Puhekupla Habbo Group

Puhekupla is getting more social, more involved with the community instead of being so dark and mysterious, while also hanging onto our core values.

We've now got an official Puhekupla.com Group & home room!

This is only for .COM right now, however it might evolve into more as we progress in being more involved with the community. So once you're ready to have a look & join, click the button below which will take you directly to the room.

If you're a fan of Puhekupla, go ahead and join the group to show your support.
I hope you like the room. It's very "old-skool Habbo"...

Puhekupla.com Community Manager

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Help Us, To Help You!

It's a brand new year, 2013. We'd like to say welcome to Puhekupla and thanks for visiting We are hoping you are enjoying the new profiles, we know we are! However we would love to hear back from you regarding a few things around the site, and just your general opinion.

Help us, to help you.

We would love to hear your honest opinion about everything Puhekupla. Any ideas that you may have would also be fantastic, just include everything you'd love to share with us to make Puhekupla a better experience for you, so you can easily get all of your Habbo news.

All ideas will be looked into, and all of your opinions will be taken into account to help shape Puhekupla for 2013. The main things we'd love to hear about is:

- Puhekupla Profiles
- Competition ideas/opinions
- The way you collect Habbo news (how you want to collect it, including ideas)
- General ideas for Puhekupla
If you have anything else you'd like to share, feel more than free to.

Leave a comment down below, don't forget to register. In a week or so we will reward a few people with VIP for their opinions/ideas.

*filtered*, Community Manager
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Become a Puhekupla Partner

Puhekupla receives a lot of visitors each month, so why not be apart of all of the madness (well, goodness!) and become a Puhekupla Partner. Habbo is returning to it's roots, so we thought we would help them, by returning to the "Habbo fansites" roots too, by advertising all of the wonderful fan sites out there with an updated list.

We're inviting the whole community out there who runs a fansite to contact us, and be a partner with us, so all of our viewers can see your website with a short description and image.

If you're interested in becoming a Puhekupla Partner, e-mail the following to *filtered*@puhekupla.com
with the subject line "Puhekupla Partner":

- Your name
- Your e-mail
- Fansite name
- Fansite link
- Country fansite is based in
- Fansite description
- Fansite link image (max. 120x40 px)

Accepted fansites will show up on this page, and will be checked regularly. Details will be sent back in an e-mail, thanks!

*filtered*, Community Manager
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