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landing.view.mar19boots.body=Boots with steel toe caps: perfect for the rowdier sorts of concerts! These boots are rare and will never be sold again. Get a pair while you can!
landing.view.mar19boots.button=See the rare!
landing.view.mar19boots.header=RARE Rocker Boots!


landing.view.mar19car.body=Attention all Bonnie Blonde fans! Bonnie's very own car is available in the Catalogue for a limited time as a rare furni. Go check it out!
landing.view.mar19car.button=See the rare!
landing.view.mar19car.header=RARE Bonnie Blonde Mobile!

landing.view.mar19cloth.body=Four brand new clothing items have just been added to the Catalogue as part of a wardrobe refresh. Make sure you go check them out!
landing.view.mar19cloth.button=See the clothing!
landing.view.mar19cloth.header=NEW: Wardrobe Refresh!

landing.view.mar19hat.body=This rare piece of headgear is fantastic. Just be careful of your fingers on those horns - they're pretty sharp!
landing.view.mar19hat.button=See the rare!
landing.view.mar19hat.header=RARE Horned Cap!


landing.view.mar19long.body=Two tones AND shoulder length. Rare and available for a limited time only! Note: this hairstyle is unisex.
landing.view.mar19long.button=See the rare!
landing.view.mar19long.header=RARE Two-Tone Curls Hairstyle!


landing.view.mar19messy.body=One of 2018's standout hairstyles, now available as a rare item inside Habbo. Note: this hairstyle is unisex.
landing.view.mar19messy.button=See the rare!
landing.view.mar19messy.header=RARE Messy Bang Hairstyle!


landing.view.mar19new.body=Everything you need to start your own basement band is right here. Three collectible 'Basement Band' instruments are available in the Catalogue NOW!
landing.view.mar19new.button=See the furni!
landing.view.mar19new.header=NEW Basement Band Kit!

landing.view.mar19parasol.body=Here's a rare for the collectors out there! This parasol won't be available for long, Habbos. Get one while you can!
landing.view.mar19parasol.button=See the rare!
landing.view.mar19parasol.header=RARE Rose Pink Parasol!


landing.view.mar19smoke.body=Here's a rare for the collectors out there! This smoke machine won't be available for long, Habbos. Get one while you can!
landing.view.mar19smoke.button=See the rare!
landing.view.mar19smoke.header=RARE Rose Pink Smoke Machine!

rare_colourable_scifirocket*4 Band Synth or Basement Band Drum Kit populair Basement Band instrument do you think this year is the most popular Basement Band instrument? Do you think most habbos prefer to go crazy on the Basement Band Drum Kit or do they prefer the Basement Band Synth? Results are measured after March 21. Everyone who got it right, will be rewarded with a cool badge and the red panda furni. The 100th habbo that votes correctly will be rewarded with all 3 new Basement band instruments!

landing.view.vote_one_button.text.basementchallenge=Basement Band Synth
landing.view.vote_two_button.text.basementchallenge=Basement Band Drum Kit

Red Panda

Valentines Day Codes (

landing.view.val19bath.body=Take a bath with your favourite Habbo. This item is rare - don't miss out!
landing.view.val19bath.button=See the rare!
landing.view.val19bath.header=RARE Romantic Bathtub


RARE Romantic Bathtub

landing.view.val19cny.body=The Chinese lunar calendar dictates that this year is the year of the PIG. We've got a cute little Piglet Hat and a brand new poster and a couple of statues. Happy Chinese New Year!
landing.view.val19cny.button=See the furni
landing.view.val19cny.header=Chinese New Year Furni!

Chinese New Year Furni

Piglet Hat

landing.view.val19come.body=All of your Valentine's Day favourites are BACK! Stock up while you can...
landing.view.val19come.button=See the furni
landing.view.val19come.header=Classic Valentine's Furni!

landing.view.val19game.button=Open the Navigator
landing.view.val19game.header=First Habbo Dates
landing.view.val19game.body=Are you ready for love? Participate in our newest hit programme: 'First Habbo Dates'! You never know, you MAY just find the pixel love of your life! Choose what you are looking for by clicking on one of the buttons below, but REMEMBER, you can only choose once! Do you want to have more info before you choose? Check out our news page!

landing.view.val19game.button1=True Love
landing.view.val19game.button3=Game partner

Looking for Mr. or Mrs. right

Looking for a new friend

Looking for an equal game buddy

For completing a successful date

For dissing your date

landing.view.val19messybun.body=Messy but definitely romantic. Rare and never to be sold again, get one while you can!
landing.view.val19messybun.button=See the rare!
landing.view.val19messybun.header=RARE Romantic Messy Bun


RARE Romantic Messy Bun

landing.view.val19new.body=To get you all in the mood for Valentine's Day, we created a mini furni line called Romantic Restaurant. Available now, go and see!
landing.view.val19new.button=See the furni
landing.view.val19new.header=NEW Romantic Restaurant furni!

landing.view.val19player.body=Play a love song on this rare record player and get in the mood for love... Rare furni, available now! (EXCLUSIVE badge included)
landing.view.val19player.button=See the rare!
landing.view.val19player.header=RARE Romantic Record Player


RARE Romantic Record Player

landing.view.val19puppy.body=Is that special someone a dog lover? Well, you've just found the perfect present. This item is rare - don't miss out!
landing.view.val19puppy.button=See the rare
landing.view.val19puppy.header=RARE Puppy Present


RARE Puppy Present

landing.view.val19rest.body=Take your nearest and dearest out for a romantic dinner this Valentine's Day! Exclusive badge included.
landing.view.val19rest.button=See the bundle
landing.view.val19rest.header=Romantic Restaurant Bundle

Romantic Restaurant Bundle

landing.view.val19shortcurly.body=Curls are SO in. Rare furni, available now! (Exclusive badge included)
landing.view.val19shortcurly.button=See the rare!
landing.view.val19shortcurly.header=RARE Romantic Curly Hair


RARE Romantic Curly Hair

landing.view.val19sid.body=A better internet starts with you. If we all work together, we can certainly achieve this! That is why this year's Safter Internet Day theme is 'together for a better internet'. Play this week's games and quiz and ensure you are doing your part to make the internet better!
landing.view.val19sid.button=Open the navigator
landing.view.val19sid.header=Safer Internet Day 2019

Together for a better internet - SID 2019 Safety Quiz - You made internet a better place

landing.view.val19skirt.body=So cute and SO FRILLY! Rare and never to be sold again, get one of these skirts while you can!
landing.view.val19skirt.button=See the rare
landing.view.val19skirt.header=RARE Frilled Skirt


RARE Frilled Skirt

landing.view.val19sofa.body=There's never a bad time to Habbo and chill. Rare and never to be sold again, get one of these while you can!
landing.view.val19sofa.button=See the rare!
landing.view.val19sofa.header=RARE Romantic Sofa


RARE Romantic Sofa

landing.view.val19waistcoat.body=Wow... suits you sir (or madam). This item is RARE - don't miss out!
landing.view.val19waistcoat.button=See the rare!
landing.view.val19waistcoat.header=RARE Romantic Waistcoat


RARE Romantic Waistcoat

targeted.offer.feb19_tko_gr1.desc=Save 20% on an EXCLUSIVE Romantic Unicorn, 50 bronze coins, a White Valentine Rose, a Chocolate Box, 2x White Heart Chairs, a badge and a month of HC!

targeted.offer.feb19_tko_gr2.desc=Save 20% on 2x EXCLUSIVE Romantic Unicorns, 50 bronze coins, 2x Purple Valentine Roses, a Gift Basket, a Heart Sofa, a badge and 3 months of HC!

EXCLUSIVE Romantic Unicorn

Romantic MEGA Deal


landing.view.val19bath.body=¡Date un baño con tu mejor amig@ en esta bañera raro! ¡No te quedes sin probar sus pompas!
landing.view.val19bath.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.val19bath.header=RARO Bañera Romántica

landing.view.val19cny.body=El calendario lunar chino establece que este es el año del Cerdo. Para celebrarlo tenemos un adorable Gorro de Cerdito así como el clásico pero nuevo calendario y dos estatuas en versión Cerdito. ¡Feliz Año Nuevo Chino!
landing.view.val19cny.button=Ver el furni
landing.view.val19cny.header=¡Furnis Año Nuevo Chino!

landing.view.val19come.body=¡Vuelven tus favoritos de San Valentín! Hazte con ellos mientras puedas...
landing.view.val19come.button=Ver el furni
landing.view.val19come.header=¡Furnis Clásicos San Valentín!

landing.view.val19game.button=Abre el Navegador
landing.view.val19game.header=First Habbo Dates
landing.view.val19game.body=¿Estás preparad@ para enamorarte? Participa en nuestro nuevo programa de éxito: 'First Habbo Dates' ¡Y recuerda, el amor está en todas partes, nunca se sabe dónde puedes encontrar a tu otro pixel especial...!Elige lo que estás buscando haciendo clic en alguno de los botones de abajo, pero recuerda, ¡solo puedes elegir una vez! ¿Quieres más información antes de elegir? ¡Echa un vistazo a nuestra sección de noticias!

landing.view.val19game.button1=Amor Verdadero
landing.view.val19game.button3=Compañer@ de Juego

landing.view.val19messybun.body=Desordenado pero romántico. Este raro no volverá a estar a la venta, ¡no te quedes sin él!
landing.view.val19messybun.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.val19messybun.header=RARO Moño Despeinado Romántico

landing.view.val19new.body=Déjate seducir por el ambiente San Valentín con esta mini línea de furnis a la que hemos llamado Restaurante Romántico. ¡Ve y echa un vistazo!
landing.view.val19new.button=Ver el furni
landing.view.val19new.header=NOVEDAD: Furnis Restaurante Romántico

landing.view.val19player.body=Pon esa canción que hace tus píxeles se derritan con solo escucharla.. ¡Disponible desde ya! (Incluye placa EXCLUSIVA)
landing.view.val19player.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.val19player.header=RARO Tocadiscos Romántico

landing.view.val19puppy.body=¿Ese Habbo tan especial es un enamorado de los perros? ¡Ante ti el regalo perfecto! ¡No querrás quedarte sin este raro!
landing.view.val19puppy.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.val19puppy.header=RARO Regalo Cachorro

landing.view.val19rest.body=Lleva a tu pareja o amig@ especial a cenar a un restaurante romántico por San Valentín. Incluye una placa exclusiva.
landing.view.val19rest.button=Ver el lote
landing.view.val19rest.header=Lote Restaurante Romántico

landing.view.val19shortcurly.body=Los rizos son TAAAAANN geniales. ¡Dale un nuevo look a tu pelo! (Incluye una placa exclusiva)
landing.view.val19shortcurly.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.val19shortcurly.header=RARO Pelo Rizado Romántico

landing.view.val19sid.body=Un Internet mejor empieza por ti. Si todos somos capaces de trabajar juntos, ¡podremos conseguirlo! Por ese motivo, el lema de este año para el Día de Internet Seguro es "juntos por un Internet mejor". ¡Participa en los juegos y el quiz de esta semana y asegúrate de estar haciendo todo lo que está en tus manos para hacer de Internet un lugar mejor!
landing.view.val19sid.button=Abrir el navegador
landing.view.val19sid.header=Día de Internet Seguro 2019

landing.view.val19skirt.body=¡Qué mono y que FARALAE! Sin duda una prenda para gente muy especial. ¡Este raro no volverá a estar a la venta!
landing.view.val19skirt.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.val19skirt.header=RARO Falda con Volantes

landing.view.val19sofa.body=Nunca es mal momento para relajarse en Habbo. Un Raro para tomarte tu vida con más calma. ¡Que no falte en tu salón!
landing.view.val19sofa.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.val19sofa.header=RARO Sofá Romántico

landing.view.val19waistcoat.body=Wow... te queda estupendo señor (o señora). ¡Un toque de clase para una noche única!
landing.view.val19waistcoat.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.val19waistcoat.header=RARO Chaleco Romántico

targeted.offer.feb19_tko_gr1.desc=Ahorra un 20% con esta oferta que contiene: un EXCLUSIVO Unicornio Romántico, 50 monedas de bronce, un Rosa de San Valentín Blanca, una Caja de Bombones, 2 Sillas Corazón Blancas, una placa y un mes de HC.

targeted.offer.feb19_tko_gr2.desc=Ahorra un 20% con esta oferta que incluye: 2 EXCLUSIVOS Unicornios Románticos, 50 monedas de bronce, dos Rosas San Valentín Púrpura, una Bandeja de Regalos, un Sofá de Corazón, una placa y 3 meses HC.


landing.view.val19bath.body=Tome um banho de espuma com a sua melhor companhia e relaxe! Este item é raro, não perca!
landing.view.val19bath.button=Confira o Raro!
landing.view.val19bath.header=RARO Banheira Romântica

landing.view.val19cny.body=O Calendário Lunar Chinês diz que este é o ano do Porco. Para celebrar este novo ano chinês, como já é tradição no Habbo Hotel, criamos um Chapéu Porquinho, um Pôster do Ano do Porco e Estátuas do Porco Chinês. Feliz Ano Novo Chinês!
landing.view.val19cny.button=Confira os Mobis
landing.view.val19cny.header=Mobis Ano Novo Chinês!

landing.view.val19come.body=Todos os seus favoritos de São Valentim estão DE VOLTA! Aproveite enquanto há tempo...
landing.view.val19come.button=Confira os Mobis
landing.view.val19come.header=Mobis Clássicos de São Valentim!

landing.view.val19game.body=Você está preparado/a para encontrar a sua outra metade? Então participe do nosso novo programa Habbo à Primeira Vista Você nunca sabe onde pode encontrar o seu pixel do amor (ou da amizade, ou de um bom bate-papo, ou, sei lá, são tantas opções!)
landing.view.val19game.button=Abra o navegador
landing.view.val19game.header=Habbo à Primeira Vista

landing.view.val19game.button1=True Love
landing.view.val19game.button3=Game partner

landing.view.val19messybun.body=Despojado e super elegante! Pra blogueira nenhuma botar defeito! Este penteado é Raro e não será vendido novamente. Aproveite!
landing.view.val19messybun.button=Confira o Raro!
landing.view.val19messybun.header=RARO Penteado Coque Despojado

landing.view.val19new.body=Para deixar você no clima do Habbo São Valentim, criamos uma mini linha de Mobis chamada Cantina Romântica. Confira!
landing.view.val19new.button=Confira os Mobis
landing.view.val19new.header=NOVOS Mobis Cantina Romântica!

landing.view.val19player.body=I love you like a love song, baby! Este toca-discos só toca as melhores baladas românticas do mundo! Mobi Raro, disponível agora! Vem com um Emblema exclusivo.
landing.view.val19player.button=Confira o Raro!
landing.view.val19player.header=RARO Toca-Discos LoveSongs

landing.view.val19puppy.body=A sua pessoa especial é amante incondicional dessas fofuras que latem? Então você encontrou o presente perfeito. Este item é raro, portanto não perca!
landing.view.val19puppy.button=Confira o Raro!
landing.view.val19puppy.header=RARO Presente Fofura Canina

landing.view.val19rest.body=Já encontrou o/a crush? Não deu "crash"? Então leve essa pessoa sortuda de ter você para jantar numa autêntica cantina italiana! A Pizza é dos deuses (e das deusas!) Vem com um Emblema exclusivo. Criado por Boomzager (NL)
landing.view.val19rest.button=Confira o Pack
landing.view.val19rest.header=Pack Cantina Romântica

landing.view.val19shortcurly.body=Cachos, cachos e mais cachos! Não sai de moda nunca! Item Raro e disponível já! Vem com Emblema exclusivo.
landing.view.val19shortcurly.button=Confira o Raro!
landing.view.val19shortcurly.header=RARO Cabelo Cacheado

landing.view.val19sid.body=Fazer da internet, um lugar melhor, começa com você no comando. Se todos/as trabalharmos juntos/as, com certeza, alcançaremos este objetivo! É por isso que o tema do Safer Internet Day deste ano é "juntos por uma internet melhor". Participe dos jogos dessa semana e garanta a sua participação nessa grande missão global: fazer da internet um lugar melhor!
landing.view.val19sid.button=Abra o navegador
landing.view.val19sid.header=Safer Internet Day 2019

landing.view.val19skirt.body=Linda, veste bem, confrotável e de cintura alta, ou seja, uyltima moda! Esta linda saia é Rara e não será vendida novamente. Aproveite-a enquanto há tempo!
landing.view.val19skirt.button=Confira o Raro!
landing.view.val19skirt.header=RARO Saia Plissada Romântica

landing.view.val19sofa.body=Sempre é hora de descansar em boa companhia. Raro, este Sofá Romântico não será vendido novamente. Aproveite-o enquanto há tempo!
landing.view.val19sofa.button=Confira o Raro!
landing.view.val19sofa.header=RARO Sofá Romântico

landing.view.val19waistcoat.body=Uau... quanta perfeição! Elegância pura e RARA! Não perca!
landing.view.val19waistcoat.button=Confira o Raro!
landing.view.val19waistcoat.header=RARO Colete Romântico

targeted.offer.feb19_tko_gr1.desc=Save 20% on an EXCLUSIVE Romantic Unicorn, 50 bronze coins, a White Valentine Rose, a Chocolate Box, 2x White Heart Chairs, a badge and a month of HC!

targeted.offer.feb19_tko_gr2.desc=Save 20% on 2x EXCLUSIVE Romantic Unicorns, 50 bronze coins, 2x Purple Valentine Roses, a Gift Basket, a Heart Sofa, a badge and 3 months of HC!

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