March 2020 Codes - Habbo
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Classic Rares

Habbo .ES (It is not yet 100% confirmed)

NYOR2 (badge)
Almohadón Rosa

Leap Day Pillar (Brown Doric Pillar)

RDP04 (badge)
Rare Brown Doric Pillar

Habbo .DE (It is not yet 100% confirmed)

RMQ04 (badge)
Orangene Markise

Silver Elephant
Habbo BR/PT

REL02 (badge)
Rare Silver Elephant

landing.view.mar20backdrop.body=Add some regal elegance to your space with some theatrical curtains. Perfect for entertaining guests!
landing.view.mar20backdrop.button=See the rare!
landing.view.mar20backdrop.header=Regal Theatre Curtains

Regal Theatre Curtains

AST05 (badge)
Rare Regal Theatre Curtains

Cortinas Teatro Real
Cortina Teatro Aristocrático
Ruhtinaalliset teatterin verhot
Rideaux de Théâtre Majestueux
Tende da Teatro Regali
Vorstelijke Theater Gordijnen
Majestätischer Theatervorhang
Muhteşem Tiyatro Perdeleri

landing.view.mar20booster.body=These chests contain six furni and a new backpack. If you're lucky, you might get the gold versions! (Note: there are a total of five gold furni - not six - and one gold backpack.) Only available during several 24-hour windows this month!
landing.view.mar20booster.button=See the box!
landing.view.mar20booster.header=NEW: Forgotten Chests!


art_c20_clock / art_c20_pillow / art_c20_chair1
Small Cuckoo Clock / Sequin Pillow / Berry Dolly Mix

art_c20_chair2 / art_c20_chair3 / art_c20_chair4
Bright Dolly Mix / Long Dolly Mix / Layer Dolly Mix


Heart Backpack (Preview)

art_c20_gold1 / art_c20_gold2 / art_c20_gold3
Gold Dolly Mix / Gold Long Dolly Mix / Gold Layer Dolly Mix

art_c20_gold4 / art_c20_gold5
Gold Sequin Pillow / Gold Cuckoo Clock


Gold Heart Backpack (Preview)

NUEVO: ¡Cofres Olvidados!
NOVO: Arcas Misteriosas!
UUTUUS: Unohdettu lipas!
NUOVI: Scrigni Abbandonati!
NEU: Vergessene Truhen!
YENİ: Unutulmuş Sandıklar!

landing.view.mar20booster2.body=Pick up a selection of new furni while you can - it's only available during several 24-hour windows this month!
landing.view.mar20booster2.button=See the packs!
landing.view.mar20booster2.header=NEW: Booster Packs! (This is for users from .FR and .NL)


NOUVEAU : Packs Booster !
NIEUW: Booster Packs!

landing.view.mar20studio.body=Every artist starts somewhere. What better place than your very own apartment, equipped with all the art essentials!
landing.view.mar20studio.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.mar20studio.header=Artist Studio Bundle

Artist Studio Bundle (Preview)

AST01 (badge)
Artist Studio Bundle

Lote Estudio de Arte
Pack Estúdio do Artista
Taiteilijan ateljee
Pack Studio d'artiste
Affare Stanza Studio dell'Artista
Artiest Studio Bundel
Künstlerstudio Bündel
Sanatçı Stüdyosu Oda Paketi

landing.view.mar20class.body=Don't sleep through this one! Learn from the best and enhance your talents in our Art Masterclass Bundle.
landing.view.mar20class.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.mar20class.header=Art Masterclass Bundle

AST02 (badge)
Art Masterclass Bundle

Lote Masterclase de Arte
Pack Aula Magna de Arte
Taiteilijan asunto
Pack Cours d'Art
Affare Stanza Masterclass dell'Arte
Kunst Masterclass Bundel
Kunst Masterclass Bündel
Sanat Okulu Oda Paketi

landing.view.mar20gallerya.body=A visit to this Contemporary Art Gallery will open your eyes to some of the most famed and modern classics in Habbo!
landing.view.mar20gallerya.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.mar20gallerya.header=Contemporary Art Gallery Bundle

AST03 (badge)
Contemporary Art Gallery Bundle

Lote Galería de Arte Contemporáneo
Pack Galeria Habbiana-Foyer
Nykytaiteen museo
Pack Gallerie d'Art Contemporain
Affare Stanza Galleria d'Arte Contemporanea
Moderne Kunst Galerie Bundel
Galerie der zeitgenössischen Kunst Bündel
Modern Sanat Galerisi Oda Paketi

landing.view.mar20galleryb.body=Pay a visit to City Centre Gallery and gaze upon a selection of famed experimental and contemporary works.
landing.view.mar20galleryb.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.mar20galleryb.header=City Centre Gallery Bundle

AST04 (badge)
City Centre Gallery Bundle

Lote Galería Centro Urbano
Pack Galeria Habbiana-Sala Negra
Pack Gallerie City Center
Affare Stanza Galleria Centro Città
Stadskunst Galerie Bundel
Stadtzentrum Galerie Bündel
Şehir Galerisi Oda Paketi

targeted.offer.extra20_walls1_tto_all.title=Walls Offer One
targeted.offer.extra20_walls1_tto_all.desc=Click here to see a list of all the items included in this deal

Walls Offer One!

WLL01 (badge)
Walls Offer One

targeted.offer.extra20_walls2_tto_all.title=Walls Offer Two
targeted.offer.extra20_walls2_tto_all.desc=Click here to see a list of all the items included in this deal

Walls Offer Two!

WLL02 (badge)
Walls Offer Two

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