Become a Puhekupla Partner

Puhekupla receives a lot of visitors each month, so why not be apart of all of the madness (well, goodness!) and become a Puhekupla Partner. Habbo is returning to it's roots, so we thought we would help them, by returning to the "Habbo fansites" roots too, by advertising all of the wonderful fan sites out there with an updated list.

We're inviting the whole community out there who runs a fansite to contact us, and be a partner with us, so all of our viewers can see your website with a short description and image.

If you're interested in becoming a Puhekupla Partner, e-mail the following to *filtered*
with the subject line "Puhekupla Partner":

- Your name
- Your e-mail
- Fansite name
- Fansite link
- Country fansite is based in
- Fansite description
- Fansite link image (max. 120x40 px)

Accepted fansites will show up on this page, and will be checked regularly. Details will be sent back in an e-mail, thanks!

*filtered*, Community Manager
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Merry Christmas, From Puhekupla

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BRAND NEW: Puhekupla Profiles

As most of you probably know, Puhekupla has been around for quite a lot of years now, and it's just been all about furniture, new releases and mainly Habbo, and over the years we've asked a lot of our loyal viewers what they'd like to see here on the website, and on many occasions we've been asked about profiles.

Previously, there has been very basic profiles, which you could update your Habbo name, languages etc... ...BORING!


You can pick skins for your notes and widgets, display your Twitter feed, show off our badges that you get awarded within the site, and so much more! You can be free to express yourself, and show off your creative side, all within the one website.

We're very happy to announce profiles, as Mark has been working endlessly with me, *filtered*, on his back everyday working his fingers to the bone, and to this, Mark says, nothing.

We'll be adding some newer features very soon, we just wanted to release them early as a Christmas gift to all of our loyal members, we love you!

Not a member yet? OMGZ, why not? Register here >>

SO, what are you waiting for? Click the button below to have a look!

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PixelBlitz & Find Carl Winners

Due to unforeseen issues we've had to close both of our Puhekupla competition a couple of days early. However, on the bright side, we have some winners for you

It's been such a busy month again, and we're all working very hard for everyone here at Puhekupla, so we've hired some new team members if you haven't seen Checkout our Team page. They'll be bringing you updated news, along with updated Dump images, so you don't miss out on anything Habbo related.

No voting this month.. The winner of Puhekupla VIP, congratulations..


Checkout their winning entry at the bottom of this blog.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered and found our precious Carl! If you didn't realise, he was hiding in fear on our PixelBlitz page. Congratulations and VIP goes to the following three users...


All of the Puhekupla VIP winners will receive their VIP soon.

Finally, no new theme for PixelBlitz yet, it will be back in the New Year, with a brand new theme, so get those paint brushes ready!

Much love,

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