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update 2 (Thanks to Habbid)

avatar.widget.nux.again=Again habbo credits a cat a dog a pig i have to give my number? your account
clientphone.number.collect.input.init.text=Click here to write your number to Habbo - I'm Frank, the Hotel manager. the next few days, I will show you around the Hotel and give you some welcome gifts too! you like your first gift? you go - it's a TV! can find your TV - and any other gifts I give you - by pressing this button in the lower left toolbar. place your TV, simply drag it from your inventory and put it down somewhere in you room., I've got to go greet the other guests - See you tomorrow!, there! It's great to see you again. you know we have pets in Habbo? Oh, yes! Everything from cats and dogs, to crocodiles, bears, frogs, pigs, monkeys and even monster plants! your gift today, you have three options! Please choose from the menu below. choice! Remember: You must feed your pet every day. I gave you some pet food too to get started...
Your pet is in a box ready to play...Check your inventory!, that's all I have for today - I have an very special gift waiting for you tomorrow! See you then. back! promised, I have a very special gift for you today. 1-day membership to Habbo Club! I give you the membership, you'll need to verify your account via SMS text.'t worry, we won't send you any pesky marketing. Click me to find out more about SMS verification. - Your account has now been verified! you go...You now have access to Habbo Club and all its amazing features!, enjoy the rest of your day. I'll see you tomorrow for more fun, and even more free gifts!, friend!, I want to give you something very valuable... Habbo Credits! can spend credits on things in the Habbo shop!, you will need to verify your number. have just received 20 credits! - Take a look...
You can find the shop icon from the lower left toolbar. well as the Habbo Shop, you can sell things in the Habbo Marketplace, or even trade stuff with other Habbos directly.'ll leave you to shop - Have fun and keep exploring!
nux.offer.noob.lobby.button=Enter the room!
nux.offer.noob.lobby.summary=Enter a room to meet other new users.
phone.number.collect.error.10=Failed sending the verification code. Please check the number you gave is correct, and that it has not been previously used for Habbo account verification.
phone.number.collect.error.4=Failed sending the verification code. Please check the number you gave is correct, and that it has not been previously used for Habbo account verification.
phone.number.collect.error.5=Please wait few minutes before retry!
phone.number.collect.error.6=Failed sending the verification code. Please double-check you have entered the correct phone number!
phone.number.collect.error.7=Please make sure you enter the code as it appears in the text message!
phone.number.collect.input.init.text=Click here to type...
phone.number.collect.input.number=Enter your phone number:
phone.number.collect.never.again=I do not want to verify my account
phone.number.collect.summary=Verify your account by entering your mobile phone number to the field below. After clicking "Send" button you will receive a text message with your verification code. Then you need to enter the verification code and that's it! Your phone number is only used for verification. We will not store it, and will not send you any further messages. Please note: The message with the verification code may take few minutes to arrive!
phone.number.collect.title=Verify account
phone.number.never.again.confirm.text=Are you sure you do not want to verify your account? Verifying your phone number means I can give you more including free gifts, including Habbo credits!
phone.number.never.again.confirm.title=Skip the account verification?
phone.number.verify.did.not.receive.code=I did not receive my verification code. Please send me new one!
phone.number.verify.enter.verification.code=Enter your verification code:
phone.number.verify.error.4=Check the verification code!
phone.number.verify.input.init.text=Type here...
phone.number.verify.title=Verify account


landing.view.steelscar.button=Steelscar Clan
landing.view.choosesteelscar.button=Enter the Steelscar Red Clan
landing.view.chooseclan.header=Enter a Clan!
landing.view.chooseclan.body=Choose the brutal Battleshade Green Clan or the scary Steelscar Red Clan! Once you are in a Clan you will have access to the Clan Village and activities, just remember to always wear your Clan's Badge proudly. Pay attention: once you enter a clan you can't change!
landing.view.choosebattleshade.button=Enter the Battleshade Green Clan

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