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Winter Palace Christmas Games!
This Christmas, the Queen needs your help. The Hallowed Ice Fountain is responsible for supplying her palace's Christmas machinery with water, and it's currently in danger of melting along with the entire building! Play the games and save the fountain from melting to ensure Christmas doesn't just become a distant memory.

badge_name_X1911=Winter Palace Game I
badge_name_X1912=Winter Palace Game II
badge_name_X1913=Winter Palace Game III
badge_name_X1914=Winter Palace Game IV
badge_name_X1915=Winter Palace Game V
badge_name_X1916=Winter Palace Game VI
badge_name_X1917=Winter Palace Game VII
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badge_name_X1920=Winter Palace Game X
badge_name_X1921=Winter Palace Game XI

Winter Palace Game I / Game VI (badges)

Winter Palace Game VII / Game XI (badges)

GAME: Palace Doors
The high temperatures are putting the Winter Palace and everything inside of it in danger of melting. Protect the palace by closing the entrance doors which have been left open before the heat reaches the Magic Hallowed Ice Fountain and Christmas gets ruined.

How to play:

- A secret pattern will appear on the floors, make sure you remember it before the games starts.
- Walk around the room and type an "x" on each tile that was part of the secret pattern.
- The pattern consists of 8 tiles so make sure you find each of them before the timer ends.
- Watch out for the guard, make sure you don't stand too close to him or you'll have to start again.
- After you've found the tiles, pull the switch to collect the badge.

GAME: The Royal Party
The Queen had everything prepared for the annual Christmas party. Unfortunately this year the party might not even happen because of all the ice that's melting inside the palace. Help the Queen save the food and presents before they get ruined too.

How to play:

- Find a friend and work together to rescue the gift boxes and food that's been placed around the room.
- Place the gift boxes on top of the Chesnut Stall, a yellow tile will light up to show you where each box goes.
- Place the food on top of the table next to the staircase, a yellow tile will light up to show you where you need to place the food items.
- Make sure you avoid the water spillages on the floor or otherwise you'll get stuck and lose precious time.
- Keep an eye on the timer and when you're done make sure to stand on the center of the arrow tiles to receive your prize.

GAME: Slippery Stairs
Everyone in the palace knows that the magic Hallowed Ice Fountain is hidden in one of the many rooms of the palace. In order to find it you'll need to make your ways upstairs stepping only on the pressure plates.

How to play:

- Walk around the room using the one way doors and the pressure plates.
- Make sure you don't fall off them or you'll have to go back to the beginning.
- Once you have made it to the second floor you'll need to move fast, the pressure plates will disappear before you know it!
- When you have reached the end, click on the switch that's behind the columns to get the badge.
- You only have 90 seconds so you need to be quick!

GAME: Finding the Boreal Mage
The Boreal Mage is one of the lucky few who actually knows where the Hallowed Ice Fountain is kept, or at least that's what everyone in the palace seem to think...

Find the hidden switches that will make music boxes appear and check for yourself whether the rumors are true.
Good luck getting any help from the Boreal Mage, she's not the most trusting person you'll meet...

GAME: Winter Maze
To reach the teleports on the other side of the ropes you'll first need to catch all the snow sprites.

How to play:

- You can walk around the pavement area or use the switch to trap the snow sprites.
- Once you've caught them a green light will appear in the room.
- When the green light appears click on the switch that's in the middle of the room for the rope divider to open.

GAME: Father Frost
Father Frost was on his way to meet the Boreal Mage when he got lost and entered the wrong room. Now he's stuck and can't get move past the candy canes that are blocking his way. Help him make it to other side of the room.

How to play:

- Use the arrow tiles to guide Father Frost towards the jar of gold.
- You only have one minute to find the quickest way to reach the jar and return it to the Boreal Mage.
- Good luck!

GAME: The Library
If the clue the Boreal Mage gave you is true there might be a secret password hidden in some books. Find the right books and make sure to remember the password maybe you'll need it in the future.

How to play:

- Step on the books that are moving around the floor to find the passwords.
- A series of obstacles will appear in the room making it harder to reach the books.
- Guards: when the guards starts moving around the room make sure you avoid them, if you get too close to them you'll lose.
- Watch out for the floors they can change when you least expect it.
- Fire: The flames will start moving around the room you can take cover behind the guards to protect yourself from them.
- Make sure you found both parts of the password before the time runs out.
- If you're playing on your own type :start for the game to start.

How to play:

- Move around the room and find the five switches to get the teleports to appear.
- Once you've found them enter the nearest one.
- Take the teleports until you reach the final room where you'll compete against another Habbo to win the badge and be one step closer to getting the fountain back.

How to play:

- Catch the pillow whenever it's on your side of the room.
- If you take too long to step on it, the other person will score a point.
- Whoever scores three points first gets to move forward.
- Make sure to click on the switch when you see it and type the password from the library to collect your prize.
- If you're playing on your own type ":start" when you're sitting on the crystal chairs.

GAME: Moving Figurines
You're one room away from reaching the Hallowed Ice Fountain, but before you get there you need to collect all the figurines that are erratically moving across the floor.

How to play:

- Reach the green tiles by stepping on the blue crystal floors before they change colors.
- Once you've made it upstairs catch all the crystal figurines by standing close to them.
- You have 90 seconds to finish and get your badge. Good luck!

GAME: Help the Queen!
The Queen was about to rescue the fountain when suddenly a bunch ice blocks fell in front of her blocking her way to the fountain. Help her remove the ice blocks and save the Hallowed Ice Fountain before it's too late.

How to play:

- Step on the arrow tile whenever the Boreal Mage is in front of an ice block.
- The Boreal Mage will walk across the ice blocks two times.
- In order to get the badge you'll need to make sure there are no ice blocks left by the time she makes her way back to the Queen.

GAME: Hallowed Ice Fountain
The Queen is running out of time, most of the rooms of the palace have melted except for this one. This is the Queen's last chance to secure the fountain and save her palace.

How to play:

- Sit on the crystal chair and pull the switch next to you.
- Once the tiles turn blue, walk fast over them until you reach the arrow tile.
- A different pattern will appear each time, make sure you cross it 3 times to get the fountain to appear in the room.
- You have 40 seconds to complete the task and get the badge.

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