Find Carl The Duck
The Puhekupla Team woke up this morning to find out what wacky things were going on in the virtual world that is Habbo Hotel today, when suddenly one of our severs randomly started going out of control, Kurisu, one of our designers walked over to the computer to find out what was wrong.

Mean while, Mark, the owner of Puhekupla was grabbing a coffee when a loud *BANG* went off in the in the main Puhekupla offices. He rushed into the room where he found all of the Team on the floor passed out from the computer breaking down. Before he checked his Team, he wanted to make sure Carl, Puhekupla's office duck was okay - what he came to find was (for him) the most depressing thing he has ever been through.

Carl was missing.

After going through the realisation that his favourite duck was missing, he finally decided to help his Team. Mark started asking them what they saw, how it happened and if they knew where Carl was. He started off with *filtered*, the site producer of the website, *filtered* saw some very terrible things.. things he could never repeat, so Mark moved onto the next person which was Yucca, the Habbo Staff page manager. Yucca told him that Carl was kidnapped by the arch nemesis of Frank, Puhekupla's bot (that adds new furni for us). Azfur was his name.

Yucca didn't know much more, so Mark moved back to *filtered*, who was shaking in the corner eating marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate to ease the pain. *filtered* told of some terrible things, seeing Azfur ruthlessly kidnapping Carl and taking him away from where he's "suppose to be".

Finally, the horror was over. The Team continued to work.

Two hours later a fax came through on the fax machine. (Image below)

We need your help.

Help us find Carl by searching through the Puhekupla pages* to find the duck image (Carl).
If you're not sure what Carl looks like, we found one of our old family snaps and included it in this article to the right.**

Once you've found him, send an e-mail to *filtered* with the subject line Find Carl
Please include:
- Your Puhekupla username
- Your Habbo username
- What hotel you play
- Which page Carl is on

Three people who correctly guess which page Carl is on will score Puhekupla VIP. (And our thanks!)

Competition closes Monday 17th December, good luck!

*Duck will not be on any news articles/blogs.
** Duck image is exactly the same as in the picture on the right of this article, if you find another image with a duck in it not like that one, it is not the correct one.

- The Team

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PixelBlitz Results & New Theme!

So after a week of voting we finally have a winner...oh, wait, what?

There's been a tie!

This was such a fun theme to see, because there were a lot of great entries that came in, and like I said when I released the finalists, all the entries were so good, I loved them all!

But now, after a month of waiting.. we finally have two winners to announce! They've both scored their entries in the new Christmas banner up the top of the page for all of the Puhekupla community to see. They're also winning VIP on Puhekupla (which by the way, the new features that are coming really soon are super awesome and you'll love having VIP)..

In no particular order:

Congrats!! You can see their winning entries below.


There's a new theme on the PixelBlitz page!
Try your luck at this months PixelBlitz competition.
Entries close Monday the 17th of December, so get in quick!

Good luck!

- *filtered*

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PixelBlitz Voting Is Out!

Wow, what a month it has been here on Puhekupla! So many new furnis, working Frank to the bone.. Brand new site updates (and so much more to come!!) Not to mention PixelBlitz! There has been so many great entries this month, but we had to narrow it down to the final 5. Congratulations for everyone who entered, your pixel art was amazing!!

Now, it's time for you to vote for your fave, and who will take out the top prize of PixelBlitz November 2012. The winner will score VIP on the Puhekupla website (with some really cool features), and will also get their entry incorporated into the website for December!

So, the finalists are.... (in NO particular order)

We now ask YOU, the public, to vote for your favourite. You can view their entry on the PixelBlitz page.

Voting will close on the 30th of November, and the winner & a new theme will be announced on the 1st of December.


- *filtered*
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Site updates!
Hi everyone!

It's been a while since our last big update. I've been working hard on some of our core pages and though it was time to share the changes with you

So, what's new?
- You are now able to comment on other users, comments are nested. Click the textbubble in a comment to try it.
- Guests show some sort of ID now, this makes it easier to identify multiple comments from 1 guest.
- We removed the Blogs & Articles sections. Future articles and blogs will be posted with the regular news (old articles / blogs are still available).
- Staff & VIPs are more visible in comments, check out their logo next to their rank.
- iPad users will be redirected to the normal site. Screen is big enough so why not use that extra space

That's it for now. Next updates will include more user & VIP related stuff.

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