divine Duck.
You'll need to battle it out with her to escape or you'll be forever trapped in this Impossible House.

How to play:

- The battle will consist of 5 round of 30 seconds each.
- In each round you'll need to use the floor switch that will move around the room until the Divine Duck Crystals appear in the room.
- Don't hesitate and throw the crystals at the the duck by pulling the lever next to them.
- Make sure you avoid the mystic ducks the Divine Duck will throw at you in each round.
- A health bar above the Divine Duck will show you the amount of life the Divine has left.
- Once you're done run towards the Pandora Chest and take the teleport before you ran out of time.


Code: HSE16
Name: Welcome to the Impossible House!

Code: HSE17
Name: A divine mess-maker!

Code: HSE18
Name: All eyes on you!

Code: HSE19
Name: Hellish Scarecrow

Code: HSE20
Name: Terror from the deepest seas

Code: HSE21
Name: I opened Pandora'x box!

Code: HSE22
Name: Secret Badge 1/3 - Evil Pumpkin

Code: HSE23
Name: Secret Badge 2/3 - Caught in a spider's web!

Code: HSE24
Name: Secret Badge 3/3 - Wicked Bats

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PREVIEW: Eerie Porch Bundle! - Habbo
NEW: Eerie Porch Bundle!
Do you enter the Impossible House? Or do you not? Exclusive badge included!

HSE01 (badge)
Eerie Porch Bundle

¡NUEVO: Lote Porche Misterioso!
NOVO: Pack Varanda Fantasmagórica!
UUTUUS: Aavemainen veranta!
NOUVEAU : Pack Véranda étrange !
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Portico Misterioso!
Nieuw: Eerie Porch Bundel!
NEU: Unheimlicher Wintergarten Bündel!
YENÄ°: Ürkütücü Veranda Oda Paketi!
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PREVIEW: Haunted Library Bundle! - Habbo
NEW: Haunted Library Bundle!
There's something distinctly spooky about this library. Exclusive badge included! Room made by Frission (COM)

HSE05 (badge)
Haunted Library Bundle

¡NUEVO: Lote Biblioteca Encantada!
NOVO: Pack Biblioteca Assombrada!
UUTUUS: Kummituskirjasto-huonepaketti!
NOUVEAU : Pack Bibliothèque hantée !
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Biblioteca Stregata!
Nieuw: Spookachtige Bibliotheek Bundel!
NEU: Verhexte Bücherei Bündel!
YENÄ°: Perili Kütüphane Paketi!
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