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Laurens078 Fri-03-2016 18:47:00

MOCZ Fri-02-2016 04:58:08
Hi *filtered*! I need to talk to you!

Djosueadd Fri-02-2016 04:55:31
Hi! Dora went through here.

N3th3n Sun-10-2015 19:06:41
Hello Mr. *filtered*! I would like to have a word with you. It's Lodd. Please leave a message on my guestbook.

sh3llsh3ll Fri-08-2015 05:41:43

Mark Sun-05-2015 14:21:52

WalshUK Fri-03-2015 18:11:49
You said Hey on my guestbook a year ago, just wanted to say Hey back. Hey

Mr.Nusermus Wed-02-2015 12:33:29
How did you become VIP

sh3llsh3ll Mon-01-2014 19:24:00
come back i miss you!

sh3llsh3ll Sat-11-2013 09:25:53
I tried entering the Blitz comp but it said whoops error?

GatinThesk12 Fri-11-2013 22:26:00

sh3llsh3ll Sun-11-2013 17:05:42
gobble gobble

andrix Mon-11-2013 13:12:03
I send you a lot of good luck too, thank you for all mate, forever

sh3llsh3ll Fri-10-2013 21:42:04
How are you????

KenTine Thu-10-2013 13:25:42
i would like to apply as a translator representing Philippines

Terregan Fri-10-2013 15:27:27
Hey Josh! A late happy birthday from me to you

Pixie Tue-10-2013 20:12:13
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, *filtered*!!

Sr.anonimo Mon-09-2013 16:37:17

FunkyDJParty Fri-09-2013 23:38:02
Is Habbo dying mate? Habbcrazy has taken the bullet lately.

Joorren Wed-09-2013 19:23:56
Translators aren't really working hard eh...

Thom96 Wed-08-2013 12:57:11

Thom96 Tue-08-2013 14:46:37

Thom96 Tue-08-2013 14:37:55

sh3llsh3ll Sun-08-2013 01:47:34

::Angela:: Mon-07-2013 09:20:07

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