Habbo 2020 Beta
The new access path to Habbo Beta is now available at sandbox.habbo.com. When logging into Habbo, players will find two buttons to enter the hotel, one being the classic version and the other the new version. The codes hosted today in the game confirm this information.

old hotel: https://sandbox.habbo.com/hotel/
new hotel: https://sandbox.habbo.com/hotelv2/

Habbo Beta button

For now the button is not visible to players, who are also unable to access this new version. Instead, a blank page is loaded, but release to the new hotel is now imminent.
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Inuit Clothing! - Habbo







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PREVIEW: Creepy Living Room Bundle - Habbo
NEW: Creepy Living Room Bundle!
There's something really wrong with this living room. Go check it out, we think you'll agree. Includes exclusive badge. Room made by Pulx (COM)

HSE03 (badge)
Creepy Living Room Bundle

¡NUEVO: Lote Sala de Estar Espeluznante!
NOVO: Pack Sala Impossível!
UUTUUS: Karmiva olohuone!
NOUVEAU : Pack Salon effrayant !
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Soggiorno Inquietante!
Nieuw: Griezelige Woonkamer Bundel!
NEU: Gruseliges Wohnzimmer Bündel!
YENİ: Ürpertici Oturma Odası Oda Paketi!
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PREVIEW: Nightmarish Bedroom Bundle - Habbo
NEW: Nightmarish Bedroom Bundle!
This is one bedroom you're sure to have nightmares in. Includes exclusive badge! Room made by Jenneben (NL)

HSE07 (badge)
Nightmarish Bedroom Bundle

¡NUEVO: Lote Dormitorio de Pesadilla!
Novo: Pack Quarto dos Pesadelos!
UUTUUS: Painajaisten makuuhuone!
NOUVEAU : Pack Chambre cauchemardesque !
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Stanza da Letto da Incubo!
Nieuw: Griezelige Slaapkamer Bundel!
NEU: Grauenhaftes Schlafzimmer Bündel!
YENİ: Kabus Yatak Odası Oda Paketi!
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