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Exotic Pets - New images

Found in Madagascar's forests.

Tree Frog
Found in Cuba's forests.

All the way from the Amazon Rainforest.

Native to North America.

Exotic Birds
From the Papua New Guinean jungle.

Fruit Bat
Found in sub-tropical Australian rainforests.

Found in the Chilean Andes.

From Panama's islands.

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The Farm - New images + information

Colors and Breeds of the Cow - By Puhekupla

ayrshire - brit white - friesian holstein - highland
exotic - belted - jersey - hereford
dexter - guernsey - hungarian - texas longhorn
amdevon - ausbaz - normande - kyytto
arctic - devil - fantasy - crossbred

Information - Chicken Coop Bundle / Great Farm Bake Bundle

Chicken Coop Bundle

Great Farm Bake Bundle

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New codes - Easter17
landing.view.mar17petgame.body=Visit our pet store and step into the shoes of an exotic pet EXPERT! Help enough customers choose one and you'll get a badge...
landing.view.mar17petgame.button=Open the navigator!
landing.view.mar17petgame.header=Pet Store Mini Game!

Top pet seller
For running the most succesful pet store in Habbo

npc.easter_bunny.localization_1=Yeah. I'm a real bunny. *Sarcastic face*
npc.easter_bunny.localization_2=I hope you get COAL in your egg.
npc.easter_bunny.localization_3=Spring sucks. Bring on Summer, man.
npc.easter_bunny.localization_4=Are you a good cook? Didn't think so. The ingredients in these eggs won't help you anyway.
npc.easter_bunny.localization_5=Last Easter I threw up all over the eggs I was supposed to be delivering.
npc.easter_bunny.localization_6=You lot are rubbish. EASTER is rubbish!
npc.easter_bunny.localization_7=Click on the Hollow Eggs I drop to get Chocolate Bars, Flour and other Easter items!

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