Treasure Cave Bundle -PREVIEW

Treasure Cave Bundle

45 + 45

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Classic Rares - June 2018 // UPDATE
UPDATE - 21/06

Luciérnaga Amarilla (Habbo ES)

Luciérnaga Amarilla

Máquina de Fumaça Amarela (Habbo BR/PT)

Máquina de Fumaça Amarela

Vaaleanvihreä Makuupussi (Habbo FI)

Vaaleanvihreä Makuupussi

Lampada in ambra gialla (Habbo IT)

Lampada in ambra gialla

Fumigène pourpre (Habbo FR)

Fumigène pourpre

Dunkelblaue Markise (Habbo DE)

Dunkelblaue Markise

NADİRE Mor Ejderhası Lambası (Habbo TR)

NADİRE Mor Ejderhası Lambası

Paarse Hitteflipper (Habbo NL)

Paarse Hitteflipper

badge_name_RAF03=Grüner Ventilator
featured.offer.jun18greenfan.title=Grüner Ventilator

Grüner Ventilator (Habbo DE)

Grüner Ventilator

featured.offer.jun18blacksfd.title=RARE Black ScifiDoor

RARE Black ScifiDoor


badge_name_PIL11=Travesseiro de Lã Verde

Travesseiro de Lã Verde (Habbo BR/PT)


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9 new furni found - Rares + LTD (July 2018)


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New codes - July 2018 -UPDATE
More information here

landing.view.jul18birds.body=For the next six days, we're releasing a new exotic and RARE pet every day. Collect all six and get an extra bonus badge!
landing.view.jul18birds.button=See today's rare bird
landing.view.jul18birds.header=New: RARE Exotic Birds!

landing.view.jul18colours.body=We're making a selection of hard to find and different coloured furni available for you all. Pick them up while you can!
landing.view.jul18colours.button=See the furni!
landing.view.jul18colours.header=Extra Colours Available!

landing.view.jul18diner.body=Coffee? Bacon and eggs? ...Get down to the cafe, Habbos! This bundle comes with an exclusive badge.
landing.view.jul18diner.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.jul18diner.header=Cafe Diner Bundle

landing.view.jul18frohawk.body=The Frohawk is available NOW for a limited time only. Pick one up while you can!
landing.view.jul18frohawk.button=See the rare
landing.view.jul18frohawk.header=RARE Frohawk

landing.view.jul18habbo.body=Make sure play our Habbo 18 games so you can vote for our designers to make one of three special birthday rares!
landing.view.jul18habbo.button=Visit the Navigator
landing.view.jul18habbo.header=Habbo 18 Rare Furni Poll!

landing.view.jul18locks.body=Wavy Locks are available NOW for a limited time only. Pick them up while you can!
landing.view.jul18locks.button=See the rare
landing.view.jul18locks.header=RARE Wavy Locks

landing.view.jul18ltd.body=To celebrate the World Cup 2018, our designers have designed an absolutely gorgeous LTD trophy. Not one to miss, we think...
landing.view.jul18ltd.button=See the LTD
landing.view.jul18ltd.header=2018 Football Trophy LTD!

2018 Football Trophy LTD

landing.view.jul18music.body=It's summer, and in summer come festivals! And we've put together everything you need for them inside two packs. Each contains an exclusive badge - don't miss out!
landing.view.jul18music.button=See the packs!
landing.view.jul18music.header=Palooza Packs

landing.view.jul18posters.body=For a very, very limited time only we are bringing back a selection of old Habbo VIP posts. Don't miss out on this unprecedented opportunity!
landing.view.jul18posters.button=See the posters!
landing.view.jul18posters.header=Old VIP posters

landing.view.jul18rare.body=You voted for us to make this awesome furni, so here it is. Get one while you can - it won't be in the Catalogue for long!
landing.view.jul18rare.button=See the rare
landing.view.jul18rare.header=Habbo 18 Rare Furni!

landing.view.jul18summer.body=Everything you need for the beach, condensed into a couple of different packs. Each pack comes with an exclusive badge!
landing.view.jul18summer.button=See the packs!
landing.view.jul18summer.header=Beach Packs
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